A Stranger on the Phone - How it all began.   added 6 years ago    

  By: doncupido82

It has been a while since you heard from me. I lost all my passwords but I signed up again to share my stories with you. I will start with a story that actually happened and I will report to you as faithful to reality as possible, while making small alterations for your pleasure and the protection of the not so innocent.


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The Naughty Meter

This story is special because it sent me off to my erotic and sexual journey I have been on ever since. It was one of those lonely, yet very very horny nights. One of those nights I spent on my computer, looking at pictures, at videos, reading stories right here on this site, not getting enough of sexual themed input. While sometimes, a simple rough, quick and intense masturbation would be enough to clear my head, this was very different.

My thoughts were focused, not on my own release but on discovering a female body, on pleasuring a woman, doing passionate things to her, naughty things and of course straight forward hard fucking. I did not want to have sex to cum, I wanted to have sex to cause that wonderful moment of self-forgetfulness and intense pleasure that makes some curse, some to cross their eyes and all of them breathe heavily.

My girlfriend lived not close enough to me so I could have just visited her, nor was she available on the phone or on the computer. In my horniness I turned to virtual places I frequented years ago: Internet chatrooms. My choice were always rooms that were not exclusively sexually themed, so that I had to guess and search for the right people. Soon I realized that I had not forgotten the game. The first few sexbots I spotted early, avoided a couple more during the span of the night. But after only forty minutes I had found Jessica.

Jessica was twenty-two years old and in the US-Army. I myself am from all over the place, with an American father, a British mother. While I also lived in several different countries over the years, I kept it simple and told her I was from New York City, where I lived at the time.

When she asked the typical questions one is always confronted with in a chatroom, I directed her to a social networking site with a profile of myself that I had created for this occasion. None of my real friends knew about it, I had made up an alias name for it and did not use any recognizable profile pictures. My picture gallery on the other hand contained quite a few images of myself. Several pictures of me wearing only a pair of jeans, showing off my body with a smile, a few party pictures and another picture in which an exgirlfriend is putting her hand on my crotch, were supposed to attract some attention. Although I would never show myself off like that in my actual profile, this profile was only meant to be used for flirting - hence I convinced myself it was ok. After all, all I wanted to be in the eyes of the people who saw it, was a piece of meat.

 Jessica reacted quickly and not very subtle. In real life a line like "God, you're hawt" makes me flinch, in this chatroom, it was precisely what I wanted to hear. "Do you have a profile?", I offered. She linked me to it and caused a strong twitch in my already hard cock. Jessica was a true firecracker. About 5'1, dark blonde hair with red streaks, green eyes and a smile that promised sinful fun. In her pictures, her clothes were not too revealing but she never sported baggy clothes, her apple shaped ass and perky breasts were always prominent, while her eyes seemed to say I'm a really, really bad girl.

"I love green eyes", I typed. "Haha, thanks. So why are you in here?" she wondered. We had some more smalltalk like that, referring to each other's pictures now and then, essentially dancing around each other, trying to find out if the other person wanted, what we wanted.

Jessica was pretty up front about why she was in the room after a while though, the time in the Army didn't seem to allow for much sexual activity.

"Yeah, it's really bad sometimes, especially when I'm so horny. It sucks bad. I could use your bigcity-cock right now ;)"
"I know what you mean, it's been really hard the past few days. And I mean HARD."
"LOL, well, you could call and we could have a little phone sex, get each other off…"

I had been watching a video on my new horny friend's website when she typed this. As I read her words and looked back on the other part of my computer screen where she was just dancing to a popsong with some army friends, I could feel the blood rushing through me.

Cybersex, while in a relationship, I had done that before. Typing a fantasy out there, having it answered all while being totally anonymous, I loved it. But phonesex? You can't hide your emotions or yourself as well there, you give up a certain part of anonymity and while cybersex never felt like really being with someone, phonesex was more real. If cybersex was not considered cheating, was phonesex with a stranger closer to that line I really didn't want to cross but also felt as if doing so would be very intense?

"I don't know about this, I have a girlfriend."
"Dude, I have a boyfriend."

And there it was. Instead of feeling completely morally appalled and ending the conversation right there, I knew I wanted to do this. My cock had spoken. Had it been hard the entire time I had been looking at the pictures of Jessica, it now had grown to its full size, the tip looking out of the foreskin, showing its deep purple skin, gently pulsing with the beat of my heart.

"Wow, that just makes this so much hotter, because it's wrong."
"I know."
"Still, I don't know."
"Oh come on, it will just be this one time, nobody will know."

