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 Cam was certainly more adventurous than myself going into this relationship, and with that, was the more persuasive, horny, and dominant partner when fulfilling her desires. I enjoyed that she took command often, as she knew what pleasured her and pleased me at the same time. 


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The Naughty Meter

Nearly daily during her hour lunch break, Cam would stop by the store where I worked. She worked in a dental office and wore traditional white uniform, white socks or stockings and shoes. During her visits the "be back in 5 minutes" sign would often hang on the door as we snuck in the back for heavy foreplay always, with a quickie if I'm lucky. Sometimes she would dare me not to hang the sign and eat her pussy on the front counter knowing that a customer could walk in with my face buried between her thighs. Another day Cam hid behind the counter blowing me while I gave change to a lady.
But today she brought a young intern named Suzanne. With Cam's traditional whites, pale complexion and dark brunette hair, she contrasted Suzanne's blond mane, tan face, and colorful smock over blue scrub pants.
"You'll need to hang the sign today honey", Cam stated as they both entered the store. "And ya better make it 15 minutes".

Suzanne followed Cam into the back office while I locked the door and hung the sign, When I got back to the office Cam  wrapped her arms around me with the deepest french kiss, then licking my mouth, and our tongues dueling openly. The intern, just a few feet away, stared smiling. Cam sucked on my tongue. Letting go, she said, "suck my pussy."

Cam sat on the edge of the desk. She pulled her skirt up revealing thigh high stockings, and a white cotton thong. She spread her legs wide and rubbed her hand over her pussy.
"Jimmy honey, this is Suzanne. She just started last week and asked where I go to eat around here", Cam said. "I told her about this little place where she could cum and taste a delicasy. And here she is."

Suzanne must have made quick friends with my flirtacious Cam as her hand was down the front of her blue scrubs rubbing her own pussy. I stared at Suzanne as she pulled down on her scrubs revealing just enough for me to stretch my head to see down.

"Over here Jimmy!", Cam announced. "I need my pussy sucked". She pulled the white thong to side showing her well trimmed V bush and swollen glistened pussy lips.
I knelt down in front of the desk and pulled that thong down her stockened legs. Cam spread her legs wide and jammed two fingers up her snatch. "mmm, I'm wet already, but please lick my pussy", she purred.

I leaned forward slowly licking up her left labia. Then I slowly licked up her right one. At tthe top of her pussy my tongue tickled her clit, as her hands came down and pushed the back of head in closer. I took the hint and sucked her clit into my mouth. Cam made a quick little squeal sound, then a shutter.
"Oh, thats it Jimmy honey."

"Suzy, can you get Jimmy's cock out for him. He's gonna fuck me soon."
Suzanne got down on the floor and crawled under me and soon my cock was free. She pulled my trousers down as far as she could because I was still kneeling in front of Cam sucking and licking her pussy.
Cam told Suzanne, "stroke him till he's rock hard. You can suck him, too, Suzy, just don't make him cum".

Suzanne pulled on my cock and it didn't take long to get to my full 8 inches. Suzanne was really tugging and yanking on my boner at a fast pace. Then she took my cock in her wet mouth to the hilt and backed off again. She did this several times, then said, "I think he's ready now Miss Camellia".

"Okay, stand up Jimmy, let me see", Cam ordered. "Nice"
"Let me see you take that whole cock Suzy"

Suzanne did as she was told and sucked three times on my cock. "Okay, now squeeze out a pre cum drop". Suzanne started at the base of my cock and pulled up and a nice size drop of pre cum formed on my open cock slit.

"Now lick it off and bring it to me. Jimmy, honey, start fucking me. Fuck me good and hard, honey"

  Suzanne licked the tip of my cock and removed the bead of clear cum.
I leaned forward and placed my cock in front of her pussy and teased my head between her pussy lips. Suzanne's out stretched tongue with a bead of my precum was now being sucked by Cam. These two gorgous women were sharing just a sample of good things to come.

I leaned forward more as my cock slowly entered Cam's pussy to the hilt. My face just inches away from Cam and Suzanne frenching, I stuck my tongue into their little frenzy. The taste of my cum was just a little. A little to late to enjoy with them.

"Oh, Fuck me hard now, Jimmy! Come on, do it quick. Fuck Yeah!", Cam shouted as I really started to ram her pussy.

Suzanne reached down and rubbed Cam's clit as Cam was really enjoying the fucking. Cam grabbed the back of Suzanne head and pulled her close for another deep kiss. The sight of them kissing was truly beautiful. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, and I also knew that Cam wanted me to cum quick.

"Oh, shit Cam, I'm gonna cum!"
"Good honey, cum just inside me and all over my pussy. Oh yes!" she shouted as she felt the first spurt of cum in her pussy.

The second shot was also inside, but I was pulling out just as a third shot went right in her pussy hole. I finished cumming all over the outside of her now closing pussy. Cam leaned forward and admired her cum soaked pussy.

 "Now there's your delicasy. Clean my pussy honey"
Suzanne started to go down on Cam. "Wait Suzy! Jimmy's first so he can feed me. Then you can enjoy the rest."

I dove right down and licked up some big globs meshed in her little bush. I sucked it in my mouth then tickled her clit with my cum soaked tongue. Standing up I smiled at Suzanne as a little dripped out the side of my mouth. I went to meet Cam's open waiting mouth as our tongues swapped my cum back and forth.

Meanwhile, Suzanne was going to town on Cam's pussy. She licked up all the cum around her pussy first, then stuck her tongue way up Cam's pussy to clean out her inner walls. Cam was moaning into my mouth as we still sucked on my cum. Suzanne then came up for air, her face covered with Cam's and my juices all over her mouth, nose and chin. Suzanne stood up, leaned forward , and the three of us shared what was left in Suzanne's mouth.

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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 13:59:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh fuck, so hot! Probably cuz it's not safe in reality, I really get off fantasizing about guys coming in my pussy. Love to think about the hot jets of jizz shooting inside me. And more pussy-licking, yeah! :) My cunt is so wet right now.

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