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  By: Slinkylady

I'm not really sure what makes me want to do it, maybe it's because in day to day life I'm an intelligent, independent, modern woman who is completely in charge of her own life.

Anyway, the point is I'm a sexual submissive, well, some of the time!  I love being my boyfriend's sexual pet and one of my favourite thing is to be put on a leash and walked around on all fours and then I'll give him a hand job until he cums in a dogs bowl after which he'll put the bowl on the floor and order me to eat the cum while he smacks my ass with a crop.  It might sound weird if you aren't very adventurous but believe me it is HOT.


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The Naughty Meter

We do lots more of course, you name it, but it was always just the two of us.  I'd done threesomes before I met my current partner when I was a teenager in college but it was two girls and and one boy and what I really wanted, more than anything else was to have group sex with a whole lot of cocks.  I fantasized about it all the time, sitting at my desk at work, leaking into my panties - my pussy cried like a baby just at the thought of it.

So one day, I let it all out to my boyfriend one night when we were fucking with some frankly filthy sex talk.  Afterwards, he mentioned what I'd said and asked me if it was a fantasy or something that I'd actually like to do.  I said, yeah I would, if he was OK with it.  He laughed "Wow! I mean I know you were pretty......open minded but...."  To be honest I was kinda surprised but he was cool with it, in fact he said it was really foxy and if I was really sure that I wanted to do it we could set it up somehow.

It took a while to prepare as it was a very detailed fantasy and I was only going to do it if it was just as I wanted but I trusted my boyfriend to make sure it went well.  One of the conditions was that the others would have to be strangers, not friends of my boyfriend, so we booked a self catering house at a sea side town and I left it to my boyfriend to arrange everything else, including finding the other men involved.  I think he got them on the internet somehow but I didn't really ask questions.  

Then the day and time came.  Before hand I was kept in a seperate room, tied to a chair and gagged - just a little warm up to get me horny - and a little later I could hear cars arrive outside, the door bell go, men greeting my boyfriend and going into living/dining room. This went on for about forty minutes and then my boyfriend came into the room.  He took my gag off and started to untie me.  "How many?" I asked "Nine have turned up" he said.  Then he put his serious face on - it was time to start my fantasy.

"Get undressed NOW!" he said commandingly.  I did what I was told, unbuttoning my blouse and taking it off and then undoing the button on the back of my pencil skirt and unzipping the zip.  The skirt, which had been tight  on loosened and I wriggled it over my hips. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me violently "QUICKLY!".  "yes" I whimpered.  I pulled my tights and panties down in one then unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor.  "Turn round" he said.  He cuffed my hands behind my back then he put his mouth right up to my ear and whispered into it "walk on your tip toes at all times, if you EVER walk on the flats of your feet I'm going to cane your ass until it bleeds, do you understand me?".  "Yes, master" I said, shaking with a mixture of excitement, nerves and fear.

He put my favourite collar and leash on and led me into the main room and all nine heads turned to stare at me, looking me up and down, at my face, my breasts, my shaved pussy.  I was embarrased, blushing bright red but it felt amazing, just like the first time as a teenager when you let a boy see you naked.  Most of them looked pretty pleased with what had turned up.

The men, who were a real mixture of middled aged and young, good looking and not so good looking, fat and fit, were sat around a table that was in the dinning/living room.  The idea was that I would be paraded around the table introducing myself during which each guy had free reign to touch me up.  I was led on my leash to the first man, a bald stocky guy.  "Good evening" I said "I'm my masters slave and tonight he has instructed me to be a dirty slut for your pleasure".  While I gave him my greeting he moved his hand up the inside of my thigh and drew a circle on my pussy with his middle finger.  Then my boyfriend cracked his crop off my ass and I tiptoed on to the second guy.

"Good evening, I'm my masters slave and tonight he has instructed me to be a dirty slut for your pleasure".  This guy twisted my nipple hard so I yelped and he said "I'm going to stick my dick right down your neck and choke you on it bitch".  ''You promise!' I thought! to myself! Then my boyfriend cracked his crop on my ass and I moved on to the next guy, then the next, then the next.

When I'd been right round the table introducing myself and been groped, spanked and poked by all nine, my master told me to go into a corner, get down on my knees and then bow down in a suppliant position facing the wall.  One of the men shouted "lets just fuck her now!" and the others laughed.  Another one said "what an fucking ass! I would love to fuck that ass" which made me smile.  They had some take away food and beer, then a TV in another corner of the room was turned on and a porn DVD put into the player. 

There was much laughing and lad talk.  I couldn't see anything facing the wall but I could hear it and the sound of the porn video, the sound of the fucking and moaning and the men's reaction to it was making me even more horny if that was possible. So much so that with my hands cuffed behind my back and in this submissive position I was so hot my pussy started to get drenched and actually drip on to the floor leaving a damp spot between my calves.

