A dirty night out   added 6 years ago    

  By: fleabass01

I never expected the turn of events that came about to occur. 


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It was date night, and my wife and I had doubled with a couple that we know very well to share some dinner and time together, free from the kids. Dinner was pleasant, the conversation was light and good-humored. The wine flowed, the talk was a little more bawdy, but the evening was coming to a close.


Our respective partners had been drinking less than myself and the wife of the other couple, and so were designated the drivers. The parking garage that we were in was some distance away, and they volunteered to make the 15 minute walk and then drive back in the chilly autumn air.  


My companion, as soon as they left the restaurant, winked at me and asked if I was up for something dirty. Almost before I nodded, she grabbed my hand and led me into the women's bathroom. She is an attractive brunette, busty and curvy in the right places. Typically very reserved, tonight I would get a taste of her wild side.


She led me into a stall, and told me to sit on the toilet. She turned around, hiked her skirt up to reveal no underwear and a sopping pussy. But it wasn't her pussy she wanted eaten... she presented her delectable asshole to me for service. I began licking around her hole, teasing her mightily, licking at her taint and then darting at her hole. Her long legs (that ended in high heels) buckled a little as I hit the brown eye, and she moaned. I began to probe her more deeply, and reached around with my hand to stroke her pussy lips and clit. I was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath and a low moan as I found her clit, and began to pressure it and fuck her ass with my tongue. A good 5 minutes of this and she bit down on her hand to stop her screaming out as she came, and came hard.


I supported her wilting body as she came close to passing out from the intensity of her orgasm. As she came down. she turned and passionately kissed me, tasting herself on my lips and tongue.  "That was amazing", she said breathlessly. "Angie was right - you do have an amazing talent for making women cum". My darling wife, I realized, had set me up for this! As it would turn out, my darling wife was going to get the fucking of her life when we got home!


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abeautifullie22    (2012-03-14 17:42:50)    Flag as inappropiate
You got some real great stuff. I love to lick my fiance's cute little butthole!
hotbody2    (2009-07-24 21:56:37)    Flag as inappropiate
What a luck man. I would be so lucky.

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