Another adventure with the old roommate   added 6 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

Goodness, I have been so busy with work, and then traveling out of town on some family business, I have had no time to myself!  And you know what that means!  :)  Finally, this weekend I was home and alone for the first time in forever, and I was so ridiculously horny.  I simply could not wait to download some new porn and get out my toys.  My pussy was just aching with wanting to get fucked and come, and when I started really getting into the porn and began twisting and pinching my nipples, my whole body shivered and my cunt just flooded with hot wet pussy juice. 


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I was so wet by the time I fucked my pussy with my big dildo, it just slid right in, just burning and stretching a little to take it after not getting fucked for so long. I was way too horny and impatient to deal with really stretching my asshole enough to take a dildo up my ass, so I just got out my little mini plastic vibrator and lubed it in my cunt, so it was just sticky wet enough to slide in and out of my ass without hurting.  The friction of the vibrator fucking my ass was amazing when I started fucking my pussy harder on the dildo, and then I really went for it and buzzed my clit with another vibe.  I came so hard!  I was yelling and bucking and groaning, and it felt so good to be alone and at home and getting myself off so hard.  Anyway, I had a really good time yesterday.  ;-) 


While I was traveling on family business, I also worked in a visit with my old roommate and friend, John, who I talked about in my fantasy, Caught Masturbating by Roommate (  I hadn't seen him in since we both moved away from the city we were living in and went our separate ways, but this trip happened to bring me close enough to visit him in his new place and meet his current roommate, William.

  William is also a nice guy, about John's age, but a little more mature and kind of sarcastic about some of John's idiosyncrasies.  William and I spent some time making fun of John behind his back for his new high-maintenance girlfriend that neither William nor I can see lasting.  And, sure, maybe I was a little jealous because I still can't help finding John pretty hot, but from the way William was making jokes, I thought maybe he was a little jealous for the same reasons, and that was cool with me.


It was nice to feel comfortable in their apartment, and the second night I was there, we just stayed in, no girlfriend around, and the three of us drank a bunch of beer and talked like guys do, I guess, about sex and women and porn.  As usual when John and I have had these conversations, especially while drunk, I got pretty turned on, my nipples getting hard in my nightgown and pressing against the silky fabric, my cunt throbbing and wet in my panties as we compared notes on the kinds of porn we'd been really into lately, and John talked about his boring sex life with his inexperienced girlfriend.   And also as usual, John and I got kind of cuddly, slouching against each other on the couch and rolling into each other when we giggled about something stupid.


What was an interesting and unusual twist was the way William fit right in, talking openly about his taste for gay military porn even though he considers himself straight, laughing and giggling with us and coming to sit on the floor and rest his head back against the couch where we sat, pressing his face into my leg or John's when he laughed really hard.   And I could swear he was hard in his sweat pants. I could see the hard length pressing up when he sprawled out after one extra big giggle fit.  John I wasn't as sure about until I wrestled him for the stereo remote and my arm pressed against his cock, hard and hot in his pajama cut-offs.  That was a slightly awkward moment, but it sure made my cunt get hotter and wetter to feel his dick against me like that.


It was a pretty sexually charged evening, and I was really not sure what direction it would go, or I wanted it to go.  We all just kept hanging out, drinking more, sharing more and more explicit sexual details about our fantasies and experiences, like none of us wanted to end it, but none of us were sure how to take it to the next level.

  As we got into the third 6-pack, I started talking about my fascination with double penetration in porn, how totally hot it gets me, how it's something I fantasize about.  I wasn't even really thinking about it, but things got pretty quiet, and then I realized why things were suddenly so awkward, and it appeared that none of us could quite make ourselves rise to the occasion, so to speak.  I made some stupid joke and laughed it off, and excused myself to the bathroom.  Where I rubbed my pussy so fast and hard that I came in about 30 seconds, whimpering a little and wondering if they knew what I was doing.  God, the whole night was crazy. 


I really wonder what would have happened if I hadn't run away like that.  If I had instead kept talking about it, about wanting to know what it feels like to have one thick hot cock sliding in and out of my ass while another hard cock fucks deep into my cunt, telling them how I play with myself, how I fuck myself with dildos and vibrators trying to get that feeling of being fucked hard in both holes.

