Late Night in the Gym   added 5 years ago    

  By: naughtyscarlet

I decide to squeeze in a workout in the corporate gym after a crazy ass day. When I get down to the gym the only other people there are these two good looking body builder type guys. They keep watching me working out and I give them a nervous smile then crank up the music on my ipod. I didn’t really give much thought to what they are doing but when I finished I noticed they weren’t around anymore. I figured they had wondered off and I headed to the locker room to change.  As I passed by the men’s locker room I heard the showers going and thought to myself what the hell.


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The Naughty Meter

So I decided on a little peak inside just to be naughty. Only when I snuck around the corner they saw me and they had more then a little peak on their minds. I quickly turned around to leave and ran right into the barrel chest of the trainer that was working the late shift tonight. He says “Can I help you?” My cheeks are burning and I’m so embarrassed to be caught. I start rambling about looking for someone. To that he replied “Oh, I believe you found us baby.”

I say nothing as he backs me further into the men’s shower.  The other two are waiting for me both with bulging thick cocks standing at attention. I’ve spent many nights in my bed plunging my deft fingers into my hungry slit thinking of how this might play out and now my secret fantasy is about to come true.

I tell them “Just be gentle and I’ll be your slut.” I begin to peel off my hot stick gym clothes and my mind is racing with thoughts of these three hard cocks and what they are going to do to me. My heart feels like it is about to pound out of my chest and I know there is no turning back now. I quickly strip out of my clothes and walk toward their thick cocks. I drop to my knees, look up at both of them and say, ”Please feed those massive cocks to me.”

The trainer quietly left to make sure the front doors were locked so their fun would not be interrupted. He walks back into the locker room less then a minute later and finds me with drool dripping down my chin onto my chest my mouth engulfing half of one massive cock while my hand is pumping the other and pulling it close to my face. I look up at him; take the cock from my mouth and say, “You’re overdressed for this party.”  He smiles at the two others and quickly starts pulling at his clothes, he laughs and tells his friends....we picked a real slut this time

As he strips out of his clothes my eyes bulge....he has the biggest cock I have ever seen in person....his cock looks 11" and I don't think he's fully hard yet. When he sees the look on my face he just laughs and says to me, “That's some piece of meat slut isn't u can't wait for me to shove it up in you.” The other two are rough with my mouth....making me gag over and over...causing the wettest blowjob I've ever given. There is a steady stream of drool running down my chin.

The trainer steps close to me, gets his finger wet in my drool and begins to circle my nipples. Then he suddenly pinches them making me moan in pain and pleasure I grasp both cocks in my hand, tilt my head back and rub them both across my face and mouth, sticking out my tongue and lapping at both cocks together. I am just able to fit the heads into my tight mouth the trainer is still torturing my nipple and soon his other hand moves down to my dripping cunt. It feels soooo fucking good to have his strong fingers opening the folds of my pussy, his finger easily slides into my and he tells the others “This fucking slut is in heat.”

He adds two more fingers and roughly fucks my pussy with his fingers. As he pulls them out there is a thin string of my juice still connecting us. He brings his hand to my mouth and tells me to taste my slut juice. I greedily lick ever drop I taste so fucking good I am happy to suck him clean. “Look at how that slut loves pussy….she loves it almost as much as she loves cock. Next time we will have to get her a pussy to eat too.” “That's another time,” one of the guys says “right now I want to taste that pussy for myself; lay down on that bench and open that pussy to me,” he says. I'm so fucking hot I can't wait to feel these three devour my pussy and fuck me like the slut I've always wanted to be.

I lay back and open my pussy to his hungry mouth. He kneels down and makes one long swipe that starts at my ass, making me gasp at his boldness and ends at my swollen clit. Then he delves his tongue into my juicy pussy hole, lapping at my sweetness the other two are standing back watching my body responding to his mouth. His tongue is soon replaced with two strong fingers and his mouth takes my clit again. He is sucking hard on my clit this the feeling is just this  side of pain and ramming his fingers into me.

I don't even realize my hips are bucking, trying to push him further into me and now he has started rubbing that soft nub inside my pussy the hidden place that will make me see stars. I feel myself losing it as he is stroking my g-spot. He pushes me over the edge and I lose control completely as I bear down and drench him with my orgasm. His masterful fingers have coaxed a mind blowing orgasm from my throbbing slit and his chest is drenched in my juices as I squirt all over him.


My legs are trembling as I feel myself being pulled up. As I am coming down from my orgasm I feel one of the guys sliding under me on the bench. He positions himself so that I am straddling his throbbing cock. He takes hold of my hips and begins to guide my pulsating cunt onto his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. I can feel his velvet head at the entrance to my pussy and all I can think is how much I want to feel that stretching me out. I let my knees go slack and plunge onto his cock. My eyes flew open as his big cock filled my cunt. I didn’t realize how big his cock was but it was more then I could take.

I try to stand some to ease his meat out a bit, but he is having none of it. He grabs my hips and begins pumping into my pussy. I am screaming it’s too much but he isn’t listening to anything I say. The other guy looks at the trainer and says, “Why don’t you shove that big dick down her throat and shut her up.” “You read my mind,” he says and with that my head is jerked up and the biggest cock I have even seen in my life is shoved in my face. “You said you wanted to be our little slut, while now is the time to prove it!”


