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  By: TulsA

We ran out the door. Della was holding my hand and leading me down the hall. “You’re going to love Mr. Crosby Emma! He’s so hot, and I know I’ve learned SO much from him! He’s my second favorite, only to Principal Newton. And he’s only my second favorite because he’s never fucked a student. I’ve fucked the principal plenty of times, but the most I’ve done with Mr. Crosby is masturbated for him, then he jacked off on my pussy.” “Wow!” I laughed out loud. “What’s funny?” Della asked. “Well, I think that’s pretty hot, but you’re all like, “Oh that’s ALL I’ve done with him!”” I laughed again, “It’s just funny to me!”

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“Oh, well let’s go into the class and then we’ll see if you’re not dying to fuck him too, slut!” She reached up my skirt and pinched my bare ass, and pushed me through the classroom door. And there he sat on the edge of his desk with a portfolio in one hand and a pen in his other hand with the end of it in his mouth. I stopped dead in my steps and checked him out. He was wearing a blue polo shirt, and through it I could make out the curves of his pecs and biceps. His shirt matched the blue of his eyes and they contrasted beautifully with his dark brown hair.

He caught me staring at him. He looked up and smiled warmly at me. “You must be Emma!” He stood and walked toward me. He took my hand and placed his other hand on my shoulder and led me to and empty seat near the back of the classroom. “I hope you’re going to be okay back here, my classroom has filled up considerably.” he winked at me. “I’m sure I’ll manage Mr. Crosby! I’m just excited to be here!” I took my seat and settled in. The rest of the girls were also waiting anxiously in their seats. Mr. Crosby went to the front of the room, closed the door and leaned against the front of his desk.

“Alright ladies, today we’re going to have a little refresher. Some of the tools you’ve become good at, we’re just going to polish. So let’s see…Jessie! Can I have you and….Analynn give us a little example. Here’s your set up. Analynn, you’ve ordered new basic cable service. How are you gonna get Jessie to upgrade you to premium cable?” The girls giggled and came to the front of the class. Jessie began playing with Mr. Crosby’s desk pretending it was a TV. “Okay, Miss, just 10 more minutes and I’ll have you all set up here.” she continued to play with the desk. Analynn came around the back of the desk and leaned across it so her boobs were propped up right in front of Jessie’s face.

Analynn spoke. “So do you get terribly bored doing the same thing over and over?” she was looking right into Jessie’s eyes. “Well, sure, but rent’s gotta be paid, so ya know!” “Well let’s see if we can’t make your job a bit more exciting!” Analynn stood and undid three buttons on her blouse and her left tit popped right out. She then leaned back against the “TV” and her tits were inches from Jessie’s face. Jessie licked her lips.

“Ya know…if I use this cap instead you’ll get the movie channels…” Jessie said staring into Analynn’s chest. “Really??” Analynn said rocking back on to her elbows and letting her top slide off her shoulders exposing her bare tits. She shook her tits as she spoke next. “And how much more will that cost me?” she asked sliding her left leg onto the “TV” appearing to be crawling over it. She looked so hot, wild and erotic. I sat there in my desk with my wet pussy. I looked around the room and I noticed I wasn’t the only one getting turned on.

To my left, a girl named Mary was full on finger fucking her pussy. She was leaned back in her chair with her right hand in her twat and her left hand on her tit. She noticed me looking at her and she pivoted in her chair to turn her pussy towards me. “Like what you see?” she asked she winked at me and continued on her way to climax. I then looked up to Mr. Crosby and found that he was looking at me. I smiled at him and winked. Then I decided I might as well kick things up a notch so I pulled up my blouse and showed him my tits. He smiled his approval and I moved from side to side bouncing them slightly. He must have like it because his next words proved it.

“Very good girls! Okay let’s break up into pairs to practice these techniques. Emma, come on up to my desk so we can get to know one another a little better.” I stood up and smiled. I looked up towards Della who was sitting in the front of the class. The look on her face was confusion and jealousy. She mouthed He’s never done this! I didn’t know what to expect. I sat down in the chair next to his desk and he leaned in and put his hand on my inner thigh. “Emma, Emma, Emma! What is it about you? I felt it as soon as you walked in my classroom!”

