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   I have always wanted to see my wife have sex with another man or men.  We haven't been married long and I was only the second man she had had sex with.  I went to sleep on the couch after dinner one night and woke up to see that she was watching a rerun of Opra about three couples who were swingers.  She told me you have to see this.  I could see that she was very interested in the show..  After the show was over she went in to check her computer to see if there were any swinger sites in our city.  There were many.  

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    I took the interest to mean that she would like to see what that was like.  She had shared with me some fantasies about what it was like to have sex with a black man and some other thoughts.  She had been the one to introduce oral sex with her first husband.  I was very turned on by her interest in swinging.  I had a plan. 

    I talked to about my interest and she was not going along with my idea.  It took a couple of days to bring her around, but she finally agreed to try.  

     First we needed some different clothes than this little Baptist girl had.  So we went shopping.  The first thing that we looked for was some sexy shoes.  We went to several stores looking for just the right pair of heels.  We finally found the pair that I liked and found the size that she needed.  She had such a danty foot that it was kind of hard to find a pair that fit.  

     Then we needed a sexy skirt and blouse, a short skirt and a very low cut plunging blouse.  Now for home and a shower and shave.  She liked to shave her pussy and usually kept it smothe.  Since we were going to go out, I wanted it freshly shaved.  I dressed while she put on our new purchases. I guess you noticed that we didn't purchase panties or bra.   Damn, she is still a great looking woman, even at her age.  She looks at least 20 years younger than her actual age.  

    We go bar hopping, looking for just the right place.  We finally settle on a very up scale hotel bar where there a lot of business people staying while in town on business.  We find a little corner where we can see the bar and dance floor.  We order a drink and dance to a band who is quite good.  I tell my wife to pick out a guy in the bar that she likes the looks of.  After a few minutes, she chooses a guy sitting at the bar with greying temples close to our age.  I tell our waitress to give him a drink on me.  

      When she delivers the drink, he says something to her and she points us out.  He comes over to our table and thanks us for the drink.  I invite him to sit with us and he does.  I had planned where we sit so that he had to sit next to my wife.  We make some small talk and I am intentionally being sexual in our conversation.  I ask him if he would like to dance with my wife and he does.  

    When they return to our table, he excuses himself and goes to the bathroom.  I ask my wife what he did and she said that he was a perfect gentleman.  When he returns, I ask him if he thinks my wife is sexy.  He says, yes and that I was a very lucky man.  I said, she isn't wearing any panties or bra and he could play with her pussy if he liked.  The look on his face is one of disbelief, but he goes for the pussy instantly.  They dance several times and he has his hands all over her body, up her skirt and down her blouse.  My wife's tits are  still pretty firm and not droopy like most women her age.  

     I could see that it was time to change locations now.  I told him that if he wanted to follow us to our house, he could.   So we went to our house with him following in his car.  

    When we got to our house, we invited him in and made him comfortable.  By this time, he was very at ease with us and me.  I made us all a drink and we sipped on our drinks for a few minutes.  We have a hot tub and I asked him if he wanted to try it out, only thing no clothes allowed in our hot tub.  He was ready for anything that I suggested.  

     My wife was very quick to get naked, and the guy and I followed.  We have the lights in it and around the top and it is really kind of sexy,  They change colors and it looks great when you are naked and you can see the naked bodies in the soft light.  We all got in the tub and my wife was acting like an old pro at seduction.  She was really getting into this.  I was delighted.  She slides over and rubs her pussy on his already hardening dick.  She grabs his dick and pulls it  out of the water and starts sucking on it. He obviously is not even knowing I am there.  His dick is fucking her mouth and he is thrusting it in her mouth and down her throut with such force that most women would choke.  Not my wife.  She takes me completely and all my dick.  I am not a small guy in the cock department.  My wife said that I am the biggest that she has ever had, except this guy.  He is huge.  (after this experience we started swapping and doing more threesomes and she had a lot of different men)  I know what he is thinking.  She sucks his dick and flips the head with her tongue.  She can tease a guy in a minute to organism and not even slow down.   I can see that this isn't going to last long.  She also sees it and says lets get more comfortable.  

     We have a room up stairs that is our "play room"  We have decorated it in a tiger theme and it is really cool.  We all go up stairs and get on the large king size bed.  I kind of hold back and let them get started without me.  I am more interested in watching than playing.  The guy kind of gives me a look over his sholder and I give him an approving look and say have fun.  My wife starts sucking his dick and I see that it is huge and throbbing.  He doesn't want to go too quick and starts to suck her pussy.  His cock is about to explode as they are doing her favorite a 69.  He is feeling the tingling of his dick as it is pulsating and girating against her mouth.  His head is about to pop as she sucks and tickles his thick dick head.  She teases it and plays with the most sensitive area. She knows just how to blow his mind.  I know what he is experiencing.  I love her sucking my dick and I am watching and wanting to share. Once when she switched to my dick while we were fucking, she started sucking my cock and she immeadetly climaxed.  She jerked and writhed as she blew her cunt and cum all over the bed.  She still can cum all over my dick and the bed, even at her age.  Now she doesn't squirt exactly, just cums. It runs out of her pussy like my cum except with much more force.   But I even more want to watch her fuck this guy.  This is the ultimate turn on.  God I am loving this. 

  My wife likes to be sucked off best of all.  She cums almost instantly.  She starts to suck his dick again and I see her climax so intently that she is jerking and thrusting her pussy against him like she is trying to fuck him.  He gets his throbbing dick in her pussy and fucks her a little, his balls slapping against her ass.  She explodes again.  I can see her jerk and writhe grinding her pussy against him.  That is all he can take, he cums in her pussy, his and her cum squirting all around his dick in her pussy.  I am so turned on that I nearly cum just watching them.  They are exausted, laying there with his dick soaking in her pussy.  I go down and get me another drink so I won't cum all over the carpet.  

     I go back up stairs and they are finally moving around.  The guy says that he has an early morning appointment and he should get some sleep.  We see his down stairs and he puts his clothes on and we see him out the door, only knowing his first name.  

     I take my beautiful wifes hand and lead her to our bedroom.  Our deal was not to fuck anyone in our bed room,  that was our special place  We go there and I lay her on the bed and with the lights on, I start lick her tits, circling her nipples with my tongue, then down her tummy, then teasning her pussy with my tongue, not on her clit.  Then I start licking her pussy from the inside and finally finding her hardening clit.  I flick it with my tongue and she is starting to move around on the bed, moaning and yelling.  Now it is time to suck her pussy, sucking on the clit and she explodes.  I mount her and start pounding her pussy until I cum in her cunt like I have never cum before.  Seeing her fuck that guy is the most exciting thing that I have ever seen.  I fall over and we both lay there too exausted to move. 

      Oh, by the way, I had my video camera going after they started fucking. I couldn't let this opportunity go.  I put some of the shots on the start of this story.  I hope they let them stay.

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unknown    (2009-06-11 19:08:24)    Flag as inappropiate
I found your story written nicely, but I think a number of women would find it more appealing to read more detail of the guys feelings as he received head :-)

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