  Would they have gone there with me?  Would I have been daring enough to maybe touch myself, maybe let my hand cup my big soft breast in the silky fabric of the nightgown and rub over the hard nipple pressing out, maybe slide my hand up between my legs and rub my fingers under the crotch of my panties, letting the nightgown fall away and my legs spread so they see me finger my pussy?  Would John have reached for me first, maybe sliding his hand into my nightgown to squeeze my tit and pinch my nipple?

  Maybe William would have turned his head toward me and slid his hand up to my cunt, maybe pulling the fabric away and putting his mouth on my pussy? I mean, there are good reasons John and I have never crossed the physical line in our friendship, and certainly at that time he did have a girlfriend.  But god, it kills me to imagine what might have happened if I had taken the opportunity.  In my mind, I like to think they would have fucked me so hard, and it would have been amazing. 


In my mind, I keep talking and talking about getting fucked, the beer making me chatty and uninhibited, offering up graphic details about how my cunt feels when I watch girls getting plowed in both holes in porn, talking about how watching the hard wet cocks sliding in and out of these girls' tight asses and cunts makes my pussy clench and spasm and throb with wanting to get fucked.   I keep talking and I let myself sprawl out more on the couch, my legs spreading a little until I lean all the way over to rest on John's shoulder and go ahead and put one leg up on the arm of the sofa, spreading wide. 

I feel the nightgown slip on my shoulder, and I can tell if I squirm too much, it will fall away from my soft pale breast altogether.  My cunt is so wet and it feels good to spread my legs.  I wonder if William can smell my pussy from where he sits on the floor with his head next to my hip.  I can certainly see his hard cock now, tenting his sweats and even leaving a small wet spot on the fabric where the head is leaking.  I know John is hard, too, remember how hot his dick was through the thin pajama fabric.  It's all starting to get to me, the need for something to happen, for the ice to break, for me to get fucked, it's making me keep babbling and pushing with the dirty things I say.


John and William are quiet, but they both squirm a little, and William turns his head into my thigh when I start talking about my toys, telling them about all the ways I like to fuck myself, what I think about when I'm fucking myself, what I say to make it hotter and dirtier when I come, how I take risks and play with myself in public places.  But I tell them especially about how much I love to play with and fuck my ass, how much I love to take it hard in both my ass and pussy, how the toys just are never quite enough. 

And when I'm really getting into what it feels like to want to get fucked, I squirm enough that my tit falls out the nightgown, and I hear John gasp when he sees it.  I just keep talking, and I let my hand move over and grab my breast, squeezing and rubbing it as I talk, and when I pinch the nipple and twist it hard, I can't help interrupting myself to moan a little, and my hips move all on their own, fucking up a little like my cunt is searching for something to rub against.  William's head is turned onto my thigh, and he doesn't move when my hips do, but when I start talking again, telling them about my favorite rough double penetration scenes in porn, the girls moaning at how hard it is to take such big cocks in their cunt and ass at the same time,

William slides his hand up my thigh and pushes my nightgown away, so all of us can see my crotch, my dark bush poking out around the edge of the lacy red panties that have worked their way up into my cunt, so we can all see my wet cameltoe between my pale fleshy thighs. 


I stop talking then, can't speak suddenly, don't know what to say, this is it, I almost can't breathe or believe it's really happening.   We all seem frozen for a few moments, just looking at my pussy or my tit in my hand, my fingers still holding my hard nipple.  Holding my breath, I start rubbing my nipple between my fingers, pinching it and rolling it until I have to whimper when my cunt throbs again.

  John reaches over and puts his hand over my other breast, squeezing it and rubbing his palm over the hard nipple until I groan and start circling my hips up.  That seems to be enough for William, and he slides his fingers up to my pussy and starts playing with my panties and my cunt lips, rubbing his fingers over the fabric where it pushes against my clit, and then working his fingers down between my cunt lips and under the fabric pushing hard into my cunt so he can finger my hole a little.

