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  By: Ron1x

So I work at this local fast food joint in a small town in the middle of Illinois.  The town is kind of out of the way, so it’s a little odd to see new faces around here.

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I’m Jenna.  I’m 18 years old and just finished high school.  I figured I would work the rest of the summer so I had cash for  college.

Anyways, I had started to notice this really hot guy who started to come in and eat during the week nights.  He was athletic, probably about 6 foot.  His arms were completely sexy.  He had golden brown eyes and a shaved head.  His face was hot, and he had absolutely perfect teeth.  His smile always made me slightly weak at the knees.

Well one night I was working the closing shift and was the only one there as my boss ran home to get the finance book thing he used to count the drawer.  I was in the back cleaning some stuff up when the bell on the door jingled to signify that someone had entered.  I walked up to the front and approached the counter.

“Hi, how can I help you?” I said as I looked to the persons face.  Oh my god!  It was him!  The guy I was telling you about.  He had on these dark grey mesh shorts and a tight fitting Fox racing shirt on.  His feet were covered by flip flops and he looked like he just came from the gym or something.

“Hi, umm… Yea I’ll get a number 1 with a Coke.” He said, smiling at me.

My knees started to feel weak again at the sight of his smile.  God he was sexy as hell.  I could feel my pussy start to tingle as I thought about what his chest looked like and how big his cock was.

“Ok, that’s seven forty two,” I said as I turned to get start getting his drink.  I turned and began to get his cup filled with ice.  I wondered if he was looking at my ass through my short shorts.  I hoped that he was, cause my pussy was getting kind of wet thinking about it.

“Here’s your Coke.  Let me get your change,” I said as I grabbed the ten dollar bill.

“Nah, it’s cool.  Keep it,” He said as he turned to sit down.

Oh man his ass looked nice as he walked away.  I Slowly reached down and ran my finger up and down my slit through my shorts.  A sensation of pleasure overwhelmed my body for a brief second.  God I wanted to fuck him.  I went to start the fryer for his french-fries when I figured out that it wasn’t working.  Damn, now what am I supposed to do?

I decided I should tell that sexy guy up front that I wouldn’t be able to give him fries.  I walked out into the front and up to his table.

“Hi, sir?  The fryer seems to be broken, would you like anything else instead?” I asked.

“Oh its broke?  Damn well that sucks.  I don’t know of anything else I wanted with it.  What’s wrong with it?” He asked.

“I’m not sure.  The lights were turning on,” I answered.

“Well maybe I can take a look at it and see what’s wrong with it.  Might be something simple ya know?” He said.

“Ok, that works,” I said.  I guess letting him look at it shouldn’t be a problem.  Plus it would make my boss happy is he knew I fixed the problem.  He followed me to the back to where the fryer was.

“Hmm, it seems that it isn’t plugged in.  Lets see here, it looks like its plugged in back down there, but I don’t think I can reach it.  Can you try?” He said as he pointed between the fryer and the over next to it. 

“Sure I’ll try,” I said.  I got down on my hands and knees to try and reach in between the two units.  I positioned my ass so that it was popped up into the air, giving him a direct sight.  My pussy began to ache as my juices began to form all over it.  I never wear panties, so my pussy could easily show its wetness through my shorts. 

I couldn’t reach the cord so I pulled back up.  There I sat on my knees directly in front of him.  I could make out his cock hanging as it had a silhouette outline on his athletic shorts.  God it looked big.  I could only imagine what it would feel like inside of me. 

“I’m sorry sir, I couldn’t get it.  I can refund you for the fries if you like? I said while looking up at him.

“No, its ok.  I only eat a few of them anyways.”

I wanted to feel his cock so bad.  I wanted to take in my mouth and try to swallow it.  I wanted to feel him in me.  My pussy was completely soaked.  It had to have made my crotch visible to him before.  So he knew I was wet as hell.  Did he want me though?  I had no clue, so I figure fuck it, what’s the worth that could happy?

“Maybe I could repay you in a special way…” I said somewhat seductively as I reached forward and began to feel his shaft through his shorts.  His dick was thick.  It felt as if it was 4-5 inches while soft.  My heart was racing and my pussy felt like it was on fire.  I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this.

“Well, I think that could work,” he said looking down at me.

I move forward and slowly pull his shorts down, revealing a semi-hard 6 inch cock.  I grabbed a hold of it and brought it to my mouth.  I wrapped my lips around his thick head and began to tongue it gently.  I moved my mouth further down his cock, having to open wider to accommodate his girth.  As his head neared the back of my throat, I attempted to push further, so that his cock would press deeper into my throat.

“Mmm damn that feels good,” he said as he placed his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me down.

As I pulled up, I gasped for air.  His cock was huge and all I wanted was more.  I began sucking up and down on his shaft, taking it to my throat as much as I could.  It turned me on so much to have his thick dick inside of my mouth.  I loved the feeling of his shaft as it got harder, and harder from my mouth pleasuring it.

“Take your clothes off,” he said, as he pulled back and lifted his shirt off.

His chest was rock hard, as were his abs.  Directly below his abs above his hips started a perfectly shaped V leading down to his full erect 8 inch cock.  I did as I was instructed.  I pulled my shirt off and undid my bra.  My tits fell out and his eyes moved directly to them.  They were a medium size B cup, and my nipple were pink and hard as hell.

He pulled me up off my knees and pulled my shorts down exposing my shaved pussy that was soaking wet.

“No panties, damn you are a little freak,” he said.

