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  By: RodManly

Afew years ago, an old friend of mine, Bob, stopped by on a business trip. He and I had been in the military together at the same squadron.  My wife,Neilyn, also knew him from us being stationed together before.  We all used to attend various unitfunctions and parties together.


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The Naughty Meter


Boband I often deployed together.  I always knew that Bob was attracted toNeilyn. One time, when we were nearly home after being gone a couple of months,Bob jokingly made a remark that, “When you get done with Neilyn, why don’t yousend her over to my place?”


Thecomment caught me by surprise at the time, and I said, “Say what?”


“Oh,just joking” Bob quickly said.


Sometime later I know I mentioned it to Neilyn.  She laughingly took it as compliment.  


NowNeilyn and I had been married for about 10 years and we had a pretty fun sexlife.  We kept it monogamous, but enjoyed fantasies. They usuallyinvolved her as the center of attention, with myself and a fantasy guy ornumber of guys. Sometimes when we were fucking and coming hard, I wouldreach around her and slip my finger into her tight little asshole. Even thoughwe’ve fantasized about her getting to hop on top of a number of cocks, shestill surprised me when afterwards she said, “Sometimes when you do that itmakes me wonder whatit would be like to have another one.”


Itblew my mind that she fantasized about getting double penetrated. 


NowBob was in town and coming to visit and spend the night in the sparebedroom.  When he arrived we decided to go out for dinner, some drinks andpossibly some dancing.  Neilyn looked very sexy in her light cottonsundress, clinging well to her body. It showed of her very nice ass and shapelylegs.  When she came out from our bedroom dressed for the evening I couldtell Bob still had the hots for her.  But since nothing had ever happenedand we all knew each other well, I just thought it was cool for Neilyn to knowshe still “got it” in the sexy department for guys other than her husband.


Afterdinner and a few drinks we headed to a club we like for some dancing, figuringthere were usually a number of available women for Bob to dance with or pickup.


Atthe club we ordered drinks and Neilyn and I got out on the dance floor. She can dance very seductively towards me, which is what she was doingnow.  With the “fuck me now” look on her face.


Wecame back to the table, sipped our drinks, then Bob asked Neilyn todance.  She looked at me and I said, “Fine with me.”


Theygot out on the dance floor.  After a song or two, I could see Neilyn wasalso dancing in her seductive manner towards Bob.  I could also tell itwas driving him crazy with lust.  He moved closer to her, dancing aroundher back and thangrabbing her hip and rubbing his crotch against her ass!


Neilynpulled away from him with a sort of “you’re naughty” look and wag of herfinger.  But she continued her seductive dancing for another song. 


Bobnever did dance with any of the other available women.  We alternateddancing withNeilyn through the evening, and having drinks in between. Neilyn was really enjoying the double attention.


Icould tell Neilyn was really enjoying herself and fellingreally good from thedrinks and extra attention.


Bobhad been the designated driver, so when we left the club to head home, we allsat in the front seat with Neilyn in the middle.  The car stereo was upand we were feeling pretty good. After all the dancing I knew Neilyn was fairlyhorny, as Iwas, so she was turned towards me as I leaned back in the seat. Westarted making out like mad next to Bob as he drove.


Sinceshe was turned towards me I figured Bob couldn’t really see in the dark, so Imy one hand was rubbing my wife’s nipples through her light cotton dress. I could feel her thigh against me, but the way we were sitting, I couldn’treally see her legs, but I could brush a hand on her thigh. 


Isuddenly felt Neilyn tense slightly, then she whispered in my ear, “Bob has hishand on my thigh.”


Ijust mad a noise like, “Hmmm.”


Shestarted to relax again.  Then I felt her thigh press harder against myleg.  She was apparently opening her thighs to his hand!  As wecontinued to make out, I could tell Neilyn was getting very excited as shestarted rubbing my crotch. 


Icould tell as she was reaching an orgasm, she pushed Bob’s hand away.  Ithink he thought that I didn’t know he’d been fingering my wife.


Wegot home and out of the car.  Neilyn and I basically continued to make outwalking into the house and towards the bedroom, pretty much ignoring Bob. 


Neilynand I were pretty wasted, so as we got in the house we headed straight to thebedroom. We didn’t pay much attention to Bob, who followed us into thebedroom.


Neilyn’sdress slid the way that clingy cotton dress does.  I pulled my clothes offand we were on the bed with her straddling over me before we realized Bob wasactually in the room with us.


WhenNeilyn is drunk, and especially when horny enough, she doesn't really care ifthere is a crowd in the room, she just wants to be fucked bad. I knew that attimes before we had fucked in some pretty amazingly public places because atthese times she gets turned on enough that she just wants fucked and doesn’tcare where.


