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  By: JackRidley

She had not had any good sex in over two years. She tried to make up for the lack of touching and being held by focusing on the needs of her children. The old house they lived in also required a lot of work. Her husband just didn’t care about her any more. He had wanted a family and a home and someone to feed him and wash his dirty laundry and occasionally, occasionally, surrender her body to have sex with him. Of course, sex with him was sort of like him masturbating with a partner. There was little or no foreplay and he was done as quickly as possible. She thought of it as two pokes and a snore. Her needs as a woman were not being met.

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She met a guy at work who was divorced and who had a bad attitude about women. They were no good, he said. Well, she felt the same way about men. So, they talked a lot about how worthless the opposite sex was for anything. It wasn’t long before they became friends and looked forward to their long conversations about people and about life in general. He filled her need for a man who would listen to her and care about what she thought and felt but she did not want to cheat on her husband. That wasn’t the way she had been raised. The thought of it did excite her, though, while at the same time making her feel cheap.

The two workmates continued to talk and one day their discussion turned more toward sexual matters, which didn’t make her feel comfortable but, somehow, she couldn’t bring herself to change the course of the discussion. His main theme was that he wished that couples would not play games but speak frankly to each other, talk to each other out of the hungers and lusts of their hearts rather than from social convention which tended to confuse and muddy the waters of the relationship. What did he mean?, she asked. He told her that a woman should say just what she wants and feels without any pretense of ‘oh, that wouldn’t be ladylike’ or worrying about what her lover would think about her. He said he was tired of bullshit.

She felt herself growing flushed while he talked. Her thighs became swollen and she felt a hunger, a need to have a man inside of her. She had pleasured herself from time to time but it wasn’t the same as giving herself to someone who wanted her and for more than just a handkerchief to jerk off in. Still, she couldn’t let on that she liked her friend that way. It was wrong. For a time, that day they said nothing but just sat there. When he got up to leave the office he put his hand on hers and just patted it. He told her that he looked forward to work since he had her to talk to. He said he really appreciated her. She dare not let him know how hot and wet she felt when his hand touched hers. She found herself moaning slightly when he left.

One day she asked her boss if she could take off some time during the day for a child’s play at school and then to make it up by coming in at night and cleaning the office. It was her turn, as they all took turns cleaning the office, and rather than do it during the day she’d just come in that night. Her boss was fine with that. It mattered not one whit to him when it was done as long as it was done. He shook his head when she left his office. Here was a tall, about 5’6”, brunette with short, stylish black hair, big brown eyes, high cheekbones, long legs, pretty feet, especially in heels or strapped shoes, and a cute figure with medium sized round breasts, a classic beauty, all going to waste with the dork she was married to. Oh well, he thought, everyone picks their own life.

She went to her child’s play, looking her best, with high heels, and a fashionably tight dress, earrings, and jewelry. She looked good, her full lips colored with red lipstick, her eyes sparkling. She was clearly the best looking Mom in the auditorium. After she drove her child home and arranged for evening babysitting she took off to work without changing. She wouldn’t get real dirty, she was sure.

She walked into the office and stood for a moment, looking into the mirror in the lobby. She looked hot, she knew, and it was all going to waste. Her sexual needs, her hunger, were not ever going to be met, she was sure. She locked the door and went off to find the cleaning equipment.

He had forgotten his laptop and thought he’d run by the office before going home to watch the game. He thought he’d do some work at home as the game progressed. If it got exciting then he wouldn’t bother. If it was boring he’d catch up on his work.

Turning the key to the office door he let himself in and then locked the door behind him and walked to the common office he shared with her. Strange, he thought, the boss left the lights on and he’s always bitchin’ about controlling costs. To his surprise, when he walked into their office she was there, bent over the desk wiping it down with a cleaner. He realized why she was there then but at the same instant, looking at her shape tugging at the fabric of her skirt and those long shapely legs his mind went some other way. She turned, shocked and startled, her eyes wide, and looked at him.

