Shopgirl for the week - part 1   added 6 years ago    

  By: Nathalie

So I here I was. My master had promised a great adventure. One that would rock me, change me, terrify and thrill me. On his order, I had arranged for a one-week vacation, and did not know any more. I had had hints, of course. We’d talked. About me getting deeper into objectification, into transforming into a toy rather than a pet. Getting farther away from a human being, in essence. It did terrify me. It did thrill me.

Monday morning, then. I woke up almost paralyzed by all tha was happening inside my head. I tried to remain calm. I knew whatever happened, I would need to. My master was already up. I went to have breakfast.

He had already picked an outfit for me. I ate breakfast, showered and got dressed. I found it most intriguing: the outfit was a business suit with a skirt, quite relaxed, and it included a bra and a thong. How odd, I thought, that he allows me underwear on such a day. I understood the reason why later, of course.

At about nine thirty, we set out. He just snapped his fingers, tied a neckerchief over my collar and led me out. I followed him, thoughts still racing but totally without any idea of what was about to happen.

A little after ten, we arrived to a shop I knew. I had been wondering for five minutes if this was our destination – that store was the only reason we’de ever been to this area. It was our favorite BDSM accessories store. The place where my master had bought almost everything, from chainds to toys to leather items and clothes. (For People who know Paris and bdsm, it’s not the one with a big D on a black square…).

Someone buzzed us in. My master went to the attendant employee, whom we knew – actually, today the manager was on duty. She greeted my master and looked at me with a smile. The woman stepped around her counter and looked me up and down.

— OK, yes, that’s what I remembered. No problem, we can do something with that. Any training problems, sore spots or limits I should know of?

— I’d like someone to be present at all times when she demonstrates, so that the limitations we discussed are guaranteed. Apart from that, she’s a good girl.

— Works for me. (She turned to me.) It’s Nathalie, right? Strip, Nathalie.

Uncertain, I glanced at my master. He nodded. And now I understood the basis for the underwear. It made it longer for me to strip, and so heigthened the feeling of it. I ended up in nothing but my collar and shoes. The store was empty for now, but I was acutely aware that it was a store, and specializing in bdsm.

— OK, she said at last. Let’s do this. Thank you, I’ll let you know how it goes.

— Great. Thank you for doing this. (My master turned to me.) Nathalie, it starts now. You’re on loan to the store until Friday. You’re here for display and demonstration services. You will do what the store clerks tell you, at all times. I have set limits, they know what they are, so anything they ask is legit. Do you understand?

Did I. Display and demonstration, that meant I would be an in-store model. One week of total exposure to anyone who would come in. No wonder my master had said it would be life-changing… I nodded.

— Yes, master.

— Good. I’ll see you tonight, then. You can tell me all about it.

He grabbed me by the buckle on my collar, dragged me towards him and kissed me. Then shook hand with the woman and left without a glace backwards.

— OK, Nathalie, she said. My name is Sophie, I run the store. It’s the first time a master offers his slave as staff help, but this will be fun. We’ll start you off as a mannequin. Stay here.

She picked up my clothes and took them behind the counter, from where she brought a pair of stilleto shoes, two long leather gloves and a nipple chain with clamps.

— Here, put these on.

I  donned all the items she offered. The gloves were elbow-long and had a zip running on the side, so I was not all that surprised when she took my wrists beind my back and zipped the gloves together. My foerarms were as good as tied, and my breast pushed forward. The heels made it even more so. The nipple chain she fastened hersepf, a clamp on each of my nipples, and a small weight dangling from the middle of the chain. The pull was exquisitely painful. I gasped. She smiled.

— Good. Now, I was told that you would need support standing up like this, so we imagined something convenient. Come with me.

She took me to a side aisle of the store, and we stopped in front of a round plate on the ground, from which protruded a long metal pole. I recognized the system that holds some store mannequins up, with a rod not in the calfs, but in the pelvic region. The end of the rod bore a vibrator with a remote. I shivered at the thought of how I would be displayed. The woman told me to impale myself on the vibrator, which I did. She directed me to put my feet on the black base, then proceded to extend the rod, as far up as she could so that my legs were nice and taut.

— OK, she said, you’re a mannequin. Customers may touch the merchandise. I’ll come back for you in some time.