  When he gets a finger pushed halfway in, I really start losing it, feeling desperate to come all of a sudden, and I slide down and swing a leg over so William is between my thighs now.  I really want him to eat my pussy, so I reach down to pull the panties over and expose my wet cunt right in front of his face.  I'm leaning back against John's chest, and he reaches both hands down to my tits and starts rubbing and squeezing them, pinching and twisting my nipples and fondling my tits while I push my cunt up at empty air.


Finally I just look at William and beg him to please, please eat me out, and he looks startled, like he had forgotten he didn't have to just watch, and he leans right in to bury his face in my cunt.  He starts licking me right away, lapping over and over my hole and my clit while I grind my cunt up into him and John keeps squeezing and rubbing and pinching my tits.  It doesn't take long, I'm so turned on from all the dirty talking and teasing, and when I feel myself getting close I keep one hand on my panties to hold them out of the way and put the other hand in William's hair so I can pull his face into my pussy hard when I start to come, forcing my cunt up onto his mouth over and over while he tries to keep licking me through it. 

He licks me hard until I let go of his hair and relax back onto John, letting him keep rolling my breasts in his hands more gently now, and then William keeps licking at me gently too, until he finally pulls away and looks up at me like he's kind of in a daze.


I know how he feels, but if he needs direction, I'm willing to provide some, so I push myself up off John and turn to both of them.  I take a deep breath and tell them I think we should just go for it, do this, fuck each other like we've always wanted to fuck.  I know that John has told me many different times how just once he wants to fuck a girl hard like in the porn movies, just really slam into her without worrying about whether she's getting off or if he's being too rough.  So I tell him I want to take it like that, that I've always wanted to get really fucked hard by somebody, and I think they should fuck me hard.  John looks kind of nervous, but I can tell he's not going to back down.

  It's William who looks more like he's not sure it's a good idea.  So I tell him how hot it makes me to see his cock hard like it is, and how he ate my pussy so amazing well that I want to make him feel good too, and how I'm hoping he and John won't be weird about maybe touching each other if we do this because that would get me off really hard to see it.  I know John is cool and would be on board with it, but I can tell William is insecure about his attraction to John, so I'm hoping to encourage him.


Without really waiting for any agreement, I reach over to William and pull him closer so I can slide his sweatpants down.  His dick is so thick and hard and wet, and I look over to make sure John is taking off his pajama cut-offs before I grab William's dick and start licking all over it.  William is groaning and fucking his cock at me a little, like he's trying to be nice but can't help it, and when I suck the head into my mouth I'm actually worried he's going to come right away, so I only suck gently for a few seconds before I pull away. 

I keep William's cock in my hand, but turn to see John sitting forward on the edge of the couch and pulling on his dick while he watches me and William.  God, my cunt is still so hot and wet from coming, and I really can't wait to get things going, so I reach over and take John's cock in my other hand and just concentrate on pulling on both their dicks for a while, using the sticky wetness at the heads to help my hands slide tightly up and down the hard hot shafts and rubbing my thumbs over the soft, tight, swollen heads every so often.

  Their dicks feel so good in my hands, but I know they're going to feel even better fucking into me, so I slow my hands down and gradually pull away from both of them, standing up to slide off my panties and letting them see me rub my fingers into my pussy a little, standing and grinding my clit on my fingers for a few moments when my cunt starts throbbing, and liking how it feels for them to watch me finger myself. 


I need to get fucked soon, my cunt is just aching and empty and ready for it, so I take my hand out of my cunt and tell them we need to start getting my ass ready, and who wants to fuck my ass?  John actually blushes when I ask, but speaks up to say he'd like to, and I can tell suddenly that it's something he's thought about before and that's why he's embarrassed.  I love the thought of him fucking my ass, so I agree right away, and William makes a sarcastic joke about having to settle for fucking my pussy, so we all laugh, and it's nice to relieve the tension.  John gets up to go to the bathroom and comes back with lube.

  While he's gone, I turn around on my knees on the sofa and lean over the back to see down the hall, and William comes up behind me and starts fingering my cunt from behind.  It feels so good, so I stay like that, and when John comes back, William is fingering my pussy hard and steady, turning his fingers sometimes so his thumb can rub over my clit, and I'm fucking my cunt back at him and moaning.