At first, they both laughed, then he reached for his laptop next to her on a chair. Her eyes were wide and moist, her lips quivering as if she wanted to say something. They stared at each other for a second. In that brief moment they each knew what the other wanted. Reaching for her, he drew her against his body and kissed her lips, tenderly at first, then harder, sucking on her lips lightly and biting down on them as she submitted to his mouth. His tongue explored her mouth and she sucked on it and then nibbled on it, too. She tasted like chewing gum. Her lips were so soft, her mouth so hot and wanting as her arms went around his shoulders and they locked in a heated embrace.

He reached behind her and cupped her ass cheeks with his hands and pulled her close to him. In turn she, ground her groin against his, feeling his hardness. She let out a groan. He kissed and bit her neck and kissed an ear and then freed one hand to squeeze a breast through the fabric of her dress. The nipple was hard. She groaned again and pulled her head back from his face. She had tears in her eyes.

“Fuck me. Please, fuck me. “ she cried. He groaned and pulled her close to him, her mouth open to his kissing. Slowly he began undressing her, tenderly and hotly kissing every square centimeter of skin he uncovered as her breathing became more intense. He could feel her hot breath on his skin, so needing, so wanting. He could feel the hunger deep in her body. With one hand he unbuttoned her dress behind her as she struggled with his pants. It wasn’t long before they stood in the office they shared, naked. He didn’t turn the lights off. He wanted to see her naked. For having had children she had an amazing body. His hands, his mouth were all over as he pushed her back on the desk she had just cleared and cleaned. She leaned back on her elbows as he pushed her further up on the desk. Her eyes widened as she realized what he was going to do.

As he parted her legs and buried his face in her tender parts, she nearly passed out. It had been so long since a man had done that. So many years. He licked and bit and nibbled at her soaked thighs, his tongue flitting over the little button of sensation, then sucked on her labia and kissed her thighs. She began to cry out as he could feel a long needed orgasm building quickly in her tender body. Her hard nipples were pointing straight up and her mouth was open as she groaned and moaned and whimpered.

You’d think she was dying the way she cried out, like a long death scene in a Shakespeare play only more intense.  He lapped up her juices like a thirsty puppy lapping up water in his dish as she nearly screamed. Soon, she shook violently, uttering unintelligible words and quivering violently on the desk, now flat on her back. After she pushed his mouth away from her private parts, he kissed her legs tenderly, then her belly. She lay there breathing heavy for a few seconds and then she had him help her up. Without a word he wrapped her hands around his member and sunk to her knees, hungrily taking him into her mouth. Sucking, licking, and stroking the long, thick shaft so turgid and ready to burst she could taste the precum on her tongue. He was bucking his hips into her hot, wet mouth, one hand had her hair in his fist and the other hand reaching down and touching a breast. Finally, when she knew he was not going to be able to stop she stopped and pulled him out.

As she stood up, he looked at her curiously. She leaned toward him and pleaded, “Please fuck me from behind, please”, she pleaded. Turning her around he pushed her upper torso down on the desk. Then, his aching tool slid into her tight pussy as she moaned deliciously. He began fucking her, slowly at first, then harder and faster, slamming into her firm, but soft, ass. As she received each stroke she emitted a sort of half scream, crying, “yes! yes! fuck me! fuck meeeeeee!”. Finally, a geyser of hot, viscous fluid shot deep inside body and she swore she could feel every drop. For some time after he moved his hips against hers in a circular motion, still hard inside of her, while she whimpered.

When he was soft and pulled out of her, he lifted her up and held her in his arms. They lay down on the sofa in the office for a long time legs entwined and hearts beating together. He kissed her hair and her lips frequently. Crying, she buried her face in his chest and mouthed a “thank you”. He held her tighter. As time moved on he finally got up and helped her get dressed. He too got dressed. After helping her clean the office they left, being careful that no one saw them leave together. In public, they dare not kiss but as they got into their respective cars and looked at each other they could feel the jolt of the electrical charge between them.

As they drove off, each knew that things would never be the same between them again.

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shybutwannatry1    (2010-01-07 21:36:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Love the story! Wish I worked at a office like that!

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