a rough encounter told from 2 sides   added 6 years ago    

  By: josh


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The Naughty Meter

what r u doing now?r u sitting alone at ur room infront of the computer' abit lost n horny? well dont look back ...im standing behind u..watching ur every move ...watching ur body movement' ur neck ur arms that ass . iil jump u when u least axpect it tie ur hands behind ur chair and turn u around so u can see me and i can see ur scared but very excited look on ur face. a look that says do whatever u want to me sir...im ur lil kitten.a look that makes my pants swollen in 2 seconds.u whimper as i tear ur blouse in the middle revealing ur seethrough bra. with another small cut ur tits r free..moving up and down with ur heavy breathing. 
 I would whimpher as you tore the shirt and cut bra from my body, my
>> back stiffening, my nipples hard. So hard you would have to reach out
>> and tweak one. I would jump but make no sound. My lips sealed tightly,
>> pressed shut. My eyes open wide. You would lean over me and slip a
>> hand down between my legs, pushing my skirt against my body. Feeling
>> how damp my panties are.
 Your finger tracing a lineup the slit of my
>> pussy, over the throbbing bump of my clit and up my stomach. I press
>> myself back into the chair, breathing harder and harder. your hand against my soaked, hot panties.
>> The cold steel makes me jump - and i let out what I hope is a whimper
>> but by your little smug smile I know it was a moan. Your hand grabs
>> and gathers the crotch of my panties, pulling it away from my body,
>> tugging so hard i would be pulled from my chair if i wasn't tied.

>> You growl at me as i arch my back, and you bite down on my ear. I moan
>> like a little whore for you. Your free hand and mouth explore my prone body - cupping
>> my tits as you suck and bite and twist, I arch and moan and it makes
>> no difference. You relentlessly violate my wet cunt... the juice is
>> runningI start to babble, beg and you reach down
>> and stuff the remants of my panties in my mouth.
Then suddenly, you've had enough of this torture. You lift
>> me from the chair, my hands still tied behind my back - pushing me
>> roughly to the floor on my knees. My cheek to the cold tile, my ass in
>> the air prone for you, my squirming wiggling hands tied right above
>> it, resting in the small of my back. My wet pussy glistening at you. I
>> hear you behind me, and the sound of zipper slowly sliding down. I
>> tremble but stay quiet.....
    seeing u like this drives me crazy....ur ass hanging in the air teasing me' ur cheek pressed to the cold floor.ur at a position where i can do anythig i want to and that excite me . i feel hard and swollen and my hand unzeep my pant . i see u squirm to that delicate sound ...knowing thing r about to get exciting...i pull down my pants and underwareand kneel behind u. ur pusyy is practicly dripping....i slide two fingers in side u to feel how wet n warm u r inside...i get deeper inside u and slowly fuck u with them ur body moving back ons forth ...ur fucking urself on my fingers.i let u enjoy urself for a few seconds then i pull them out. i come to ur frot and kneel next to urface

ass or pussy ? i ask.

u dont answer. i lift ur head and ask again. ur still quiet. rebeling.i give u a small kiss on ur lips and slap ur cheek hard...u let out a lil scream and fall on ur side.

"ass...pls sir i want ur cock in my ass" u whisper. i pace u gently in ur former position
and kneel behind u .
"is ur tight hole ready ? 
u start answering when i roughly enter ur asss...its very tight so i widen it with my cock.ur mouth open with a soundless cry...small voices come out of u with every pound i take. it feels amazing. i grap ur tied hand and pull them and ur body lifts from the floor. my pounding is hard and one hand is in ur pussy...rubbing ur clit and mixing wave of pain and pleasure inside u 
u moan like whore  suddenly i pull ou and pick u up ..my cock is hard and wet. i push u against the wall and look at u.
did u like it my lil whore ?
u have a savage look on ur face and ur nipples r like a rock.
 You ask me if I liked it and I want to hit you. I just stare at you,
angrily. "well whore. If you don't like this we can stop"

I pant and the color rises in my cheeks. I glare at you. My pussy
aches, throbs for the fingers that left it. My asshole burns. I need
to be filled. I was so close to cumming.

"Ok. we're stopping then?"

You drop me - painfully. And start to walk away.

"NO!!" I choke the word out, raising myself so I'm kneeling in front
of you. "please" I whimpher.

"please? Does that mean you liked it" I hang my head and nod. "Do you
need to cum my little whore" You have walked back to stand above me
now, your hand tracing my cheek. Your thumb slips into my mouth,
pushing on my bottom lip and i suck on it. Hungrily.

"Do you need to cum?" you repeat, firmly. I nod quickly and you shove
your cock up into my ass - and three fingers into my wet cunt at the
same time. Stretching my holes out. I scream and twist - impaled. You
just ram it in harder, pulling my hair and head back hard with your
free hand and biting down on my neck. You ravage my body, fucking my
ass over and over.
Your tongue licks my tears hungrily as i start to
weep, my face red, my mouth open in a permanent "O" as you fuck me
relentlessly. Breathing harshly in my ear. You start to tell me what a
filthy little whore I am and all i can do is nod and moan "yes yes

"do you need to cum bitch?"
"Yes What???"

You whip my head back and kiss me hard, "Cum bitch. Cum for me right
now" and my nerves fire off just like that. I start to shake, the
pressure building. My asshole squeezing your cock, my pussy gushing on
your fingers. I scream so loud you shove your hand into my mouth, and
i bite down on your fingers but you dont notice because you are
pounding me, your face red.
 Harder and harder - you're panting,
growling in my ear like an animal. I am limp in your arms, like a
ragdoll but you fuck me harder, using my holes. I moan whimpher little
whimphers of pain as it starts to burn but you dont' care. You use me
as your fuck toy, your fuckdoll.
I feel your cock pulse even bigger
inside my little ravaged hole and you start to cum - letting it loose
filling me up. You pump my hole one last time, before pulling out, and
letting me slide down the wall into a heap. I curl up in a ball and
moan pitifully as you clean yourself up. Then you scoop me up and
place me in a warm bed with a big fucktoy smile on my face.

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unknown    (2010-08-27 10:53:15)    Flag as inappropiate
I liked hearing from both sides. Nice.

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