And with that line, which is in itself a cliché, she finally had me. Jessica, from several hundreds of miles away, had taken my cock and used it as a leash to lead me into her virtual bedroom and do her bidding. All doubt had been swept away by the conviction, that this deed was going to be one of the most thrilling things I had ever done, just because it was bad.

"Ok, what's your number."

I dialed the digits and was surprised how nervous I was and even more surprised how good it felt to be nervous and horny at the same time. When I heard her high and breathy voice, that sported a little nervousness but a lot of lasciviousness as well, I knew this was going to be good.

"Hi, it's Scott", I somehow said, clearing my throat instantly
"Good, are you ready?"
"I am so hard it almost hurts." I lied. It already hurt.
"Hehe, nice.", her voice was playful and oozed wickedness.

"Are you wet, Jessy?"
A moan escaped her before she answered: "Oooh, yes. I am dripping and warm, so warm."
Without telling her, I had began to slowly jerk my cock in circling motions around the shaft, not touching the tip. "Do you have a finger in you?"
"Mmmmh, you bet I do, my middle-finger's all up in my pussy."
"Put your thumb on your clit as well" I uttered between deep breaths "put some pressure on it, circling motions, not too fast."

"Nnhyes, you're kinky...and so hot. What would you want to do to me?"
The question alone aroused me even further. "I would put my hands on that sexy ass of yours, massage it. Then lick your inner thighs, and start kissing your pussy, draw circles around your clit, suck on it then."
"I would ride you", she said, without referring at all to my suggestion, turning me on even more, showing me who was in control, who really seduced whom. "get your nice cock all up in me, ride you fast, put my tits in your face."

While I listened to her really sexy voice and the squishy sounds her fingers were producing, I looked at her pictures. Imagined her thick lips on the tip of my cock, her pierced tongue on my balls and in my mouth. But most of all, I wanted to see her eyes, looking up on me with her cock in my mouth, jerking the shaft with the one hand, massaging the balls with the other. Those sexy green eyes, posing the question that was in my mind right now too: Who's in control? The firecracker who turned me into a cheating boyfriend or me?

For myself, I answered the question quickly, she was in control. I knew that, even in real life, she could give me a boner by simply  winking at me, seduce me with a whispered I want you... now all while my girlfriend was in the same room. My mind wandered on while Jessica told me how hard she wanted to be fucked and me telling her how hard I would spank her ass while mounting her from behind. I pictured her in her Army uniform, doing an inspection of my room. Or rather inspecting me, letting her hands gently glide over my clothed body with a smirk then shouting at me.

"Attention! Present. The cock!"
I opened my pants, my cock sprang out, pointing directly at her, longing for attention. In my fantasy, Jessica then got rid of her pants, sat on a table and opened her legs for me.
"Assume, position!"

I approached her, my cock in hand, but stopped right before the tip would touch her pussy. She smirked at me. With one strong move, she ripped my shirt open, touched my chest and stomach muscles with her fingertips and continued with a whisper, while forming the words on her lips very precisely.
"Permission. To fuck."

What followed - in the fantasy - was mindless, hard fucking. On the phone, we had progressed to the point were merely any words were spoken. We moaned - and we meant it. We said how hot this was - and we meant it. And with Jessica's moaning in my ears, her pictures in front of my eyes and her attitude in my head - I came. My load squirted all over my bed in four long and big squirts, while I forced myself not to moan too loudly. This - as the saying goes - had never happened to me before. Not with a woman in bed, not during cybersex. But during a phonesex call with a stranger, I came too early.

I continued to talk to her.

"I get deeper in you, stop thrusting. I pull it out with one fast move, leaving only the tip and I wait till you beg for it before I continue fucking. I thrust in and out of you three times, then stop again."

After ten more minutes of me describing various techniques to Jessica, she comes with a minutelasting moan that I wish I had as a record.

 "Ok, I'm good now.", she says.
"That was a nice orgasm, you sound great." I replied.

"Thank you, are you ok?" the lust in her voice is almost gone.
"Umh, yeah." I realize that I never officially came and add "If i want to come, I still have those nice pictures of you."
"Good, I really need to go now. Thank you!" she sounds sincere, honest but I can tell: We will never speak to each other again.

We say our goodbyes and hang up. I am left with a feeling of confusion. Recollecting what just happened I come to the result, that it was intense, insanely hot, bad, meaningless, casual, dirty and superficial. And, that I want more.

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doncupido82    (2010-02-16 09:46:24)    Flag as inappropiate
doncupido82 Glad you liked it. I just corrected a few typos.

I tend to write these while I am aroused, hence the progressively bad spelling.
nautigurl    (2010-02-14 12:44:57)    Flag as inappropiate
nautigurl Just wow

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