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  By: Nathalie

I followed my master into the store. A little bit surprised at first, I reminded myself that I chose not to have any say in what he does with and to me. And, to tell the truth, I have never been disappointed before. But this, the pet-store, is a new one. I wonder what he has in mind. And by the cloth he had me wear - a business suit, with a short skirt a few inches above the knee, and a double-breasted jacket that reveal my cleavage and my bra - I knew he has something in mind... He walked in, went to a clerk and asked where he could find dog collars. I felt dizzy. Here ? Surely not...

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He followed the instructions, and arrived were the collars were displayed. After a couple minutes' browsing, he picked one from the rack. Turned to me, and fastened it around my neck. Then put it back in place, and picked another one. I knew it would be the one: black leather, white stiching, and a big steel buckle in front, for the leash. Which he found next, assorted. Quite pleased, he unfastened the collar and went back to the front. I had my eyes averted, intent on the floor and nothing else. I fet my nipples hard, and my thihgs wet already. Humiliation always gets me going when he does it so casually. He truly can make me feel like a accessory, a useful gadget without a mind of its own.

At the register, he made small talk with the female clerk and paid for the collar and leash. Then asked her if she had scissors, to remove the tags. Mistaking his intent, the clerk asked if it was a gift, and if he needed it wrapped. Yes, it was a gift, but no wrapping was necessary. He would use it right away. She did not ask anything else, but removed the tags. My master thanked her and turned to me. "Put it on", he ordered, handing me the collard with the short leash attached.

I took it, and tried to fastened it around my neck with my chin down. I couldn't do it. I took a big breath, raised my face and fastened it around my neck. My eyes crossed the clerk's, who was staring at me, shocked but into silence. With the collar in place, the leash was dangling between my breast. My master took it and led me out of the store, after thanking the clerk.
He let go of the leash walking out of the store, but made me keep it on as we walked home.
"Remember today", he said. "Today, you showed yourself as a bitch to someone else. Well, for the first time."

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pokermick    (2007-09-03 06:08:08)    Flag as inappropiate
What a tight ass. I would have bought you some dog biscuits and a new bowl, and I would have fed you a few at the checkout.

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