She turned the vibrator on and went back to her counter. The vibrator was set low, and the heat was slow to rise in my thighs and belly. But it came. I had a perfect view over an old wall clock there, and I remained there for a little over two hours, impaled on that vibrating cock. So the heat came. I did not. Nobody had told me to.

During that time of cousre, customers started to show up, mostly by ones and twos. The men who came alone stole glances at me. I felt each one on my skin, I was so buzzing with arousal. The vibrator made me concentrate on the inside of me, and less on what happened around. But still, each glance made my skin burn, each grin made my thighs clench. I longed for someone to touch me, take me over the edge.

A couple came, that I remember fine. They must have been a little over forty, and they strolled casually between the aisle. From the way Sophie greeted them, they were probably usual customers of the place. I could hear them chatter, almost following their steps, when they came upon me. The woman let out a small, breathless laugh. The man instantly looked me in the eye with a carnivorous expression. After a few idle comments, the woman turned to Sophie and asked:

— Do those clamps hold tight? I never found one that could resist a few tugs or a few hard thrusts.

— Try it, she said. Tug on it, and see how it holds.

  Really? Hmm, sweet.

She hooked her first finger around the chain and began pulling, gently at first. The first tug instantly made me turn my gaze to her. I felt my eyes widen to look into hers. Bemused, she tugged again. The clamps held. My nipples were taut, stright in front of me. She tugged harder. I opened my mouth, but held back any moan or sound. That made her smile even wider. She then pulled down on the chain, as if to force me to the ground. The rod and vibe in my pussy held me up, of course, and I felt the thing press even harder in me. My breathing caught, and I did moan, despite biting my lips.

— They hold fine. I’ll take two of those.

— Help yourself, they’re right behind you.

— Honey, can you grab them? I’m having too much fun, here. Sophie, what’s the deal with your slut?

— She’s not mine, she’s on loan. Her master wanted her used instore, and I liked the idea.

— You were right, it’s fun. And useful too, I got to try the nipple chain. (She leaned towards me and whispered in my ear.) I can smell your juices from here.

She gave a final tug on the chain as I sighed in reply, and turned her back on me without another glance. They paid for the chains and left.

Panting, nipples on fire, I tried to calm down but the vibing inside me kept pushing me. Eyes closed, I was startled by a soft, surprised voice. I opened my eyes, and saw this girl, about my age, look at me mesmerized. She was petite, her hair a light shade of red and her skin so pale… She just stayed there, looking at me. That was no dom, it was clear to see. Just as i twas clear to see the idea of being where I was felt very attractive to her, her gaze kept stealing all over my body, nipples, and kept coming back to my opened and very wet pussy. She was breathing through her mouth, short intakes of ragged breath, because her eyes told me she was also very scared. Through my haze of wanting to come and feeling like meat on display, I looked her in the eye and smiled in sympathy. Her nerve broke, and she left in hurried, almost frantic steps.

Other customers came in that morning. Some stared at me, some looked once and the moved on, as if uninterested. Those were the ones that made me feel like an item the most.

Sophie came back for me, eventually. She said I needed a change of scenery. She stripped me of the gloves, and unlaced the shoes. She told me to step out of them, and so I did, ending up on tiptoes but lower than before all the same. It felt like the vibrator was boring through my pelvis, I wanted to cry. Or yell in extasy.

She then fasntened a leash on my collar and told me to get on all four. I looked down at the rod, then back at her with questions in my eyes.

— Just go forward until the rod starts tilting. Keep the vibrator inside you. Really, don’t make it fall on the floor.

So I did just like she said. On trembling, exhausted legs, I started tiptoeing forward, each step changing the way I felt the vibrations inside me. That sweet torture ended when the base finally tilted, and I could get down on my knees. She immediately unfastened the dildo from the rod and led me with a tug on my leash. It was all I could do to support myself, my shoulders were sore after those hours of restraint, and my legs… Well, you can imagine.

She led me, still on all four, around the store, up to a great cage. The door as open and she tugged me towards it. Once I was inside, she took the vibrator out of me. I barely had room enough to turn around and face her. She left the door open and told me to wait there. A few minutes later, she returned with a bowl which she set down in front of. In it was some mushy thing I recognized as muesli cereals with some milk.

