A night at the movies   added 8 years ago    

  By: Nathalie

My master was taking me to the movies. As usual, he had picked my outfit, laid it out for me, and I complied. Mid-thigh red skirt, stockings and garter belt. Au cupless bra beneath a red blouse of flimsy material, not transparent, and three-inch heeled pumps. Plus my collar, and a red-gemmed Rosebud. Walking with this, especially in heels, has a way of keeping me hot and horny, and thus makes my nipples stand out.

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I noticed he took his Rascal bag. He somestimes keeps a few accessories in them, so I knew to expect anything.


At the theater, he bought the tickets and we chose our seats. The coming attractions passed, the commercials, then the movie started. About ten minutes into the movie, he leaned to me. Handed me a plastic shopping bag.

« Go into the men’s restroom » he said. « Find a stall, get in but do not lock the door. Take everything you’re wearing off except the belt and stockings, and kick the bag out from under the door. »

I gulped. Blushed. But got up and went, whispering:

« Yes, master. »


In the men’s room, there was only one man, at the urinals. I apologized, mumbled something about broken down toilets in the ladies’ room. He smiled amiably and nodded.


The first of the three stalls was occupied, and I went to the farthest. Once inside, I stripped as quietly as I could. I heard the faucet go on, then the door close, and assumed the man at the urinals had left. Alone, I kicked the bag of clothes outside. My heart was racing. What next? My master would come, of course, but for what ? And what if someone found me ? I turned my back on the door, put my hands on the wall. I would not have to look in anybody’s eye, at least.


After a few minutes like this, still worried, I heard a door open. The first stall ! In the trance of what I was doing, I had forgotten there was another man in here ! I heard him wash his hands, then I heard the plastic bag rustle. He called out.

« Uh, hello ? Did anyone leave a bag of clothes here ? »

I was stuck. Either he would crouch and see my feet, or take the bag out to someone from the theater staff.

« Yes, I replied. I did. It’s okay. »

« Oh, sorry miss. Hmm. Er… Is everything okay ? »

The restroom door opened. Closed.

« Yes, yes, thank you, everything is alright. »

And then, petrified, I heard the door to my stall open. I gasped.

« Er… What are you doing there, miss ? »

« Yes, I’m waiting for someone, it’s okay. Oh God… »

« Mmh. OK. If you say it’s OK… »


I felt a hand on the small of my back. Caress my buttocks, then my thighs. I was frozen in place. My master had not told me anything about that kind of situation. I was trying to decide what would please him most if he arrived, but drew a blank. I could not think. He had often told me I was to give myself to anyman he sent me. Had he sent this one ? At a loss, I said the dumbest thing:

« No please. I’m really waiting for someone, please… »

« It’s alright. I’ll just make sure you’re not bored when he gets here. »

His hand got to my crotch. A finger brushed against my rosebud and made me shiver. He laughed quietly, then slipped a finger between my labia. Then a second one.


The humiliation was too much. Stripped and cornered, exposed and fingered, my body started to react to the man’s touch. I felt my pussy get even wetter, and heat in my belly. The man must have noticed, for he slipped a third finger in me, and started rotating his hand this way and that. Each movement made my rosebud bounce slightly, sending shivers down my legs.


« Well, well. I feel your pussy clenching already. I swear, I’d think you’re about to come. Now I’d love to see that. Nobody will ever believe me. Oh, yeah, I know.


I was barely listening to him, focused on his fingers in me. I can come if my master says so. It took me months and months to learn to resist orgasms, but I try my best.


Then I heard the fake clic of a photo taken by a mobile phone. I gasped, panicky.

« What are you doing ? »

« Taking something so my friends will believe me. Wait, I’ll make a video of the place around us. You’re going to come in the men’s restroom, you know. »

« No, I mustn’t come, I moaned. I don’t know if I’m allowed to. »

« No, Nathalie, you’re not », said my master.

I gasped again.

« Master, when did… »

« Right when this man discovered you. I waved him in, actually. Don’t come, though. »


« Weird girl you have there, man. She’s really getting off on this. Can I take her ? »

« No, I’d rather not. But wank on her back all you want. »

I heard a zipper go down, and the man withdrew his fingers from me. I was there, wimpering and breathing hard, when I felt his cum squirt on my back. The man redid his fly, and left without a word to me. But he thanked my master.


My master came to me and told me to stand straight and face him. I felt a little cum trickle lightly down my back. I saw my leash in his hand, which he clasped to my collar.

« Get on all four,» he ordered.

I was so aroused, from the situation and the fingering, that I would have done anything to be allowed to cum. I got on my hand and knees, and followed my master on a few steps. He led me to kneel at the urinals, my back to them.


There, he took my mouth without a word. His cock pressed to my lips and I got to work on it, but mostly he was fucking my mouth and my throat. I was breathing in time to his strokes, to let him use me as long as he would.


His breathing was getting rapid and short when the door opened. Alarmed, I opened my eyes and remembered where I was. The newcomer gasped apologetically and retreated. At the same moment, my master pulled out of my mouth and came on my breast. He zipped up and watched me. I was panting, and still aroused. I wanted to come ! He took me by the leash again and told me to follow.


After a few steps, I saw he was headed to get out of the toilets. I froze. Would he do that to me ? Drag me out, naked and on all four, breast and back splattered with cum ? What if someone saw me ?

I moaned, and almost begged him to stop.


He pulled harder, and I had no choice but to follow. Luckily, there was nobody in the hallway, and he only led me to the door opposite, the ladies’ room. Deserted, thank God. There, he told me to stand. Took an ankle-long nightie out his bag and gave it to me, along with a large belt. The nightie was red, a satinated material, and I saw it plaster itself immediately to the cum on my breast. The belt tightened the material even more, stressing my boobs and my ass. I felt so naked. He tucked the collar inside the nightie, and told me to go get the bag of clothes from the men’s room.


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Soohard08    (2009-04-18 13:35:23)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Great Story, i love to be your master.
Luv    (2007-10-10 03:01:20)    Flag as inappropiate
Luv Very nice...^^
farker    (2007-10-06 01:32:50)    Flag as inappropiate
farker wonderful story, thanks
cassiandtim    (2007-09-06 17:02:42)    Flag as inappropiate
wow how interesting more...!!!
koumajitsu    (2007-09-04 12:41:46)    Flag as inappropiate
koumajitsu Beautiful story, both erotic and exciting.

I hope you will continue to entertain us with your writing and your willingness to please.


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