the Kinky Christmas Party   added 6 years ago    

  By: biscuit

the kinky Christmas Party

last year we got invited to a Christmas party at the home of a woman my wife works with. my wife (tammy) works with lynn. the party was for a saturday night so no one had to worry about being hungover the next day for work. they both work in the hospital and have the exact same schedule.

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well the night of the party comes and there is an unexpected snowstorm. we have a Jeep so we made it with no problems. actually we were early so tammy could help lynn with things. once there i was introduced to lynn's husband ron. he seemed to be a nice enough person. offered me a beer right off.

ron and i pretty much hung out waiting for guests to show. but 1 by 1 they were calling to say they were not going to make it. the storm was getting worse. finally after the last of the people called, we realized we were stuck with all the food and alcohol. so the four of us decided to have our own good time.

we ate plenty. drank plenty. and after a while, the 2 girls disappeared to the bathroom. ron and i put the stereo on and cleaned up a little. we figured we'd just enjoy the company of the 2 couples.the 2 girls were gone for quite a while. and ron and i just sat back and talked. we started to get a little drunk as we had a few beers.

when the girls returned, they were just wearing bathrobes. ron and i were confused. ron asked what was up. the girls said that once in the bathroom, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. and after a while they wanted to come out and involve us. we were like "no problem". so tammy came over to me and asked if i was mad. i assured her that it was more than fine. she saw my agreement in the form of a bulge in my pants. i guess ron and lynn had the same talk because the girls were undressing us at the same time. we were naked in no time. but then there was a twist about to happen.

as soon as we were standing there naked and hard as rocks, the 2 girls switched partners. i got to make out with lynn and tammy was with ron. i was standing with my back to the couch and ron and my wife were in the middle of the parlor. lynn knelt down to start licking my throbbing cock. she would lick the whole length and when at the tip, she would delicately put the tip of her tongue inside my slit. that sent shivers up my spine. as she was doing this she was playing with my asshole with her fingers.

i was watching my wife with ron. she was deepthroating him fast and hard, he was thrusting ever so gently into her mouth. she had his cock totally drenched with her saliva. she was actually grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling him into her mouth.

by now. lynn had me turn around and bend over to lean on the couch exposing my ass to the room. she spread my legs a little and started stroking my cock from behind. then i felt the most unbelievable feeling. she started eating out my ass. she was kinda fucking my ass with her tongue. as well as putting her whole mouth on it and sucking really hard. after a few minutes my ass was soaked pretty deep with her saliva. she would also push some in there with her fingers.

then before i knew it. ron was only a few inches behind me and the girls were guiding his cock into my drenched ass. i almost pulled away but lynn still had a hold of my cock and was still stroking it. tammy came over to me and twirled her tongue in my right ear and said to "relax for me and enjoy it". so i did. i figured the girls musta been all horned out by now.

that's when i started to feel the pressure of his warm cock about to enter my ass. he was pushing slowly but firmly. between his cock being soaked with my wife's saliva and my ass being full of his wife's saliva, it started to go in pretty easily. there was a lot of pressure but no pain. i felt the head pop in then the shaft was slowly sliding its way in till he was up to his balls. they were actually touching mine. when he started to pump our balls were bouncing off each other.

lynn crawled under us and rested with her back aganst the cushions of the couch. she swallowed my still hard cock. then tammy knelt down and started to lick ron's ass.he started moaning loudly form all this pleasure. musta been awesome to have his cock in a nice tight asshole and a warm wet tongue in his throbbing ass.

after a few minutes the pressure in my ass turned to pleasure. partly because it was a new sensation, and partly because the girls were getting turned on by all this. then he really started pumping away and i felt his cock start to throb. as a guy i recognized the feeling and knew what was about to happen. i was right. he slammed my ass good and hard till he came with a huge explosion. the girls wanted him to dump all his cum in my ass.  it actually felt real warm and good.

once he was empty, lynn wanted him to pull out and for me to suck him. i obliged and started sucking his cock with the 2 girls on each side watching me with wide eyes. all the time they were fingering themselves. once his cock was clean, lynn pulled me to her and jammed her tongue in my mouth. she said she could taste his cum mixed with my ass and she loved it.

but now the tables were about to turn. they had him 'assume the position' and tammy was back to lubing up his ass with her tongue and fingers. lynn went back to sucking my still hard cock careful not to make me cum.once they felt we were ready, they guided my cock to his waiting ass. he jokingly said for me to go easy on him. i smiled. tammy took hold of my cock and kissed it then put the head on his throbbing hole.

then my wife got into the same position as lynn was in earlier. she was between ron and the couch and swallowed his slimy cock. she let out a pleased moan of pleasure. lynn was standing in back of me rubbing my ass. then she lowered herself down to begin to eat my ass out again. this time it was full of her husband's cum. she was sucking and slurping all the while massaging my balls. she was even rubbing her nose in it and was moaning just like my wife. my cock slid into his ass easier then his had in mine. but it still felt great.

especially knowing my wife was in front of all this swallowing his cock. it didn't take me long to build up a slammer of an orgasm. i was pushing and pumping pretty good by now and was about to let loose. tammy reached out with both hands, grabbed me by the ass and pulled me into ron. i came real hard. my knees got weak. and as soon as i was done spasming, tammy crawled out, and got on the side as lynn did the same. ron came down to my still throbbing cock and began to clean it off. the girls were again fingering themselves with wide eyes.

after he was done with my cock. tammy spread his ass cheeks, and began to suck on his asshole slurping just as lynn had done to me. then the 2 girls started to tongue each other mixing all that cum and saliva. ron and i got on either side of the girls and shared in the passion. i could taste the 2 different loads of cum along with all that saliva. it was very erotic............................and that wasn't the end of the night.

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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 14:51:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Woo! I also love how you wring every last bit of fantasy pleasure out of your stories by being able to focus in on the pleasure each "character" is experiencing! So good!
smoothballs    (2010-02-05 21:53:36)    Flag as inappropiate
interesting when the women assist

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