SoI thought, what the hell, so Bob gets to see me fuck my wife. 


Neilynslide herself down onto my throbbing pole.  Her pussy was very wet anddripping.  I really like feeling her pussy lips slide over the head of mycock and start to envelope me as she sits herself down on my shaft. 


Ileaned up and was sucking her tits, my hands gripping her tight little asscheeks.  I started to tickle her anus with my finger, slipped my hand downto her pussy to get my fingers more lubricated, than slipped a finger into herass.


Shepushed her ass back against my finger as I slipped it in.  Then she said,“Hm, maybe its finally time to have another one.” Meaning a cock in her ass!


Ilooked up and followed her gaze.  I had actually forgotten that Bob was inthe room.  But, there he was stripped down with his own throbbing cock inhis hand. 


Beingboth drunk and horny, I though cool!, what the hell! I often fantasized aboutsomething like this but didn’t really think we would ever do it.


Islipped my finger back out of her tight little asshole.  I looked at Bob.He had about a six-inch dick.  He climbed up on the bed as Neilyn laidforward on top of me and pressing her lips to mine, her tongue searching formine. 


Iwas gripping her ass cheek with my hands and spreading them wide.  Bob hadan excellent view of her little asshole. 


Hegrabbed a bottle of lotion off the nightstand next to the bed and rubbed agenerous amount on his dick.  He then pushed my hands out of he way andstarted to massage Neilyn’s ass, which she really enjoys. I could feel herstart to relax her ass some. 


Beingas she was sitting on my very hard cock, I could feel Bob slip a finger intoher ass, generously lubing up her hole.


Neilyn’smouth was still pressed against mine and I could both feel and hear her moaningas he worked a few more fingers into her ass, while she gyrated on mypole. 


Bobthen straddled my legs, got behind Neilyn and pressed the head of his dickagainst the opening of her anus.   Neilyn tensed slightly as herasshole got de-flowered. I could also feel him enter her  asshole frombehind.  She started to moan, which as the stroking increased in both ofher holes, turned into growls, moans, and squeal in both pleasure and pain ashe continued to press his cock into her.  She held me tighter than sheever had before as he pushed himself into her to the hilt of his cock.

OnceBob was fully in her ass we stayed still for a moment.  Than Neilynstarted to move her ass slightly to press her clit against me while enjoyingthe feeling of fullness in both her pussy and her ass.  She started tomove more and we seemed to work out a rhythm between the three of us withoutsaying a word. 


Ithink from all the excitement, drinks and newness of it all, Neilyn startedhaving orgasms nearly right away. The whole time she held me tight, kept hermouth against mine and her eyes closed.


Onesome strokes I would be buried to the hilt and Bob would be nearly withdrawnand vice versa. Then we both get in the same stroke at the same time so shegetting a hard cock driven into her pussy and ass at the same time.


Icouldn’t take any more and started slamming my cock into her hard and fast.When I started to do that, Bob pushed his cock all the way into Neilyn ass andheld himself there.


Ishot my load deep into her pussy.  The whole time I could feel Bob’scockup her ass through that thin wall between her pussy and her ass.


Neilynwas nearly spent also, but still enjoys stroking after orgasm.


Neilynwas still laying on top of me with Bob’s hard cock  buried in herass.  I could tell that she was about to get a hard pile driving from Bobin her ass.  We held each other tight as Bob started driving his cockharder into her ass. Although my cock was softening, I was still in herpussy and could feel both his cock as he drove into her and his balls as theyslapped against both of us. 


Hestarted cumming, shooting his load deep into her ass.  Even after he hadshot his load, he was still hard and pounding his cock into her.  Neilynwas starting to whimper in both some pain, but more from the realization ofwhat we had just done. I whispered,“It’s okay.”


Ireached down under her and started fingering her pussy some more.  Herclit was still swelled and firm; she came nearly instantly once as I rubbed herwet, swollen clit and Bob fucked her ass.


Bobseemed to go on for another few minutes and finally shot another load of cuminto her ass. 


Thistime his strokes slowed as his spent cock started to soften.  He pulledhis cock out of her ass.  He got off the bed.  I rubbed her ass,reach around and could feel her asshole still stretched open. I slipped myfinger in and felt it full of his cum.  Bob got dressed and, without aword, left.


Neilynstayed collapsed on top of me and we slept that way through the night.

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bogli_ako    (2010-06-17 22:21:09)    Flag as inappropiate
great one. i like this kind of story.
Ron1x    (2010-06-06 17:08:21)    Flag as inappropiate
nice story

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