John laughs and gets down on the floor beside William.  I feel him pull my ass cheeks open, and then I'm really surprised when he licks over my asshole.  I had always thought that rimming was something John would like in fantasy but probably be squeamish about in real life, but he starts eating my ass like he's been wanting to do that for a while too.  After a minute or so of licking all over and around my asshole while William keeps fingering my pussy, William pulls his hand away and John moves over to get a better angle for licking my asshole.

  He holds my cheeks open and starts tongue-fucking my asshole over and over, pushing his tongue as far up my ass as he can until my asshole starts getting looser and more relaxed.  Then he pulls back and licks hard over the hole again, making it twitch and clench and then relax even more as he keeps licking and lapping over it, pushing lightly and circling around it, and pushing back in every now and again.  I have my face buried in my arms on the back of the sofa and my legs spread as wide as I can, pushing my asshole back onto his mouth and shivering as I feel my hot sticky wet cunt clench and spasm on nothing. 


After a few minutes, I hear John groan into my ass, the vibrations making me shudder and grunt, and I lift my head up and try to look around to see what's happening.  I see William down on the floor next to John, his head moving up and down, and I know that he's sucking John's cock, sucking John while John eats my ass, and just the thought of it makes me groan loud and drop my head back down as I push my asshole back at John, begging him to lick my ass, eat my asshole, put his fingers in my dirty wet asshole and get me ready to take his cock, just babbling every dirty thing in my head as I picture William's mouth on John's thick long cock, sucking it deep, working it with his tongue while John pushes his tongue up my ass and then slides in a finger, pulling and stretching my asshole while he licks me. 

I know  he's getting me ready for his cock, getting me ready to take his cock, and William's going to fuck my pussy, and I'm finally going to get fucked as hard and deep as I've dreamed of.  I need it so bad, and my pussy just throbs while John gets some lube on his fingers and shoves in three, forcing my asshole to stretch and take them, burning a little but nothing like I know it will burn when he forces his cock into me. 


After a couple minutes of John finger-fucking my ass, letting his thumb rub lightly down over my pussy as he works his fingers into my asshole, I feel him pull his body back and hear him tell William to stop or he's going to come.  William laughs, and I lift my head up and turn to see him getting up to kneel next to John again.  We smile at each other, and I see how wet and raw William's lips are from sucking John's cock.  I ask him if he's ready to fuck my pussy, and he laughs and starts stroking his cock, leaning in to rub the head over my thigh so I can feel how hot and sticky it is dragging against my skin. 

That pushes me over the edge, and I decide I need it now, no more waiting, so I pull away from John's hand and turn around to face them.  They look at each other, and I know we're all aware this is it, so I take William's hand and pull him down to lie on his back on the carpet, his hard prick leaving wet trails as it rolls against his stomach when he moves.


I move over to straddle William's hips, and he picks up his dick and rubs it in my pussy.  God, it feels so good, so hot and hard rubbing between my sticky cunt lips and over my clit, and I let myself moan and grind against it for a few moments, building up the tension, knowing it's going to pay off because I'm going to take it deep, and just then I move my pussy back so the head slides over my wet tight little cunt hole, and I push down hard, forcing the head into my cunt until my pussy opens up and I slide all the way down, taking his thick cock deep in my pussy in one hard shove.

  It aches to be filled so hard and so suddenly, but my clit is also still throbbing, and I only give myself a few moments to adjust before I lift up and start fucking my pussy on his cock, loving how it burns and stretches at first, how I have to make my pussy take it every time I slide down on him, until I finally loosen up enough that I'm bouncing hard and steady, and he fucks his dick up into me just as smooth.  I lean forward and brace myself at his shoulders, changing the angle so he can really start slamming his cock up me, banging my sloppy wet cunt hard and fast while I grind down on him.


I'm getting really into it, and I don't even notice when John comes up behind me until he works his hand between my ass cheeks and pushes two fingers back up my ass.  My whole cunt throbs and spasms, clenching hard on William's cock, and he grunts and shoves his dick up into me hard.  I go a little crazy, bouncing and fucking my cunt hard back onto William's dick as he hammers it up into me, feeling John's fingers grind and screw and fuck into my asshole over and over, and I almost can't take it I want to come so bad, so I start begging John to fuck me, to fuck my ass, to let me come on his cock, fuck me hard up the ass now please, take me. 

