My wife is a total slut (part 11)   added 6 years ago    

  By: wickedheart

I was leaving Erin's place, it was still early afternoon, and despite having just dropped a huge load listening to the illicit details of my wife and Erin straight from her mouth I was still horny as hell.  All I could think about was fucking Leslie.  It made driving difficult, thinking of her while my cock strained in my pants.  I was about 20 minutes away when Leslie called my cell.

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"Hey lover where are you?" she asked.

"I'm about 20 minutes away" I responded.

"20 minutes?  I don't know if we can wait that long.  You better hurry up before your surprise is over" she giggled as she clicked off her phone before I could even get a word in edge wise.  

Erin's last words kept ringing through my head You better get home and see what your slutty wife is getting up to.  I pushed the gas as I raced for home, wondering what my slut wife did have instore for me.

I leapt out of the car as I tried to calmly race inside the house.  I decided to go around back and be discreet.  I thought maybe I might get a visual of what was about to happen.  I slid open the sliding door and entered our kitchen.  There was no sign of anything going on as I walked the bottom floor.  I was about to call out to Leslie when I heard voices coming from our bedroom.  As I climbed the staircase I could hear Leslie and what sounded like two male voices.  My cock grew at the thought of being able to watch her with two studs.

I crept up quietly to the bedroom door, not wanting to disturb the action.  I was peeking through the door.  I could see perfectly from here with help of a mirror.  Leslie was playing with herself on our bed.  She was licking her boobs and teasing her clit.  She was completely naked except for a pair of white stockings, she looked so gorgeous I hardly noticed the two guys who had just finished undressing as they joined her on our bed.  

She was smiling as she knelt between them.  She began taking turns sucking them both to hardness.  I could see her wedding ring as it slid up and down one the men's shaft.  She would suck one and wank one, and then switch it up.  Their dicks were getting really hard, she was doing a great job.  She sucked up and down quickly with her mouth, eventually swallowing their full lengths when they hardened up.  I began to undress and jerk off as I waited and watched as my wife was about to be fucked by two strange men on our bed. 

Leslie held her mouth open wide, sticking her tongue out as they began trying to force their cocks into her mouth at the same time.  Leslie looked ecstatic having two hard cocks to lick and suck.  They pulled out and began slapping her tongue and face with their hard cocks and then went back to taking turns as they slid their cocks one at a time all the way in, making her cheeks bulge at times as they playfully slapped at her tits.

Everyone seems to be ready to go now, Leslie is dripping wet as she's been playing with herself as they fed her their cocks.  Leslie moves onto all fours on our bed taking one of the guys into her mouth as the other slips his cock in from behind her.  She was so wet he just slid right in.  Leslie's bouncing back and forth slowly cramming the dick all the way in her mouth as the other pounds her from behind.  He's holding her hips as she pistons between the two men.  I stroke myself furiously as I watch the hot action my wife is providing.

After a bit the man fucking my wife positions her on her back.  As he crawls back up onto the bed between my wife's legs.  He grabs a leg in each arm as he raises her ass slightly and pulls her onto him as he fucks her.  Leslie is still sucking the other guy as he kneels at her head and plays with her tits as they bounce from the fucking she's receiving.  Her tits look almost rhythmic as she playfully begins to lick and tease the cock she was sucking on.  Just then the man fucking her pussy pulls out and spreads her open.  I look in the mirror and I can see her asshole is gaping as he's the one who has gotten her like that, but it's only for a moment as he easily slides his dick into her ass without any effort.  She is definitely loving this and so am I.

The two men decide to switch ends as Leslie lays on her right side this time.  The other man immediately goes for her gaping asshole and slides in from the side, spooning her as her gropes her tits.  The other man then stands above her straddling her face, offering up the dick that had just been in her ass.  Leslie opens wide as he steadies himself above her and begins to fuck her mouth with his cock.

  Leslie opens wide as she takes him down her throat.  Meanwhile her ass is being fucked just as violently.  The one man pulls his dick out of her throat and stops to bend down and kiss her deeply as his friend fucks my wife to an assgasm.  She moans between his kisses as she pushes back and grinds against the dick in her ass.  As she recovers the kisses are once again replaced with his hard cock.

