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I'm on an expedition in the jungle with several statuesque, beautiful women. I start to feel uneasy but can't bring myself to speak up or break away from the group. I'm between 2 women and we're right behind the leader. We come upon a clearing and she says we should stop there. I start to ask why in that my uneasy feeling is acting up and I notice that the women are in the sand up to their shins. It is then I hear a disembodied-and seductive-female voice say "Sink into me Chris. Sink into my body." I ask the leader if she heard it and she just shakes her head no. I hear it again, "Sink into me. Sink into my body." and with that I feel my body getting heavier. The sand giving way beneath my feet. I look down and see I'm up to my knees.


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The 2 women on either side of me pull me up. I hear the voice again. "I can't let you go". The second they let go of me I sink even deeper than before. They pull me up again. I start to say how we should get out of there. None of them looks alarmed, I hear the voice "You're no going anywhere". She says. I sink even deeper this time. Almost up to my chest, the 2 women grab me. I hear the voice "You're sinking. You're stuck. You can't get out." They don't pull me up, just hold me there.

The voice says "I love it when you get stuck in me. You're gonna struggle a lot." And I do. But I can't get leverage. I can't get my legs back to the surface. The 2 women look down at me then the leader. She just shakes her head no and almost on cue the voice says "Give yourself to me, I command you." They then drop me and they all watch me get consumed by the sand. It's as though I'm being eaten. "The voice says give me all your cum baby. It'll be the greatest feeling you ever had in yur life. Stay with me." I look around helplessly. She says "You're stationary. You can't move. You don't understand. I'm hungry." I look up at the leader, I see the legs of the 2 women on either side of me.

I hear the voice once more "You're my hostage Chris. My prisoner forever. And you're doomed. Doomed. Doomed. And with that they watch me sink out of sight. Gone without a trace. The woman to my left says "What a way to go." The leader says forget him. He's gone let's move on. They walk away as though nothing happened.
The quicksand lets out a satisfied belch.

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