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  By: Piro_raeB

Okay, so for a really long time I’ve been into the whole Japanese train groping/sex thing. So one day I told my gf about it…and then this happened.


We got the idea that I would meet her up in Trenton, and that I would follow her down on the train acting out a scene I wrote. So we got on the train and she sat down in the front where no one was, I came up a bit later and sat next to her. Slowly more and more people started to get on the train, and slowly we started playing with each other. Simple things like running my hand on the inside of he thighs and grabbing her ass. While I was doing my thing she just rubbed my dick threw my jeans.


As the ride went one I got a little bolder, sliding my hand around her back and up under her shirt. Fondling her breasts while we were surrounded by people that could catch us at any second. She dug her head into my shoulder and whisper just loud enough for me to hear “harder, i'm so wet right now”. So I pinched onto her nipple making her jump up from her seat. She was sitting with her purse on her lap so I had managed to slide my hand down her pants when I was done with her breasts. Hot, wet, and super sensitive she moaned softly just from my finger sliding across her pussy.


I could tell she was starting to get uncomfortable, not because of what I was doing to her. But because she wasn’t doing anything to me, I had my laptop bag with me and she proped it up over my leg. Slowly she unbuttoned my pants, and I looked her I in the eye and she gave me a sly grin. Still looking me in the eye she slowly unzipped my pants, moved my boxers around and quickly had me in her hand. She got her head close to me again and whispered “How’s it feel?” I told her “it feels awesome”. I couldn’t believe what we were doing, and better yet no one noticed.


I took my hand out of her pants it was really wet for not really getting insider of her pussy. I licked the juice off one of my fingers, and made her clean off the other one. Tasting her juices seemed to drive us both up the wall. I slid her pants halfway off her ass, and let my fingers wonder up her ultra tight ass-hole. I had forgoten she had a hold my dick, but was quickly rememinded of that by the sudden force on it. So I decided to slip a second finger up her butt, she let out a low scream as my fingers wormed back and forth past each other in her hole.


As we neared our stop the train started to clear out a bit and with very little people left on the train she shifted the position of the bag on my lap. Soon I knew what she was up to with my dick out in full view for anyone who passed by to see (no one did walk by though). The pre-cum from my dick was everywhere on her hand and lubing me up making her hand job feel even better.


As the train was about two stops away from our stop, it was completely empty with the exception of us of course. I stood up and put my dick back in my pants, but I we weren't done just yet. She stood up and put her bag on th chair to straighten out her shirt, I took my shot. Before she knew it I had her shirt up above her chest and was pulling her brawl down exposing her nicely formed D sized chest to the window (no one was out there either). I openly massaged her tits on the train for 5 minutes before we got to the stop, she moaned and shuddered with every motion and kept telling me how wet she was.  A tiny went spot was starting to form on her jeans and I could smell her sweet sent.


Then the train came to a stop she put her shirt back on and we started walking to my dorm.


What happened next? I’ll get to that later…




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TulsA    (2009-08-02 06:40:46)    Flag as inappropiate
TulsA Hot! If i would have seen you on that train, you would have seen me masturbating.

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