I shrugged my shoulders and bit my bottom lip. “Well I knew I wanted to feel you as soon as I walked into your classroom.” I leaned in towards him and put my hand on his thigh. I began rubbing him higher and higher wondering how far he would let me go. He reached up and unbuttoned my blouse and said, “Let me get a closer look at those titties.” “Oh Mr. Crosby! You can see it all!” I unbuttoned all my buttons and proceeded to lift my skirt and show him my clean shaven pussy. “Nice.” he said, “Wow, and so wet too.” I put my finger to my pussy and wet it. Then I held it up to him. “Do you want to taste me Mr. Crosby?” I smiled seductively at him. He licked his lips and took my hand to his mouth. He closed his eyes as he took my finger into his mouth. “mmm…” he moaned.

“Emma, you are the first student to take my interest so deeply.” he said looking into my eyes and then down my body. “Mr. Crosby, I would love nothing more than to take you deeply.” I looked up at him and seductively bit my lip again. He leaned back in his chair and un did his belt and zipper and took out his enormous cock. “You’d be the first student, are you sure?” he asked. I didn’t need to answer. I stood up then straddled his lap lifting my skirt out of the way so he could guide his cock into my young pussy.

The other girls in the class must have been watching because pretty soon they were all gathering around some half dressed, some full on naked. Della was right behind me and leaned against my back and put her mouth to me ear and whispered “You’ve been chosen Emma. Fuck him hard for all of us!” she then walked around to Mr. Crosby’s chair and began massaging his shoulders. “Are you ready Emma?” Mr. Crosby asked me with his cock poised just outside my opening. “Yes!” I cried out and pressed my pussy down on top of his cock. “Ooohhhh!!!” I moaned, he was so big and so hard.

I began fucking him hard right away. His cock was thick and I could feel my young pussy stretching to take it all in. Jessie got under us and began tonguing our sex, my cunt pumping on his thick cock. Then I felt Jamie burry her face in my ass crack with her tongue on my hole. Analynn climbed up on the desk and lifted her skirt to expose her bare pussy and began jacking herself off watching my initiation into Mr. Crosby’s class. Cries of pleasure filled the room. “God, Emma! You’re so fucking tight! Ohhh! Keep pumping my cock sweetie! Yeah!!” he had his hands on my ass and was squeezing my cheeks and pinching them.

“She does have a great pussy huh Mr. Crosby! I know cause I was tasting it just before your class! Are you gonna cum in her pussy or pull it out and share it with all of us?” Della asked him. “Oh let’s share Mr. Crosby! Please, please, please!” I begged him. “Well then you better get off now cause I’m about to explode Emma!” I quickly climbed off and scrambled to the floor with the other girls as Mr. Crosby’s ejaculated all over his student’s bodies. I never knew a man could cum so much. We had it in our mouths, on our titties and faces. We he finally finished we began licking the remainders off each others faces. “Well class, you all get A’s today! Now hurry up and get yourselves ready for your next classes! Have a good day ladies!”

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greenbird33    (2011-10-01 11:42:40)    Flag as inappropiate
greenbird33 You got me to jack off - thanks.
bethany31    (2010-09-29 01:46:14)    Flag as inappropiate
bethany31 Nice, very nice.
Sec_Chick1    (2010-04-19 10:49:20)    Flag as inappropiate
Sec_Chick1 I will agree with all the others, as I read it my pussy was shivering with excitement. Part two got my to mastubate! Well done - I am very wet and impressed with your writing abilities. Kudos!
kahlen_angel    (2010-03-17 14:11:08)    Flag as inappropiate
kahlen_angel I want to go this school! I'll be a teacher or something..I don't care what as long as I get in....
Soohard08    (2009-08-20 21:35:06)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Just as nasty ruff hard story like all your other stories. And yes where is that scool,i will sneek n at night and join all off your awesome lesbian sex games. One question, are you allowed to use dildoes on the scool?
CanadianCasanova    (2009-08-13 16:11:16)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Holy shit that was hot! I can't wait for the next part!
Piro_raeB    (2009-08-12 20:57:41)    Flag as inappropiate
Where is this school and how can i teach there? This was awesome!

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