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  By: ScarlettaViolet

The cottage is in darkness when you arrive.  You open the door and let yourself in.  All the way up the stairs there are candles to light your way..leading you up the the bedroom.  You reach the bedroom door and open it wondering what you will find on the other side.  Looking through the door you see that the bedroom is also full of candles, rose petals are strewn all over the bed and there is champagne chilling in a bucket of ice and two champagne flutes.  


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You step inside the bedroom and as you do so the door closes behind you and before you can turn you feel someone slip a blindfold over your eyes.  I whisper in your ear "This is all for you" and kiss your neck as I tie the blindfold not too tight but tight enough so that you can no longer see.  This act of removing one of your senses causes the others to be heightened and  you realise that every sound is magnified, every smell more intense (the rose petals are intoxicating) and when my fingers reach to stroke your hair then you feel every single touch...every change in direction.  My breath is warm on your neck as I ask you to trust me  - completely.
You feel my fingers move to the buttons on your shirt and start to undo them...oh so fingers are grazing your skin and causing you to breathe a little faster. I ease your shirt off and lightly stroke your back with my fingertips making you gasp, You sense a movement in front of you and you realise that I have moved to the front and I am unbuckling the belt of your jeans...taking my time...and slowly unzipping them.  I ease them down and help you balance while you step out of them.  Then taking your hand I guide you over to the bed and lay you on it.  You feel a little vulnerable because you have to trust me totally, you also feel very excited because you surrendered up control of whatever is going to happen next.
I lean forward and kiss you gently on the lips...kissing the corners of your mouth and lightly running the tip of my tongue over your lips...darting my tongue into your mouth and then kissing you more deeply.  I take your hands and raise them above your head - you feel smooth, cool silk around your wrists and feel me tying it - not too tightly but tight enough - around your wrists and then movement around you as I tie the other end of the silk scarves to the bed posts.  I whisper "Ok - now I have you exactly where I want you and ohhh...I want you really badly!"  

Your body is quivering as I gently straddle your hips - you can feel the silk of my underwear against your skin but you are unable to touch me - I have the control.  I kiss your chest - licking at your nipples and sucking them which makes you gasp out loud.  Suddenly you feel a sensation which almost feels warm at first but then you realise it is actually ice cold.  I'm gently tracing the ice cubes over your chest and nipples...following the trail of melted ice with my tongue...licking up each drop.
 I trace the ice further down onto your stomach...around your navel...again following with my tongue...round and round.  Your body is squirming under my touch but I can feel you are so excited.  Down and down with the ice cube - licking your warm skin with the tip of my tongue.  I take the ice down the inside of your thigh and you feel my hair brushing against your legs as I kiss down your fingers are all over your body - tracing paths from your chest to your stomach and down your gently...driving you insane as I skirt around the area that you know you are desperate for me to touch....never quite reaching it... almost but not quite.  I can see your excitement...your hard length has a life of its own as it strives to be touched.  "All in good time" I whisper..."all in good time"
At last my mouth reaches your hard cock and I flick my tongue all the way from the head to the base.  You moan so excites me and I want to taste more...I flick my tongue over your balls....taking each one gently in my mouth, making your body arch upwards.  I take you into my mouth savouring you...tasting you...salty and slightly sweet. I realise that you can take no more of this attention as your body is desperate for a release and so I stop.

"I want to see you" you say and so I relent and slide all the way up your body and remove your blindfold.  As your eyes adjust you see me straddled above you.  I slowly reach up and unhook my bra...and remove it. I'm so excited that my hands move to my nipples and pull on them...making them grow and harden. I lower them to your face and you suck gently on each one...making me groan.  

"God I want you!!"  
"Then take me" you reply.

I stand up and ease down my fingers stray to my clitoris...which I can hardly bear to touch as I am so excited.  I re-straddle your hips and holding your hard length in my fingers I position myself on you.....slowly sliding down slowly.  We both gasp together and I move up and hips circling with each movement. My nipples grazing your chest...faster and faster..."Oh God - I'm going to come!!!  Please!!!!"  "YESSS!!!!!"
You sense me tightening around your hard cock and feel yourself being taken cry out as you release inside me.  Over and over again...waves of pleasure shooting through our bodies.  I fall forward onto your chest completely unable to move because the pure intensity of coming has drained all movement.  After a few moments I reach up and release your hands from their bonds and we snuggle together and sip champagne. "Next time" I whisper..."I want you to do that to me" and smiling I kiss you gently.

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Hillbilliewille    (2010-09-14 14:22:26)    Flag as inappropiate
I like your style.
DonAbdul    (2009-12-20 09:36:53)    Flag as inappropiate
DonAbdul Mmm! Very hot!

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