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  By: fleabass01

My neighborhood is the typical suburban area: quarter acre lots, kids running around til all hours, lives of quiet desperation going on, and as it turns out, sex everywhere.


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My next door neighbor Donna had been moved in next to me for about 2 years. Tallish woman, brown hair, very attractive, but kept overing herself up with sweat pants and oversized t-shirts. Except for one day where I was out mowing my lawn and she was laying out on her patio in a bikini. I guess her husband is the jealous type, because she was racked with the most gorgeous set of breasts I'd laid my eyes on. Good solid D-cup, still firm despite her impending brush with 45, and just all around delightful. It became harder and harder to sit comfortably as pass after pass of my backyard brought me back to that delightful piece of mature flesh laying out. My cock strained against my shorts and my mind was working in overtime as to the delights that she would offer. I remember thinking to myself that "I bet she's a freak in the sack". 


About 2 months later, I was out in the backyard, working on landscaping. The heat was intense, and the wife had gone out of town with the kiddos to visit friends. I had stripped off my shirt, and was enjoying the heat when I heard a voice call out to me: "Looking good, neighbor". It was Donna, standing in a pair of shorts and a cut off t-shirt with a pitcher of ice water.


"looking good yourself, neighbor" I responded.

"You look parched, care for some water?" she asked.

"You're a lifesaver, Donna" I said, as I took the glass from her, and drained it, and each time she refilled it, I drank it.

I thanked her, and we parted ways: she back to her house and me back to my work.


As the day ended, I was almost done with trimming the hedges when I heard her voice call out to me again.


"Hey, Chip?"  tenuousness was in the voice.

"Hi Donna, what's up?"

"I really hate to ask, but I need some manly man help in the house."

"Mark not man enough?" I enquired, evoking a laugh at the joke regarding her husband.

"In so many ways not".

I blinked back my surprise. 

"I'll be right over".


I knocked at the back door, and she let me in, a picture of loveliness in the cool air of the house. I was still sweating like a pig from the July sun, and the air felt great.

"what can I help you with?"

She blushed, and quite heavily.

"I know you've been watching me laying out."

Now it was my turn to blush.

"Was it that obvious?"

She laughed freely: "Only because that same patch of grass got mowed six times!"

I laughed, the tension broken. She stood with her arms braced against the table top, accentuating the heft of her breasts, allowing the story to tumble out.

"Mark just hasn't been cutting it in the bedroom at all. I'm hitting that point in my life where I'm not only hormonally enhanced, but I'm exploring my sexuality. He's just not into it: if it's not missionary or me blowing him, he's not interested."

"Wow," I said, "He never struck me as insane! I mean, a woman as beautiful and sexy as you should have no trouble in wooing him into doing what you want him to.."

"You'd think, wouldn't you? But he's resisting my womanly charms" She stopped for a moment, as if stepping over a line mentally. "I want to ask you to help me", she said, in a smaller voice.

"Help you what?" I asked, in a smaller voice.

"I want you to help me explore sex. I want you to help me  see what I've been missing out on."

 We sat at the kitchen table and had a long discussion about where she was at mentally, what she was hoping to do and experience, and how we would handle the inevitable relationship that would build between us. At the end of the discussion, I put my hand on hers and said "I'm ready when you are".

 "let's go", she said confidently.

First up was taking care of yard work, and I don't mean on her lot. We adjourned to the bathroom, where I tamed the bush that was above her pussy, and telling her not to worry about me shaving that close to her clit: she'd seen me work, I'm meticulous.  20 patient minutes later, I rand my hand across a smooth labia and mons to her labored breathing, and then down her slit to her freshly shaven asshole. It was too much to resist, and I put my lips over her pussy lips and started to eat her out.

She later confided in me that it was the first time she'd been eaten out so completely since fumblings in high school with a softball team member. I ate and licked and bit and poked and prodded her lips, her clit, her taint, and even her asshole. That had her going crazy, particularly when I slid a finger into her browneye as I licked at her clit. She came, she came hard, and I almost got broken fingers.

 It was at this point that she demanded that she be fucked, and fucked hard. I asked her if she was ready for anal, and she said that she needed to know how big my cock was first, which was the perfect excuse for me to unzip. I let her undo my button and fly and let my cock out into the air. I'm reasonably well endowed, but she looked frightened of my girth. I took her hand and put it on my cock, and as she encircled it with her fingers, exclaimed that it was thicker than her wrist and there was no way I'd get that up her ass.  I like a challenge, but it wasn't to be tonight.


Remembering how limited she was on her position making, I lay on the bed, erection sticking up into the air, and told her to mount me so that she could control how fast and how deep I would go. To say that the cowgirl got to ride like she'd never ridden before was an understatement, and having to catch her before she passed out from the orgasm took some doing, as I was busy sucking tit at the time. She lay next to me, completely out of breath and energy, totally fucked. I, having as yet not cum, straddled her, and lay my cock between her big boobs, and started to fuck them. The pressure on either side she provided along with me pinching her nipples and kneading her breasts soon got her coming again, and finally resulted in me painting the underside of her chin with my ropes of cum.


It was the first of many lessons. 

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easypeasy    (2009-06-26 21:24:03)    Flag as inappropiate
Man, am I glad I decided to log in and catch up on some stories tonight. Your stuff pushes a lot of my buttons! Nice! :)

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