The three of them don't stay in that position too much longer.  As they shift the man who's cock she'd just been sucking asks her when her husband is going to be home.  Leslie giggles and tells him I've been watching for a while already.  Leslie had spotted me in the mirror earlier, every time we made eye contact I thought I might shoot my load looking at her in the eye while she played with these two cocks, it was a scorching scene.  Leslie then called for me and asked me to come in.

"Baby don't you want a better view of these two studs fucking your pretty slutty little wife?" she toyed with me.  Of course I did as I entered the room.  I was completely undressed by now and my dick was hard.  I felt like I was on deck, just waiting for these two to finish up.  No one said another word as Leslie go on top of the guy who had just been fucking her in the ass.  She sat reverse cowgirl and began to move her pussy up and down his hard cock.  The other man stood over them and played with Leslie's clit.

  I was almost mesmerized by her tits bouncing up and down as she rode that pole.  The guy playing with her clit then said to me what a hot fuck he thought my wife was and how lucky I was to have her everyday.  It was true I thought, and just then he had my wife lean back as he slid his dick into her wet pussy as the two men began to DP my wife.  Almost without hesitation the two went into overdrive fucking both holes hard and fast.

They slammed into her, the whole while Leslie watching me as I played with myself.  Her face was reddening as they fucked her hard, her breath was shortening and she was moaning now.  The two stopped briefly as Leslie turned around going from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl on the guy on the bottom, and then the two men also traded holes.  Once again it didn't take long until they were both fucking her fast again.  My wife looked like she was about to explode with an orgasm.  The three moved in harmony as each dick pounded pussy and ass, with my wife in between trying to get as much of both as possible. 

They fucked and fucked as my wife was screaming through a long orgasm.  Finally the one fucking her ass announced he was going to cum, and that's when she screamed her order for them to both cum now inside her.  It was almost too much for me to take as I watched all three hit their orgasms at once.  Knowing that two strangers were unloading jets and jets of their jizz inside my wife's pussy and asshole.

The three of them eventually untangle from the sweaty pretzel that they've become.  Leslie is glistening as she beckons me onto the bed with her with her finger.  As I approach the two men leave the bed and I can see their cum spilling out of her holes and onto our bed sheets.  Leslie kisses me as she gets me to lay down and then gets on top of me in a cowgirl position.  As we kiss I can feel the cum falling out of her and onto my hard cock, stomach and legs.  She teases my cock with the entrance of her pussy until she finally sits all the way down on me and I feel the rest of their spunk begin to escape

.  We keep kissing, not saying a word as Leslie rides me in front of the two men she just fucked in front of me.  I was so turned on and so was she.  She pulled up and leaned back as we frantically fucked each other's brains out.  I couldn't even comprehend the situation fully, I was so turned on and so was Leslie.  She told me she was going to cum again, and I could feel her pussy tightening up on my cock.  I couldn't hold back as she told me to cum inside her too.  We bucked frantically as I shot my load deep inside her, fucking her to another ruckus-like orgasm.

We kissed as she rolled off of me and onto the bed.  I sat up and saw that the two men were still here.  They had been watching and were apparently hard again.  My wife smiled as they stepped closer while she sat on the end of the bed and went back to sucking both their dicks in turns.  It wasn't long before they shot their second load all over my wife's face and tits.  She fell back onto the bed as she began to play with all the cum covering her body, pulling and licking it.  The two men dressed and left as I watched her filled with joy, cum and cock.

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partywife    (2010-03-02 13:31:16)    Flag as inappropiate
partywife God that made me cum so HARD. I loved that story makes me want to get gang-banged in front of my husband now, you give me dirty ideas. I'm so sad this is your last story. Anything I could do to convince you to write more ;) xo
wildatheart1214    (2009-12-03 01:48:34)    Flag as inappropiate
wildatheart1214 I love your stories keep them cumming;)
hotrebel    (2009-07-15 17:19:31)    Flag as inappropiate
hotrebel I think your stories continue to get better everytime.

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