— Here, this is your lunch break. Anything you spill, you lick off the floor of the cage. She then sat in a chair off one side of the cage, put her feet up on the roof of the cage and began eating something – I could see what, but it smelled delicious.

I ate. I tried to be delicate about it, but some got on my face, inevitably, and some on the floor. I finished what was in the bowl and pushed it a bit with my nose to get to cleaning my mess. I was just getting to it when a customer stopped right in front of the cage. I dared not look up. He chatted a bit with Sophie, who offered her seat so that he could watch me. I felt my face burn, but still did not look up. With short, hard hudges, I was licking the last of my lunch off the floor of the cage. The nipple chain kept brushing on the floor, and each time I straightened back up, the full eight of it came to tug at my breast once more. It was beginning to hurt. But the arousal did not quite go away.

When I was done, the man just got up and went back to talk to Sophie. I did not overhear what they were saying, but they both came back and she opened the cage.

— Nathalie, out, she ordered with a snap of her fingers.

I hurried to obey. She took up my leash and pulled my head up.

— This man here isn’t sure about ringgags. He’s afraid they’re unconfortable and not really enjoyable. So he’s going to try it on you. Open up.

I did. Sophie inserted the ring gag in my mouth, and fastened tight at the back of my head. She then handed my leash to the man and said:

— You know where the cabins are. Here’s a condom. Return her to the cage when you’re done.

He led me to the try-on cabins, and opened his fly. He was already half-hard, and completely erect by the time he had finished opening the condom package. He slipped that in, and grabbed me by my head.

— I’ll assume you know the drill, being in such a place. So go on.

I took the head of his cock in the gag. He was not too long, but a bit thick, and I could see why he had doubts. When I felt the latex against my tongue, I began going up and down on his shaft, and swirling my tongue around him.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have ever blown someone with a ringgag. It’s a lot harder thant without. Can’t use your lips at all. Basically, you’re just the receptacle for the item in your mouth. The man can fuck it rougher, though. And so he did. He very started pressing me all the way down on his cock, and started fucking my mouth in earnest. The gag made it all feel like less of a mouth, and so he did not concern himself too much about wether I could breathe or not. I managed to take in a few gasps here and there, and after a while I felt the latex expand against the base of my tongue. The man had come withou a noise.

He just as soon let go of my head, slipped the condom off, knotted it and put it on my head. Then he grabbed a tissue from a box and wiped his cock, let the tissue fall between my knees and zipped himself up. He took up my leash, I picked up the tissue and he led me back to the cage.

Once inside, I put the tissue and the condom in a corner. My pussy was on fire. I had been of the edge of coming from the mouthfuck he was giving me, but I hadn’t dared… and he’d stopped too soon anyway. I just wanted to come, at this point.

Sophie came to me a few minutes afterwards.

— Good girl. He was very pleased and bought the same model of gag. Here, let me.

She took the gag off, and I worked my jaw around to unstiffen it. She took me out of the cage, and made me sit on it. Then she put leather cuffs around my ankles and fastend one on a corner bar of the cage, the other at the opposite corner. I was spread open, and felt my juices trickling from me, slow by slow drop. She went back to the front desk and came back with a felt-tip marker. She wrote across my breast and stomach, took a step back and read it aloud : « Unsure about a product? Try it on me! »

— Good. Now, we don’t want you to get bored, now do we? I have an idea of somewhere you might be needing attention.

Whe left again, went through the aisles and opened a display window. Came back to me with a black rubber buttplug connected to… ah, a pump. Inflatable, then. I did not like the sight of that. Well, I did. You know…

She lubed it in front of me, then went around the cage and told me to lift my butt. Placed the plug beneath my hole and told me to get it in. I tried. I was balanced on my feet and hands, and I tried pushing myself down. Felt myself open slowly to the pressure, and responding to it, too.

Just, apparently, too slowly. Sophie put her other hand on the back of my neck and pressed me down on the plug. I dared not resist, and felt the invasion, as it forced my ass open too fast.

— Good. I was almost feeling you didn’t want to get assfucked. Now, to get sure it doesn’t go out.

She gave the pump a few squeezes, and I felt the pressure in me mount. I felt full, And in my head the plug felt enormous. Then… then she turned a button, and the thing inside me started buzzing. A slow, steady, uniform vibration that arche my body and made me grunt. Sophie came back in front of me and slapped me on the face.