After about 30 minutes the TV was turned off, furniture was moved to make a space in the middle of the room and the 'rules' gone over one more time by my boyfriend/master.  The next thing I knew there was a massive jolt as he yanked my leash and pulled me into the middle of a circle of naked men, all of whom playing with their dicks.  My boyfriend has a large cock so it was nothing new but I was glad to see a couple of the guys were quite well endowed.  I was instructed to get on my knees and my cuffs were taken off but the collar was left on with the cold metal leash hanging down between my tits.

Then the first guy came forward, he was quite big and he thrust his large cock into my open mouth and I lunged forward swallowing the whole of it in one go.  All the other men closed in around while masterbating so there were erect cocks everywhere I looked.  I took one in each hand and formed a ring with my fingers around the base of their cocks and jerked them off hard and fast while I sucked off the Big Dick Guy in front of me.  Others were slapping me in the face with their slongs or calling me a "slut" or a "whore. Big Dick Guy was coping pretty well as I sucked him off like a pro, I love giving head and I'm good at it, and I deep throated him sloppy and enthusiastically.

  I spat his dick out to come up for air and got some tasty pre cum then I lavishly sucked his nut sack dancing my tongue over the underside of his scrotum. "Oh yeah!" he said "Here"  I looked up and got a cum blast right in the face, a big one, over my temple and hair line that ran down my nose and cheek, hot, smelly and fantastic.  I sucked his sticky cummy dick dry and savored every bit of the taste of his sex.  

I was getting wild now, cum does that to me, it makes me go fucking crazy and my nipples were hard and erect, my face flushed, I was absolutely desperate for cock - and luckily I had plenty to chose from!  Big Dick Guy left the circle and I turned to get another one in my more than eager mouth.  Just then I felt another hot sticky blast land on my hair and ear, someone obviously couldn't wait!  I worked my way round the rest of the circle, sucking, gagging, having my hair pulled, being slapped in the face and throat fucked, sucking balls and with every ejaculation getting more and more cum over my face and in my mouth, so much so that I'd droll out long strings every time a cock was withdrawn from my mouth.

With only three guys left my master came back into the circle, cuffed my hands behind my back again and held the leash tight.  "Beg for the cum" he instructed.  Since I always do what my master asks I started to beg for the cum "Please!" I pleaded  "Give me your cum, I want your cum!" "Cum all over me! I love it! Cum on the dirty slut!".  The remaining three stood in front of me with their hands flying over their engorged members.  "Open your mouth wide!" came more instruction from my master "WIDER!" A yank on the leash pulled me off my knees and I dropped down again and quickly got back to my knees.  Then the first man came into my wide open mouth. I already had quite a lot of cum in my mouth but it wasn't as fresh as this giant load as it gushed in, hot, straight from the end of a dick.  Mmmmm yummy cummy, is there anything better?! 

The two others came soon after virtually at the same time, doubling the pleasure and by this point I was almost crazy with sexual lust.  I let some cum droll out, over my mouth so it hung in long ropes off my chin, dangling disgustingly in mid air, my audience loved it and so did I; I let more out and cum flooded down my neck over my chest, forming a pool between my breasts.  Then I swallowed the rest, almost retching due to the sheer amount of slime.  I'd never swallowed more than one load before and it was - well interesting!

I was slutily smiling as one of the guys wiped cum off my face with his finger and then had me suck it off  when my master pulled the leash hard.  He took my right off my knees and dragged me by the collar across the floor, I tried to get on my knees again but I couldn't because my hands were cuffed behind my back and he dragging me into the other room where I had been tied up.

There was a cage in the room now and some of the men came in to watch and formed a gallery around it. "This is your special treat" my master said.  The cage wasn't big, actually it was for a medium sized dog, about 3 feet high and 4 feet long.  My boyfriend master bent me over the cage, pulling the leash tight with one hand and proceded to strap my pussy with the riding crop.  It hurt a lot but I was so fucking turned on I was up for anything.  After the pussy whipping he took his big fat dick, God his dick is so awesome, out of his boxers and fucked me from behind in the ass, hard, rough and without lubricant.

It's so weird, normally I'm not into anal but when I have cum on me, I am so hot for ass fucking and there was still plenty cum on my face so I moaned and wriggled and screamed, hardly being able to breath, heart pounding faster and faster as I was brutally analized.  Then he pulled his cock out of my anus and instructed me to crawl on my knees into the cage and he undid my handcuffs and tied the leash short through the metal mesh on top of the cage.  He'd brought my favourite dog bowl and emptied a big load into it and put it in the cage.  "Dinner time" he said "Eat up the cum".  I lapped up the cum thirstily like a dog. Then he locked up the cage and told me I was staying there for the night and turned the light off.

As soon as he was gone, I licked the bowl clean a second time making sure no cum had been missed and rubbed my soaking wet pussy with my hand, fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit then eating up my own juices off my fingers for some time after wards. I bit my lip so not to make any moaning or screaming as I orgasmed over and over.

My fantasy has come true and it was so amazing. Will I do it again? Maybe!

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sexNsane    (2010-05-27 19:40:33)    Flag as inappropiate
sexNsane mmmmmmmm.....Welcome to Pandora's Secret !!
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HardNSensual Will it happen again? I should hope so!!!

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