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  By: fleabass01

fetishes come in all shapes and sizes. Mine just happens to be licking women's assholes (amongst a number of others).


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There's something about licking at what most women consider the untouchable area of their body that turns me on, but even more than that is the fact that they get off on it so readily once we start going.


Someone I know, who I'll call Sharon, was working with me one day at the office. She's a good looking gal, a couple of extra pounds here and there, but blonde and nice sized boobs. We got to chatting and the conversation turned to sex, inevitably.


She confided in me that she was a total anal queen: she loved to be fucked in the ass, and have her ass eaten, and went totally wild with it. She talked about how dirty and sluttish it made her feel, and how she totally got off on it.  She was a little skeptical when I told her about my fetish about eating women's asses. In fact, she issued me a challenge: if I would eat her ass, then she'd let me fuck her ass right afterwards.


Needless to say, I accepted her challenge.


A short drive later, we were at her apartment. She let us in, and soon she was naked on all fours in the middle of her bed, ass in the air. Her asshole was delectably there, begging to be licked.


I knelt behind her, and then slowly ran my tongue up towards her asshole from her taint, not actually touching her sphincter, just circling around it. She moaned, and reached back to pull her cheeks apart. "Lick me!" she demanded, to which I replied with a grin and a statement of "all in good time, my dear Sharon". Continuing to circle her browneye, I would blow cool breath onto it, causing her to squeal in delight.

Then the moment came: I licked broadly across her asshole with the flat of my tongue, then again, and then pressed my thinned tongue against her hold, moving it around and around, gently making my way inside her. She moaned and groaned and bucked against me, forcing her hole back against my tongue. I kept tongue-fucking her, getting as deep as I could, and withdrawing to lick with my flattened tongue from her taint over her asshole, then returned to the tongue-fucking.


After a good 25 minutes of this, and multiple orgasms for her, she lay on the bed, the flush on her cheeks and upper chest belieing her past orgasms. She looked sleepily at me, smiled and then asked me to take my pants off. As I did so, my rock-hard cock sprang out of my boxers, and her eyes widened a little as she realized that while I was only 7" long, I was _very_ thick, and she was going to be taking that up her ass in short order.  But true to her word (and her orgasm riddled daze), she propped herself up on some pillows and handed me a condom and a bottle of KY.


Her sphincter was nicely relaxed, but I still heaped on the lube and the fingering, preparing her for the sliding in of my cock. She took deep breaths as she felt my head against her hole, and then strained as if she was shitting to let the sphincter relax more, and with a gentle pop, I was encased by her ass. The intake of breath was reward enough on knowing that she was feeling very full of my cock, and she slowly forced herself back onto my member. As she relaxed more and more, she fucked me harder and harder, and soon my heavy balls were slapping her pussy as I pounded her ass hard. Her orgasms preceded mine multiple times, until finally I unloaded my jism into the condom in her ass, and slowly extracted myself from her, leaving her spent on the bed.


Quickly cleaning both of us up (it's the gentlemanly thing to do, don't you know?), we headed back to work. It wouldn't be the last time we exchanged fetishes, nor would it be the last time that I fucked her ass.  

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easypeasy    (2009-06-26 21:20:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, another hot one! Love, love, love your enthusiasm for rimming--definitely gets my pussy tingling. :)

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