John pulls his fingers out of my asshole, and William grabs my hips and pulls me down hard on his dick, holding me down with his cock buried deep up my pussy so I can't move and start fucking again.


I know what's coming, so I lean down on William's chest, let my head rest on his shoulder, and try to relax.  I feel John move up behind me, and I feel him pull my ass open, my wet asshole twitching at the cool air.  I know he can see where William's dick is buried in my cunt, know he can see how sloppy wet my cunt and ass are after all the fingering and fucking, and my pussy won't stop spasming around William's cock as I think about it.  I feel the big hot head of John's prick rubbing between my ass cheeks and over my asshole, just pushing lightly on it, rubbing around it.  I hear John reaching for the lube, and I gasp at the cold as he drizzles some over my asshole, rubbing it in with the head of his cock.  Suddenly, without warning, he pushes his cock into my hole, the swollen smooth head forcing my asshole open wide and making me cry out in pain at the burning aching stretch.

  But John doesn't stop, just works it in further, making my asshole take it inch by inch until he's buried deep, and I'm shuddering and shaking at how big and hard his dick is, how much it hurts to take it so suddenly like that, no time to adjust, just suddenly my ass is full of his thick hard cock, and I can't stop moaning loud, partly in pain, and partly because it's so so hot to get filled like that, to finally feel my pussy and my ass as full of thick hard hot cock as they can be.  


We stay still for a little while, panting and trying to hold on while my body shivers and shakes, and then William shifts under me, and I feel his prick move in my pussy, rubbing against the walls of my cunt and making me feel John's hard cock in my ass from the inside.  It's strange and amazing, and I whimper and shift, unable to get away from the feeling of these huge hard cocks filling me, but starting to like it more and more, to feel my clit throbbing as I feel their dicks shifting inside my pussy and my ass.  William shoves up into me again experimentally, and I feel my clit tingle and can't help whimpering.  John pulls his cock halfway out of my ass, and the friction as the thick hardness slides out of my wet asshole is exquisite, and even more so when he shoves back in hard at the same time as William grinds his dick up into my pussy.

  I yell loud at that, and start trying to rock back and forth between them, trying to get them fucking me at the same time, suddenly I need it so bad, I'm so ready. 


It's not very smooth at first, hard to get a rhythm going, especially when I'm so turned on now that I want to go wild with it.  But gradually we get there, me rocking my hips back and forth to take William's cock as he pumps it up into my cunt, and then take John's cock as he shoves it smooth and steady into my ass.  I know I can come soon, I feel it in my gut and in my cunt and my clit and my nipples, my whole body getting tighter and tighter as I get fucked so hard and steady.  I'm too overcome to do anything with my hands, but I start moaning and begging please, please for someone to get me off, to touch my clit, make me come,

I want to come so bad now, please please touch my pussy and make me come.  William keeps one hand on my shoulder but works the other one down between our bodies to my pussy.  I lift up a little to give him room, and the angle changes so that John's cock shoves even deeper up my ass.  He grunts and grabs my hips, slamming his dick into my ass harder at this new angle, and I yell and start bucking my hips even more wildly when William's fingers slide into my pussy and finally brush over my clit.


I'm bouncing my pussy and my ass between them, taking their cocks as hard and deep as I can, getting fucked so hard, and William starts going crazy.  I know he's going to come so soon, and I don't know who will get there first, so I just keep fucking, feeling his fingers fall away from my pussy and crying out in frustration as he grunts loud suddenly and freezes with his dick buried up my cunt.  I feel his hot jizz shooting into me as he suddenly begins fucking me in fast tight little shoves.

  Oh, I'm so close to coming, and I can't wait anymore, can't help it, I start fucking my pussy down onto William's dick, trying to come before it gets soft, and John grunts and starts fucking my ass even harder, and I need it, I need to come, so I let my face smash forward into the carpet above William's shoulder and work my hand down to my own pussy.  I rub my clit frantically as I fuck, feeling John's dick shoving hard into my asshole, over and over, and William still fucking up into me when I moan loud and uncontrollably, my pussy spasming and clenching in waves, fucking the come out of William's cock as he shoves his dick into me, my asshole gripping John's cock so tight that he grunts and whines, and I rock and shudder with another spasm as I feel the friction when John's cock fights to shove back into my clenching asshole.