— You don’t grunt. You don’t make a sound. You take it. Silence.

And to punish me further, she gave the pump one more squeeze. The plug grew bigger inside me, and the vibration seem to occupy an even bigger part of my anatomy. I arched my back again, but did not make a noise.

— Good. Now settle down. You’ll be here a while.

She left.

I must have been there a while, as she’d announced.  The vibration felt like it was spreading through my body, farther and farther, and finally it felt like the whole of my was vibrating. Either that, or I was reduced to my anus.

A sharp whack on my breast made me open my eyes in shock. A man was standing next to me, a young man in a suit, holding a cane. He whacked it on my breast a couple more times, then set it on the cage next to me. Took up another one from the ground, and whacked me another couple of times. My breast were on fire, that is not somehting I am used to. That, plus the pain cancelled out the vibration up m yass, so it seemed to start anew each time the blows stopped. The contrast was terrible, and threatening to push me over the edge.

The man tried out a few canes on me, left all but one on the cage next to me, then left without a word. I tried to follow him with my eyes, but he hadn’t looked me in the eye once. Soon after he left the store, Sophie came back. Just as soon as she was here, I said :

— Permission to speak, madam ?

— Yes, mannequin. What is it ?

— May I come, madam ?

— Of course not. Now shut up.

She untied me from the cage, fastened leather cuffs to my wrists. Made me stand up, there, naked with only the cuffs and the dildo vibrating up my ass. It made it so much worse standing up, like my body was pressing down around it, and it felt like the intesity had doubled.

She left me there, and came back a few moments later with a small bundle. Handed it out to me and told me to put these on.

« These » were a tight microskirt and a kind of jerkin that was see-through on the front. I put the clothes on, the controls to the buttplug were dangling between my shaky legs. I had put the skirt low, so that it covered my genitals, but that meant  the top was only barely covering all of my pubis. As I said, micro…

Sophie gave me back the shoes I had worn in this morning, and said :

— OK, it’s time. I’ll be closing up for tonight. Get out. I want you here tomorrow at nine thirty sharp in that outfit. All of it. Inside and out. Now get out. Your master said he’d be waiting for you.

I went to the door and peaked out. Nobody. Was he late ? Or deliberately humiliating me some more ? With a backwards glace to Sophie, who was already attending the taskes of closing up, I stepped out, feeling an intense degradation at having to expose myself like that.

— Hey beautiful, how was it ?

My master was standing next to the door, out of sight. I jumped and turned towards him. I threw my arms around his neck and gave him a deep, long kiss.

— OK, so, I guess that means well. There you go, put this on.

He gave me a motorcycle helmet. I watched it, then the bike he was leaning against. I had never seen it in my life. I knew my master could ride, but he didn’t own a bike.

— No, I know. I rented it specially. Unless you want to take the subway ?

I swallowed hard and put the helmet on.

I climbed in the saddle behind him. The skirt immediately rode completely up, and I soon gave up readjusting it. My master told me to hold on to the braces on the back, making me arch my back, press harder on the dildo and stick out my half-covered breast.

I could feel my face burning the whole way back. I saw people stare at me, and heard some call me names at junctions.

When we finally arrived home, the seat itself was litterally dripping.

Master stripped me in the elevator, lead me by my leash to the appartment. He used my mouth that night, and did not make me come. Once I’d swallowed the last drop, he deflated the vibrator and pulled it out. My ass fell raw and swollen. He smilled, wished me good night and turned the lights out.

As I lay there, way to buzzed to ever sleep, he said :

— You should rest. Take some strength for your second day at the store.


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karlhyde    (2011-01-11 16:44:57)    Flag as inappropiate
One can only hope that your master desires you to expose yourself more often... Brilliant writing
buster    (2010-10-18 22:13:00)    Flag as inappropiate
buster My kind of girl! Make me wanna come again and again in your filthy little mouth! Mmmmmm
puppy    (2009-09-30 08:11:06)    Flag as inappropiate
Great as ever Nathalie!
Soohard08    (2009-09-06 21:30:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Oooh my god, i wish i was you. i am a selfteaser. By reading this,not touching my cock i am shaking off my horny feeling, preecum is dripping, i got my cock ring on. But nono I am NOT allowed to come yet. Give me some more nasty stoies soon

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