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  By: biboy77

I have a cabin on the mainland in Greece, almost on the beach, I only have to cross a road and I'm there. I'm half Greek and I have some family in one of the cabins right next to me and so I travel to Greece every year, enjoy the good life for a couple of weeks before I have to go back to work. This past summer I had an encounter I won't soon forget.

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The cabin is about an hour away from Athens where I have relatives, so during my stay I travel to the city once or twice to visit them and do some shopping. My neighbour would surely like a souvenir from Greece as a thank you for watering the plants and taking out the mail from my mailbox. I only had a couple of days left and still hadn't seen a certain aunt and so I went to Athens to combine the shopping with a visit, I left early in the morning by train and went straight to my aunt. We catched up on things and after a late lunch I excused myself and went to Monastiraki, the tourist centre of Athens.

There is one main street with souvenir shops and "typical" restaurants, I strolled by all the shopwindows with almost all the same tacky souvenirs, but finaly I came across a jewelrystore that had some nice necklaces for reasonable prices, I picked one and with some haggling I even knocked of a couple of euros from the price.

Content with my bargening skills and the gift I had just gotten, I sat down at a table outside one of the restaurants in a narrow street, I ordered a frappé, a cold coffee drink with a foam-like topping, and watched al the tourists and vendors go by. Suddenly I saw a familiar face in the crowd slowly walking towards me, I couldn't quite place it at first, but as she came closer it suddenly hit me, Katie Lips, an amateur pornstar wannabe. She isn't very known, she does't even have her own site, but she makes her own videos and some seeped through onto the internet and I had seen her in a documentary about nymphomaniacs or internetsex, I don't really remember.

She's also on a site where two guys go out on the street find an other guy and convince him to go to a prostitute by paying for it, she plays one of the prostitutes. Long story short, if you know your way around internetporn you might know her. As she passed by I grabbed her by the hand and said 'Hi Katie!', she pulled back her hand and looked at me a little bewildered, I said 'Can I offer you a coffee?', she looked at a guy that was standing right next to her and before he could say anything I said, 'Come on, how many fellow countrymen do you come across here, and how many of them recognize you ... and how many of them offer you a beverage?'. A smile appeared on her face and she sat down next to me, the guy muttered something about the Acropolis but sat down next to Katie, across from me.

At that moment my coffee arrived and I asked them what they wanted to drink, they looked at my coffee which was something that they had seen other people drink but didn't know what it was, I explained it was a cold coffee drink and ordered two from the waiter in Greek. My Greek impressed Katie, she had learned a couple of words for her Greek holiday but I speak Greek fluently, we got to talk about Greece, holidays and such things, Katie was keen on talking with me but her boyfriend just sat there, probably contemplating if he should stay or go to the Acropolis by himself.

Katie is not much to look at, not a pretty face, no tits to speak of, a passable ass and quite pale but she is up for anything if remembered correctly and basically a filthy whore which I would like to fuck. Greece had been kind to her, she was wearing a colorful summerdress that ended well above her knees, her ass and boobs looked better because of it and she even had gotten a slight tan, so she looked only medium pale. When the conversation turned to the warm weather and she suggestively told be she was hot all the time, I knew I would be pounding her later on.

She had told me that she and her boyfriend, Gary, came to Athens two days earlier and would leave the day after tomorrow to the islands for some island hopping, probably more hopping than island in her case, now they wanted to see Athens and were staying in a little hotel nearby. I called the waiter to pay and we left for her hotel, under protest from Gary who didn't say a word but bodylanguage says a lot.

We walked to the hotel which was just a couple a minutes away, Katie walked in between me and Gary, as we walked to the hotel she grabbed my hand and put it on her ass. I slid my hand down and up again, under her dress, feeling her up, she wasn't wearing any underwear and she didn't mind me groping around down there, I don't even know if Gary noticed. We walked into the hotel and went straight up to their room, Katie went in first, I followed her in second and Gary last, I looked behind me as he entered and closed the door behind him.

When I looked in front of me Katie was already naked on the bed, she had kicked of her slippers and the dress she was wearing was tossed on a chair, she probably had removed it in one quick motion. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand and with the other she gestured at me to come closer, I put the bag I was still holding on the same chair as her dress and walked towards her. She rubbed my dick trough my shorts and looked me deep in the eyes as she said 'I want some Greek meat in me!'.

