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  By: Ron1x

One Christmas I purchased some concert tickets for my girlfriend.  I didn’t really care for the bands so I told her she could take a friend and just have some fun.  After Christmas I completely forgot about the concert until my girlfriend reminded me of it a few days before.


“So, Jessica will be here tomorrow at 5,” My girlfriend Michelle said.


“Oh Jessica is coming up?” I said slightly confused.


“Yea, the concert… Remember?...” She said cockily.


“Oh, ha, yea I forgot about that,” I said trying to play it off.  Now her friend Jessica is pretty hot.  She is about 5’6”, sandy blonde hair that falls a little past her shoulders, and very skinny.  Her eyes are blue and her face is absolutely amazing.  She has a little bit of an ass on her that fills her jeans out, and her tits are a firm B cup.


My girlfriend is a little taller, 5’9”, slightly darker sandy blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back, and average size.  Her eyes are green and a very pretty face.  She has an ass that was made to be grabbed, and her tits are an amazing D cup.  Those tits can really bounce around if you know what I mean.


Anyways, back to the story, the night of the concert came.  We all went to dinner and had some drinks, then they were off to the concert and I headed back home to watch some TV.


I apparently passed out on the couch sometime during the evening.


I was woken up to the feeling of a mouth around my soft cock.  I slowly opened my eyes to see Jessica sliding her mouth around my cock. 


“Woah, woah, woah…”I said as I quickly moved my head up to look around.  My focus turned from Jessica to Michelle who was sitting on the other chair in the living room and rubbing her pussy while watching.


“We figured this would be an excellent way to repay you for the concert tickets,” my girlfriend said while she slowly slid her fingers further into her cunt.


“Yea, plus I had always wanted to know what this cock was like,” Jessica said while continuing to lick up and down my now hard 7” shaft. 


“Go ahead Jess, climb up and see what his cock feels like,” Michelle said.


Jessica slowly started kissing up my stomach to me chest.  She slowly licked up my neck as she raised her leg over to straddle me.


“I’m gonna slide your thick cock into my tight pussy,” Jessica said as she moved my dick around her pussy hole.


Her pussy was completely shaved and I could feel her wetness started to drip down my cock.


“Well put your dick in her, she’s ready for it,” my girlfriend said as she walked up to us.


With that I pushed up and felt my head penetration her tight, wet opening.  She slowly slid down allowing my thick dick to slide inside of her.  Her inner walls tugged at my shaft as she rode my cock down till our inner thighs met. 


“Oh my god you stretch my pussy so much,” Jessica yelled out as she started to grind herself up and down to begin fucking me.


‘Lets see if this makes him harder,” Michelle said as she moved down in-between my legs.  I then felt her tongue start moving around on my low hanging balls.  She would occasionally take a full ball into her mouth and suck on it.  She then got a slight bit braver and started licking up my shaft so that she could taste all of Jessica’s juices on my shaft.


“Jesus that feels amazing,” I said as I started to suck on Jessica’s firm quarter size nipples.


All of a sudden Jessica really started to moan.  I could feel  her pussy tightening up around my cock while juices really started to get all over.


“Yea you are so going to cum while he is fucking your pussy and I’m rubbing your asshole,” my girlfriend said while watching us fuck.


“Oh fuck that is hot!” I said as I reached back to grab two full handfuls of Jessica’s firm ass.  After grabbing them I pulled her cheeks apart so that Michelle had a better view.  “Why don’t you slide that finger into her ass a little so you can be in her too while she cums too.”  With that my girlfriend licked her finger and slowly slid it inside Jessica’s ass.


“Ohhh Jesus Fuck!” Jessica yelled as she came extremely hard.  My dick was shoved completely in her tight pussy as I was pressing her down by her shoulders to force my cock a little deeper.  She came to rest by slumping down to my chest and deeply kissing me with her full tongue.


“My turn,” Michelle said as she down to the floor.


Jessica moved up and got on underneath my girlfriend to face her.  They began to make out while pressing their chests together.  Their tits were passing by each other as both of their magnificent breasts smashed into each other.


“I need to get your cock wet so you can fuck her too.  Why don’t you get some of my juices to lube up,” Jessica said.


I didn’t hesitate.  I moved down and slid my cock completely inside of Jessica a few times to get her wetness all over my cock.  Then I moved up and slid my dick inside of my girlfriend.  My dick slid in easily since it was soaking wet with Jessica’s juices.  I began to pound her by grabbing her hips and shoving her into my cock.


“Yeah fuck her pussy with my wetness all over you cock,” Jessica said in the middle of kissing Michelle.


As I slammed my cock completely inside of Michelle, I could see in the TV screens reflection that her tits were bouncing all over and hitting Jessica’s tits.  The site of both of there breasts slapping against each other made my cock ache to want to cum.


“Flip into a 69 Jessica so We can finish on your face,” I said while I made room for her to move.


She flipped around and instantly began to lick my balls and her pussy while spreading Michelle’s ass for me.


“Why don’t you slide one of your fingers into her ass Jess, that way she can cum like you did.


Jessica reached up and began to slide her middle finger into my girlfriend’s asshole.  She was getting her entire finger into her ass.  I could feel her finger internally as my cock was inside Michelle’s pussy.  It made her already tight pussy even tighter


“Why don’t you start licking her pussy while we both cum,” I said while continuing with the extremely hard fucking.


Michelle instantly pushed her mouth to Jessica’s still wet pussy.  She began sucking on her clit and shoving her tongue into her hole.


“Mmm, fuck!  Yea lick my asshole too, that makes me want to cum soo bad,” Jessica said in-between sucking my balls and Michelle’s clit.


“Oh, shit!  I am so going to fucking cum!” I said while I continued to fuck her.


“I want to taste it,” Jessica said mid lick.


With that I could feel Michelle’s pussy begin to tighten up.  Her walls began to grab at my shaft as she started to cum.  I could feel her juices really start to flow.  The entire feeling, her pussy, Jessica’s finger up her ass, everything was just too much.  I thrusted a few more times, keeping it in extra long and forcing it extra deep till the second before I came.


I pulled out and started to blow my thick, hot load all over Michelle’s pussy and asshole.  I hot at least 8 squirts.  It was a massive amount.  Jessica continued to finger Michelle’s asshole, which helped push my cum down her open hole and across her soaked, throbbing clit.  Jessica leaned up and began to lick all over her pussy.  She was pushing my cum into my girlfriend cunt with her tongue and even started to lick the cum off her asshole.


“Make sure you clean me off too,” I said as I moved my cock in front of her mouth.


Jessica began to suck on my semi-limp cock.  She would move my head against Michelle’s pussy with my cum all over it and then suck on it some more.


“I just can’t get enough of you cum and her pussy.  God its fucking hot,” she said while continuing to clean us both off.


After this we all took a shower together and headed for bed.  There was definitely more fun to be had once we were in bed, and the next few days as we all took off work to stay home and play with each other ;-)



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