His head is coated in his own precum that was leaking from his slit. I run my tongue up and down that slit trying to get out every drop of that sweet juice. He is pushing his cock further into my mouth I am barely halfway down his dick and he is already at the back of my throat.  The cock pounding my pussy is hitting places no one has ever reached before.  I am beginning to adjust to the big cock plunging my pussy and my mouth is getting wetter and wetter as the trainer is feeding me even more of his cock.

He tells me “Relax and let me slide this cock down your throat little slut.” I try to concentrate on the cock in my mouth. I feel his hand on the back of my head and I gulp in a big breathe of air just as he pushes his cock further into my throat. I start pushing against his hips trying to push him out but it is no use. The guy pounding my cunt lets go of my hips and grabs my wrists. The trainer eases his huge cock out of my throat leaving me gasping for air. “Mmmmmm, damn little slut that’s fucking hot! Now you just relax and let me fuck that throat some more, get ready, take a breath.” And with that he started feeding that cock back into my mouth.

As he reached the back of my throat I gag slightly but he kept pushing. Now his cock is moving up and down my throat while the other is still pistoning into my pussy. Drool is running from the corners of my mouth and my pussy is leaking juice all around the pounding meat. I have never been used like this before and I love it.


The third guy has been standing back stroking his cock and watching the show. He says “Hey guys, what about me?’ The trainer looks over and says, “Here you go Brain, she’s all warmed up for you.” Brian intertwines his fingers in my hair and pulls my mouth onto his cock. After having the trainer fucking my throat this cock is much easier for me to take. I am sucking his eight inches of meat like it was nothing. He pulls his cock from my lips with a popping sound, turns my face up to him and gives me a wicked smile then says “Hey John, mind some company?”

From under me John answers “Sounds good to me buddy.” I have no idea what this means and then suddenly Brian starts spanking my clit with his cock. It was amazing to have John’s cock pumping in and out of me and now to have Brian’s teasing my clit. He starts running his cock up and down my slit and then I feel him pressing against my pussy.


“What are you doing!” I ask. “You can’t fuck me; his cock is too big as it is!!” Brian just laughed and said “Wanna bet.” He leaned close to my puss and let a stream of drool run down my clit then pushed me back against John and started pressing into me harder. John slowed his pumping to allow Brain to work his way in. John reached down and spread my thighs wider to allow Brian better access to my already stuffed cunt. Slowly Brian started pushing into me. John began to pick up his pace and with each stroke he pulled Brain’s cock further into me. It started as one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. But I quickly became overwhelmed by the intense feeling of having two big cocks stuffing my hot pussy. Brian’s angle is perfect to make me squirt again.

I begin panting and moaning. I feel the orgasm quickly building. “FUCK, OOOOHHHH mmmmmm YEEEEESSSSS, FUCK MY HOT CUNT!!!!” John can feel his balls getting tight and he knows he’s not far away, but first he wants to feel my explosion. He reaches up and twists my nipples and says “That’s it little slut. You love having that pussy stuffed don’t you. Beg for more cock you dirty little slut. BEG!!!” I can’t stop myself, I will do anything for this orgasm “MMMM PLEASE FUCK ME…..HARDER….FUCK YES…..I LOVE YOUR BIG FUCKING COCKS MAKING ME YOUR SLUT!!!!!!” John’s hand entwined in my hair and shoved me up just as I began to cum

 My pussy clenched and throbbing around their two thick cocks trying to suck the life from them. My cum was running down their balls and pooling at John’s ass. As soon as he felt the stream of cum trickle down his ball sac he was done. With a loud groan he let go; his hot cum rocketing from his cock and deep into my abused pussy. Brain still pumping my cunt, milking the cum from John’s cock deep into my pussy. John laid still and breathing heavy.


Brian pulls his cock from my pussy and I suddenly feel so empty. John is beginning to go limp and his cock slides from my stretched slit. Brain falls back onto the bench and takes me with him. “Suck my cock,” he tells me. I eagerly suck his cock into my mouth. He is coated in our combine juices and John’s cum. I greedily lick it all off. I am loving the taste and feel of Brian’s cock in my mouth. I swirl around the head, running my tongue under the helmet of his head, then dip into his little slit. Then I run my tongue from the tip all the way down the base of his cock….and I keep going.

Following that smooth dividing line on his balls down to the place where his ball sac connects to his body. I flatten my tongue out and lick all over his balls, then gently suck his nuts into my mouth, moving them around the confines of my mouth with my tongue. I loooove hearing him moan as I work his sac.


John is still recovering when he looks over to the trainer “Hey Alan, did you just come to watch tonight.” “Hell No!!!” Alan replies, “Just letting yall get the slut warmed up is all.” Brain looks up at him and says “This bitch is fucking on fire; I don’t know what you are waiting for!” While I was lost in sucking Brian’s cock Alan moved in behind me. I tensed when I felt his heavy meat slap against my ass. Alan leaned forward, moved my hair to the side and grazed his lips to my ear. “Just relax baby, you are going to love being my slut.” He took a couple of nips at my neck and then pushed my head back down onto Brian’s prick. 