  Finally, William stops coming in my cunt and moans quietly a little as I keep grinding my pussy on his dick.  I know he must be sensitive, but it feels too good to stop as I let him go soft inside me while John  keeps pumping my ass. so I stay where I am and let little shivers and aftershocks pass over me when I tell John to go for it, really give it to me, really fuck me like he's always wanted.


John doesn't hesitate, just squeezes my ass cheeks and starts pounding his cock into my ass.  I know that the next day I'll be so sore, but at the moment it feels amazing, like my whole body is shuddering every time he shoves his dick hard into me, like I can take it, I can take anything, I can take his cock so hard in me, and I start telling him all about it, how my pussy is so wet and dirty from coming with his cock plowing into my asshole like this, how my asshole is so used and raw from his thick cock taking me, how I can't wait to feel his dick shooting hot thick come all inside my ass, my ass is so ready for his come, so ready to take him deep and hard, fucking me deep and hard and making me take it until he's ready to shoot his load into me, yeah, I can take his thick cock as hard as he can give it to me, give it to me,

John, make me take your load in my ass, make me take your thick hard prick so hard I'll feel fucked for days, my asshole will be so wet and used and dirty from your cock fucking into me and your load of thick hot come filling my ass when you shoot it into me, yeah.  As I keep talking, William is groaning and squirming under me, feeling my pussy clench and spasm every now and then because it's so hot to get fucked like this, so hot to be saying these things while I'm filled with cock and taking it like my dirty slutty holes want to get fucked hard.

  Finally, as I keep babbling and shoving my ass back onto John's dick, he starts to lose it, squeezing my ass so I know there will be bruises, and hammering his thick hot cock up my ass as hard and fast as he can until he explodes, yelling and groaning as he shoves his dick into me hard with each pulse of hot jizz, fucking his come into me until he collapses against my back and rests there until his soft dick slides out of my asshole, trailing come and lube down my thigh as he sits back. 


I roll off William and lie back on the carpet, feeling my cunt and asshole so empty and hot and wet, my asshole burning and throbbing, and my cunt and upper thighs covered in sticky wet come and lube.  We're all kind of dazed, but William starts laughing, and then John and I do, and it's okay.  It's okay, and we're too exhausted to get weird anyway, so I go to shower, and we all go to bed. 


Perfect, right?  In reality it probably would have gotten really weird and been a bad idea, and would have ended in frustration for all, but I like the version in my head better.  :)

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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 15:04:11)    Flag as inappropiate
Back to the site for the first time in a while. Thanks so much for the comments, guys! Really, really appreciated! Hopefully I can write more soon. :)
JMCF0321    (2010-09-07 05:52:21)    Flag as inappropiate
very very nice i think I creamed my pants over that, wow wow this will be on my mind for awhile !
biscuit    (2010-08-30 12:16:54)    Flag as inappropiate
biscuit hmmm.......i want in on that.
smoothballs    (2009-11-29 14:37:45)    Flag as inappropiate
i'm spent
hotrebel    (2009-07-15 16:36:33)    Flag as inappropiate
hotrebel Very, very nice story. I got so hard reading this, that I thought I was watching a porn. Keep up with all the great stories.
magictonic    (2009-07-09 01:55:33)    Flag as inappropiate
magictonic I can't say enough about your work easypeasy. Well done.
CanadianCasanova    (2009-07-08 22:51:53)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Awesome story easypeasy!
hotforit    (2009-06-30 08:33:52)    Flag as inappropiate
WOW is right. That was hot! I am soooo wet just reading about it. You can really tell a story. I think ya'll should have taken the chance and made this fantasy a reality. A good time had by all!!
bikerjohnny    (2009-06-29 06:01:22)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Wow, best yet I think, really hot all the way through, love the way your dirty mind works. Bet they wished you had gone for it though, worth feeling weird for.

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