I just smiled and kicked my shorts away.  There I stood, 5 foot 3 inches tall, tight, tiny body with decent sized tits.

He turned my around and pulled my hips closer to his cock.  Slowly he began to rub his head against my set pussy hole.

The sensation was amazing.  I wanted him to enter me so bad.  My pussy was quivering while waiting.  I couldn’t handle it anymore!  I wanted him in my now.  I pushed back and forced his thick cock inside of my tight, soaking wet pussy.

His dick slid slowly inside of me.  I could feel my walls stretch as they allowed his member to pass.  He managed to get 7 inches in before he was pressing against the back wall in my pussy.

“Oh my god your dick is fucking huge,” I said surprised.

“Well I’m glad you like it.  Just wait till I start to really fuck you,” He said as he grabbed my hips.  He began to slide in and out of me, using my hips to pull me towards him.  With every thrust he would get faster and harder.  It finally got to where he was forcing his 8 inches as deep as it could go on every single thrust.

My pussy was radiating with pleasure.  It was a mixture of a little pain with a shit load of pleasure.  His dick was making me want to cum so bad.  I could feel my pussy begin to throb as my climax approached.  I began to squeeze my pussy around his dick as I began to cum.

“Ohhh fuck!  Yes, please don’t stop!” I yelled. 

Right after that I felt his finger begin to explore my asshole.  I had never done any anal play so the sensation was a little weird but I kind of liked it.  He would move his finger in a circle around the outer rim of it and sometimes gently push against the actual hole.  I would be lying if I said it turned me off, as the ass play was doing just the opposite.  I wanted more, and the increasingly strong contractions that my pussy was delivering to his cock showed him how much I liked it.

“Play with my ass.  God that’s so hot,” I said in midst of all my pleasure.

He slowly slid his finger a little further into my ass.  My rectum slowly adjusted to the intrusion.  The feelings that my pussy was experiencing spread to my ass.  God this was amazing.  I had never been fucked like this before, let alone taken anything in my ass before. 

My body quivered as I shook out the last wave of orgasms my body was delivering.  I had never came so hard before.  Its like my entire body was spent.  I didn’t have much time to rest though as he laid on the floor and began to pull me towards him.

I straddled him, and allowed him to position his cock so that it was directly before my pussy hole.  I slowly slid down his shaft, stretching my pussy open one more time as I slid so that his entire length was in me. 

“I wanna fuck you now,” I said as I moved my hips up and down, moving his cock completely in and out.

I could feel every bulge and vein on his thick dick.  It turned me on to feel them move against my inner walls.  Reached back and played with his balls, taking each one in hand and gently caressing them.  They were pretty decent sized and I could only imagine how big of a load they would produce on me.

I think he finally got close to cumming as he grabbed my hips to stop my movements.

“Come here,” He said as he pulled me against his chest.  “I wanna fuck you hard again while playing with your tight ass.”

“Please do as long as you make me cum like I just did.”

With that he grabbed two huge handfuls of my ass, spread me slightly open and began to slam his cock inside of my tight, tired pussy.  I could feel his balls slapping against my asshole, as it was readily exposed due to how he was holding my ass and spreading it apart.  I wanted his finger on my ass again.  I wanted to feel that pleasure.

I didn’t have to wait long, his finger came to my asshole quick enough.  He didn’t fool around with the circle and rimming this time, he just slid his finger in.  The intrusion felt huge, although it was just his finger.  He began to slowly move his finger in and out, all while increasing the speed of his pounding me.

It didn’t take long for my pussy to begin quivering again.  I was on the verge of cumming again.  My entire body began to shake as the pleasure of his thick hard cock up my pussy and his finger inside of my tight ass was just too much to bear.  I came even harder than the first time.  I felt my thighs get wet from all of my juices seeping out of my pussy.

I squeezed his cock as hard as I could.  I clinched my inner walls with all my might, trying to force him into cumming.  i wanted to feel his cock cum as I was cumming.  I wanted him to fill me with his thick, hot semen.  I wanted to feel him fuck me while his cum dripped out of my pussy.  I got my wish.

I could feel his cock begin to pulse.  He shoved me hard against him, forcing his dick into my inner most depths.  He was beyond my limit of penetration.  It felt so huge, that I didn’t know what to do.  As I was on the verge of screaming I suddenly felt a hot warm sensation as he unleashed a huge squirt deep inside of me.  That squirt was followed by another, and another.  He had 7 or 8 total squirts that were all held up deep inside my cunt. 

My entire body was shaking.  He slowly lifted me up off of him so that his dick came out.  I could see the cum still somewhat oozing out of his tip.

“Squeeze sexy,” he said as he looked at my pussy.

I did as I was told.  I began to squeeze my pussy with every last ounce of energy I had.  Slowly his cum began to seep out of my pussy hole and drip down to his shaft.  It seemed to never stop coming out of my pussy.  I moved forward and back forcing the cum to fall all over his balls and head.

“I think you need a clean up,” I said as I moved down to take his cock in my mouth.  His cock as semi-hard, but the salty warm taste of his cum made me want his all over again.  I sucked on his dick, making sure to lick every inch of his shaft.  I then worked to his balls, licking the cum off of them, one by one. 

I started to finger my pussy as I became turned on again.  I felt his cum all over my clit and lips, it was a huge turn on to use it as lubricant t touch myself with.

After his cock was all clean I pulled up and looked up at him.  Our eyes met and he let that gorgeous smile out again.

“So, are you ready for more?”


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