Gary stood next to me and opened his trousers, Katie didn't even look at him and started working on opening my shorts, she fideled with the buttonfly so I helped her out and opened up my shorts, she reached in my underwear and grabbed my stiffening dick, she took it out and started blowing me right away. Gary was stroking a medium sized hardon, he could probably get it up on command, I took of my shoes, shorts and underwear while Katie gave some attention to Gary by sucking his dick, licking the tip and shoving the whole thing in her mouth, alternating between me and Gary and finally trying to shove them in her mouth together at the same time.

I had taken my shirt of at this point, Gary was completely naked too and I felt it was fucking time, so I pulled back and told her to lay on her back, she did and as she layed back she spread her legs. Gary immediately climbed on her and mechanically started thrusting in her, I stood there for a while, watching but climbed on the bed and offered my dick to an eager mouth.

After a while it was finally my turn, Gary handed me a condom but Katie sat up and grabbed it, took it out, put it on and layed back, I got in between her spread legs and watched her eyes spread as I shoved my cock in her. I pumped away, at first slowly but my rythmn soon got faster and I pumped harder and harder in her, making her scream harder with every thrust, until she finally climaxed

. Gary stood and watched, until he had to perform again, but I wasn't planning on letting him take over, so I pulled out and turned her over, she quickly got on all fours and before Gary could take my place I was doing her doggy-style. I grabbed her by the shoulders so I could pierce her further on my cock with every motion, I slowed down for a bit and started working on her ass, she moaned as my pinky entered her brown eye, I massaged the hole a little and stuck a second finger in, again she moaned, I worked her ass with two fingers for a while until she looked around and said 'Fill my ass!'. I took my dick out of her pussy and put it against her asshole, 'You want me to fuck your whore ass?' I asked, 'Yes! Yes! Fuck me!' she screamed in agony.

I slowly entered her from behind, Gary still watching as I was fucking his girlfriend in the ass, 'You like that? You like being fucked in the ass?' I asked her, 'I like to be fucked by big dicks in my whore ass!' she moaned loudly. Gary climbed on the bed and put his dick in her mouth as if he were trying to shut her up, but between licking his dick and sucking on it she uttered some more dirty talk, 'Fuck my ass! Tear me apart!'.

I fucked her hard, pulling her over my dick fast and hard by her hips and thrusting forward, I stopped for a moment which made her moan displeased so I started again, putting almost my full weight on her making her collapse onto her stomach. I pounded her ass like a madman probably leaving a Katie shaped dent in the matras, Gary had gotten of the bed and was looking on, I pulled out after a while, pointed at my dick and said 'Suck it clean!', she didn't even flinch and immediately started to lick my dick that was just in her now gaping ass.

'I think it's time for some DP.' I said as I layed on my back, Katie stepped over me and hung over my dick, spread her asscheecks and lowered herself on me, she rode me a little before she settled down and gestured Gary to come, he came and put his hardened dick in her again and started fucking her in the same monotoness mechanical way as he did before, I tried screwing up his rythmn by alternateing speed and thrust on her ass but he just kept going like a machine. Katie came to a fierce orgasm and Gary stood up, I held her by the hips and kept fucking her in the ass, harder and harder until she couldn't take it any more and rolled of me.

She turned around and lowered herself on my dick again, now with her pussy, 'Gary, come fuck me again.' she said after she fucked herself on my cock a couple of strokes. He obeyed like a good automaton and started fucking her in the ass, I justed layed back and let him control the rhythm, Katie whispered dirty talk in my ear 'You like your dirty whore? I'll let you do anything you want to me, I'll be your filthy whore!' and sucked on my earlobes. At a certain point Gary stood up and held his dick in front of Katie's face, she put her lips on the tip and then I witnessed Gary's first emotion in the hotelroom as he came in Katie's mouth.

She took his load in her mouth, looked me in the eye, swallowed and licked my cheeck from jaw to temple, I was about to explode in her so I pushed her of, stood up and just in time got the condom of to blow my load on her face. The first volley was a big wad of cum that started on her forehead and dribbled down her nose, a second burst came while I screamed 'Take it bitch!' and hit her right below her right eye, there was a third burst but that didn't shoot but just trickled out and dropped on her right tit, I whipped my dick towards her face, splashing a few last drops on it.

She sat there trying to look sexy with cum dripping from her face onto her tits but failed, for some reason it just didn't do it for me while I do like facials a lot (in porn and giving them). I got up, wiped my dick on her dress, got my clothes on, picked up my bag and left without saying an other word.

Although my exit was rude, I'm sure she loved to be treated like that. I almost even tossed some money on the bed but I only had a ten euro note which I needed for the trainride back to my cabin. I did leave my businesscard on the chair so maybe I'll hear from her again.

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anonimusrick You treated her like the cummbucket she is.

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