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  By: affectionate4u

As we lie in bed talking about the day of furniture shopping ahead, I have the desire to calm your exuberant clashing of your style with mine by giving your a spanking. I know it something you want, and it is a dominant behavior I'm excited to explore. This seems like a perfect opportunity to start. Just a hint of an excuse, but mostly because I want to dominate my sexy little girl before spending the day shopping with her, indulging her. You of course agree and as you begin to get out of bed I pull you close and whisper in your ear what your spanking outfit should be. I tell you to put on the pink ankle socks I got you, a pair of pink panties, and the black shoes I bought you. Once you have those on you are to wait for me by the love seat, in front of the mirror.


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I watch you get dressed while laying in bed, completely aroused by both the sight of your preparing for me, sexy as always as well as the thought of you submitting to the spanking. Once you have dressed and are waiting for me as instructed, I get out of bed and put on a robe. I come up behind you and pull you against me, kissing your neck and tell you I love you. I then tell you to pull your panties down to your ankles, but not to take them off. Once you have done that, I face you kiss you softly on the lips and run my hands down to your bare little bottom.

I am throbbing with anticipation and desire for my little girl, standing ready for her spanking before me. I sit down on the love seat corner and place you across my lap, in front on the mirror so I can take in the view of the spanking that is to ensue. I drape my left arm across your back and around your waist to restrain you against me. I run my right hand over you exposed bottom down to your legs to just expose your perfectly shaped sex. My heart is pounding with fear, excitement and lust. I have never had such a beautiful woman so given to my desire and the moment is a fantasy incarnate. I tell you I'm ready to start, and that I will start gently so that I can feel what the proper weight of my hand against your delicate bottom should be.


I then land my first blow on your right side, followed by another on the left. I repeat this, increasing the intensity with each series, pausing a little to run my hand across your redding checks as I see fit. I continue spanking you until your past the discomfort and gently sobbing. I ask you if you are my good little girl. You murmur that you will be good for me, to which I respond, thank you baby, I love my good little girl. A few more rounds of blows ensues, after which I tell you I'm finished with your spanking, kissing your flushed bottom.


I help you up, removing your panties from you ankles, and kiss you deeply, softly. I ask you if you want me to make love to you. You nod yes, so I carry you to the bed, laying you on your back. You feel your tingling back side against the satin sheets and revel in the sensation. I lift your legs and bottom up to place a pillow beneath you. I climb over you, pressing my body and arousal against you. I love the feeling of my size against your petite frame. Your flushed face and naked body form the most beautiful sight.

I feel so blessed and honored with the gift you have given me, and continue to offer. I prepare you delicate entrance and slowly slide my size into you. As always you wrap around me with a pleasure unmatched. I make love to you slowly, enjoying the experience of the intimate bond between us. Your are my perfect little girl, I love loving Daddy. My climax is so intense, a release of so much sexual energy, desire. I wrap you in my arms enjoying the bliss and love I have for you. Its hard to imagine a more perfect woman/little girl combination for me.



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Sweet and beautiful

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