Wife Massaged and Exposed!   added 6 years ago    

  By: CaCpl

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Our masseur is pretty average in every way and isn’t even very good as a masseur but is horny and really excited to see and touch my wife and that’s what matters. He follows my instructions exactly and starts slowly with my wife lying on the bed on her stomach with a towel on top of her. After a few awkward strokes to her shoulders and neck I remove the towel and that is the moment I fantasize about always…. watching another guy look at my wife naked is huge fantasy of ours.

He starts gently squeezing her ass cheeks and separates them while doing so. He then pours some more oil on her bum and let his middle finger slide inside her. I ask her if she is excited and she just moans and then reaches for her pussy and allows us both to see her finger rubbing her clit. I start taking pictures of another man massaging and finger fucking my wife’s ass while she is giving him the sexiest masturbation show ever…..

I ask her to turn around and as she turns she sees us and it is as if she’d woken up suddenly and realized what was happening…… She blushes, keeps her legs very tight together and closes her eyes again. I whisper in her ears that we were doing this as a couple. We are having our big sexual adventure and fulfilling our fantasies instead of giving in to a predictable boring sex-life. I also tell her that I have never been so turned on by her as I am at that moment

. She relaxes again and spread her legs just a little but it’s enough for both of us to enjoy looking at her smooth shaved pussy.

He leans over to be only inches away from her crouch and then starts massaging her inner thighs. He gets very close to her pussy but stops just before touching it. I start taking pictures again and finally, he touches her pussy with one hand and plays with her nipples with the other. This is simply too much for me and I start stroking my cock. He asks if he could do the same and I nod Yes……….

She starts massaging my cock and I tell him that I always wanted someone to take pictures of us while we’re having sex. I start making love to her while she is holding her legs up in the air to give us the best view possible. We’re both turned on by our show and we have great orgasms………

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bogli_ako    (2010-05-13 13:46:13)    Flag as inappropiate
i like this :)
bogli_ako    (2010-05-13 13:46:00)    Flag as inappropiate
i like this :)
ornifil    (2010-03-30 04:17:37)    Flag as inappropiate
DonAbdul    (2009-12-17 04:03:42)    Flag as inappropiate
DonAbdul Very brief but intense, I liked it

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