I felt my skin burn everywhere his massive cock touched me as he slide back down my back. Alan took his monster cock in his hand and started rubbing it up and down my slit. As he teased my pussy he would say “You are the hottest little slut we have ever had in this locker room. You look like you were made to fuck and suck cock. When I saw you come in tonight in your pinstriped skirt and button down oxford I couldn’t stop thinking about how good you would look on your hands and knees with a cock in your mouth and another buried deep in your pussy. You like being a slut don’t you?”


 When I didn’t answer he caught my attention with a hard whack on the ass. “I’M TALKING TO YOU SLUT!!! I SAID YOU LIKE BEING OUR LITTLE SLUT DON’T YOU!!” This time I whimpered a reply around the cock shoved in my mouth. It was enough to satisfy Alan, for now. The more he called me a slut and teased me with his cock the wetter I got. My pussy was dripping with my excitement mixed with the hot load John had already deposited. Alan’s prick was well coated as he put his head to my hole. He slowly began to press into me, teasing me with the head of his enormous cock. “You are going to beg for my cock you little slut.” I whimpered again and pushed my ass back hoping for more cock.

True to his words Alan would not give me what I so desperately needed until I said the words. My pussy was throbbing, I was scared of his big cock but I had to have some relief. Finally I dropped Brian’s prick from my lips long enough to turn to Alan and say” FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS….FUCK ME LIKE THE FUCKING SLUT THAT I AM!!!!”


At those words he plunged his huge cock into my already abused pussy; filling me with cock like I have never felt before. I screamed out, tears where running down my cheeks. This was the biggest cock I had ever seen and it was ripping me apart. I started begging him to stop. “PLEASE, I CAN’T TAKE IT, YOUR TOOO BIG……PLEASE STOP….PLEASE….OHHHH GOD….FUCK….THAT COCK IS SOOOOOO BIG!!!” He slowed his pace some, looked up at Brain and said “I think we are going to have to do this another way, you with me bro?” “You know it,” Brian replied.


To my relief Alan let his massive cock slip from my pussy. I lay on the bench panting caught between pleasure and pain in a way I have never felt before.  I’m not sure if I am glad or incredibly disappointed that it’s over, but it wasn’t over. Alan tells me “If you can’t take this monster in your cunt then you will have to satisfy me with your hot little ass because I’m not leaving here until you get me off.” Before I have a chance to respond I feel the head of his cock pressing into my tight asshole. His meat is slick from all the juice in my pussy. I panic and move to get away from his invading cock but run right into Brian’s prick. They have me sandwiched in between them; Brian stuffing my mouth with his meat and Alan spreading my ass with his. My screams are muffled with Brain’s cock as he grinds into my face.


John doesn’t want to miss a bit of the action, so he comes over and grabs the globes of my round ass spreading me open more to help Alan stuff my ass. After the initial shock I begin to relax and his cock starts to feel good, really good! Alan was slowing stroking into my hot ass, each time feeding more of his cock past my tight anal ring. It is the most amazing thing I have ever felt. I am sucking on Brain’s cock for all I’m worth. I feel him tense. Between my mouth milking his prick and the sight of all 12 inches of Alan’s meat sliding into my tight ass he can take no more. He begins pumping his hips, grabs my head and fucks my mouth searching for the release he so desperately needs.

I am moaning as Alan is filling my ass, my mouth has gone slack to allow the cock plunging in to take what it wants. I feel the first jet of hot cum hit the back of my throat and almost choke. I was so lost in the cock in my ass that I wasn’t expecting the explosion in my mouth. Brain is moaning and Alan keeps repeating “Suck that cock you slut, every drop of that hot cum, you better not waste any of it, suck that fucking cock dry!!”


Brain collapses on the bench completely spent. He is content to sit and watch as Alan ravages my ass. I throw my head back and beg for more cock. “FUCK YES….IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT, YOU LIKE FUCKING MY HOT ASS…..IS IT TIGHT ON YOUR COCK…..YOU LIKE MY LITTLE TIGHT SLUT ASS….FILL ME UP WITH THAT BIG COCK….I WANNA FEEL YOUR HOT LOAD EXPLODE IN MY ASS!!!” Alan’s balls are churning now, hearing me screaming for his cock is more then he can take. He grips my hips hard and pulls my deep onto his root as he shots his hot load deep into my ass. John and Brain can not believe what they have just seen. No woman has ever taken Alan like that. Alan and I collapse on the bench. After a few minutes to catch my breath and I get up and start gathering my clothes. I head to the door of the men’s locker room without a stitch on and cum running down my thighs. Just before I leave I turn to the three guys left sitting naked and say, “Thanks for the work out, I think I will have to come down here more often.”


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imakewet    (2010-05-31 19:18:50)    Flag as inappropiate
this is a fucking fantasy! wow baby girl let me show you how i work too!
friskyinjersey    (2010-04-17 20:24:05)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, good stuff!
CanadianCasanova    (2010-04-03 22:13:09)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Awesome story! I'm so horny after reading it!

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