Sort of short masturbation piece, by request   added 6 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

Because hotforit asked, and I'm still feeling pretty horny, I thought I'd tell what I did after I finished and posted my story yesterday. 


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I had been saving my toys for my reward after I finished and posted the story, so afterwards, I watched a little more porn again, to get in the mood.  Lots of ass-fucking.  I started with some gay porn, really rough hot fucking, big thick cocks plowing slick hairy assholes.  Mm, very hot.  Then I moved onto a mixture of other stuff, but I was especially getting off on the ass-fucking with women, too.  Some really hot double-penetration, women moaning and bouncing on two cocks, fuck, my cunt is getting so wet remembering and writing about it.

So I watched some porn and just played with my pussy a little, just rubbing the lips, letting my slick cunt juice spread all over, getting my fingers and my hairy cunt lips all sticky.  My clit was so sensitive, and after a while, I needed more.  I turned off the porn because I wanted room to move, and I had to listen with headphones since my brother is visiting and his room is just on the other side of a wall in my bedroom.  I tease myself a lot thinking about that, rubbing my pussy in my room and whispering dirty things to myself, wondering if he can hear me at all. 

Earlier, before I started typing this, I was taking some pictures of how wet my cunt is, and I started rubbing my pussy and really getting into it.  I totally lost track of where I am, and I started really bucking my cunt up onto my fingers and I think I was whispering pretty loud about how hot and wet my pussy is and much I want to get fucked.  I'm pretty sure he's sleeping, but our old house could have been shaking from how much I was squirming and fucking my cunt around.  It's making me so hot to think he might have been lying there in bed listening to me, maybe getting hard in his shorts thinking about me with my fingers in my wet pussy. 

But yesterday I wasn't quite brave enough to listen to the porn really loud while he's here, so I turned it off when I was ready to fuck myself and really get off.  I wanted to take it up the ass, so I needed room to stand up and brace myself. 

I started by just buzzing my regular favorite vibrator all over my pussy.  I just let it slide all around in my cunt, and moved my pussy over it however it felt good, letting myself fuck my hole on it a little and then move my cunt back to buzz the head right over my clit.  I like to do that and pretend somebody is licking my pussy.  I stand with one leg on my bed and bend over, lower my cunt down onto the head of the vibrator like I'm backing my cunt up onto someone's face, let it buzz and slide all over and around my clit like someone's tongue is lapping and licking at me. 

Sometimes I start fucking my clit against it, rubbing and rubbing like someone's really eating me out, and then I like to bend over even farther and really stick my ass up in the air, spread as wide as I can, and get my cunt on the vibrator at an angle where it slides over and over my clit and the curved head just barely pushes into my hole, over and over, like I'm getting licked and just barely fingered.  By that time, I'm moaning and whimpering, and if I'm alone, I'm groaning dirty things really loud about how my cunt is so hot, and I love to get eaten out, I love to feel a tongue in my dirty wet pussy, and I want to get fucked hard, I want a cock in me so hard, fucking me, god, and if I can't moan loud, I whisper all those dirty things as quiet as I can.  I could easily come like that, but usually I just get myself all worked up so I'm ready to come even harder when I get fucked.

Yesterday I let myself get into it for a little bit, but I knew what I really wanted.  Finally, I made myself pull the vibrator away from my pussy and sit up, and my cunt was throbbing so hot.  I had sticky cunt juice all over my pussy.  I put a glove on my left hand and rubbed it into my cunt, fingering my hole hard a few times and rubbing all over my pussy lips and clit.  When my fingers were nice and slick I brought them back to my ass and pushed two fingers right up my asshole.  It was slick enough to be easy and tight enough to burn, and I just leaned forward and fingered my ass for a few moments, feeling my cunt tingling and clenching every time I shoved my fingers in.

  My asshole took three fingers easy when I put some actual lube on my hole, and when I turned my vibrator back on and started buzzing my clit then slid it down to tease my hole at the same time again, it was easy to rock back and forth, fingering my ass and grinding my pussy down onto my vibrator, and I had to make myself stop again before I came.

I had barely stretched my ass, no more than a couple minutes for all of it, but I didn't want to wait anymore.  My cunt was so wet and so sensitized and ready to come, and I really just wanted to feel a big dick in my ass.

So I got out the big purple dildo, rolled on a condom, and gave it a little more lube.  My whole ass was slick with it by this point, but I really hadn't stretched my hole very much, and I figured more lube wouldn't hurt.  I pushed the button to turn the little mini-vibe on--it's not a lot, but I love the buzzing feeling right around the opening of my asshole.  I put the vibrator down and moved my ass over, feeling the huge rounded head pushing between my cheeks and over my hole.  It's at this point that I never think I'm going to be able to take it, when I feel how big the head is, and I feel it start to burn as my asshole stretches around it.  I usually get the head about halfway in and my legs start shaking.  My heart is always pounding, and my asshole burns and aches with how big it is, and sometimes I have to pull away for a minute, reach back and feel my hole, still so slick and extra sensitive from the friction.

When I really want it, I always go back, always move back over the dildo and push my asshole back onto the head.  Yesterday I knew I was really rushing it so I left the head halfway in, at the worst point, god, hurting so much, and I brough the dildo back to my pussy and turned it on high.  I shook and panted and felt my heart race, and I almost cried from the ache as I forced the dildo into my ass, buzzing and buzzing over my clit and my pussy hole until I finally just shoved my ass down hard and took the huge thick cock all the way inside me.  It's always a shock when it finally slides in, and I'm filled so hard, my ass burning and clenching and spasming around this thick hard rod shoved deep and hard up my hole so suddenly like that.  I usually can't help bouncing a little, trying to move away, my legs shaking, and then falling back down, feeling it fuck hard back up my ass as I move. 

Yesterday it didn't take me more than a few frantic seconds before I started to really feeling the friction on my hole as I fucked my ass up and down on it, started really feeling it like a thick hard cock fucking into me.  I was so ready to get fucked, and I leaned back to brace one hand on my bed, my legs spread wide at the door of my bedroom, my cunt open and wet, my asshole fucking hard up and down on this big thick purple dildo.  I took the vibrator in my other hand and kept it buzzing on my clit, trying to imagine someone was licking my pussy while my ass got fucked, loving the feeling of a tongue sliding all over my clit and my cunt while a long hard prick fucks me up the ass. 

I started whimpering, feeling my whole body get more and more tense, and my cunt hole started clutching and spasming every time I fucked my ass down.

Knowing it was time, knowing this is what I had been waiting for and I was going to get to come finally, I slid the vibrator down over my hole and shoved it deep in my pussy, grunting at the feeling of a cock sliding so deep in my cunt while another cock fucked hard into my ass.  God, it's making my heart race now as I write about it, and my nipples are so hard, I'm pinching them and squirming my wet pussy around thinking about that feeling yesterday of getting fucked so hard. 

I held the buzzing vibrator hard in my pussy for a few moments, fucking my ass up and down even harder on the big dildo, feeling myself filled so hard with cock, and then I started fucking the vibrator in and out of my cunt, grinding my wet pussy up onto it and then slamming my tight wet asshole down onto the dildo, getting fucked hard everywhere.

taking it hard and deep up my ass and in my dirty sloppy wet cunt, hearing the slick wet sounds of fucking and my harsh panting moaning, calling myself a dirty dirty hole a dirty slut who wants to get fucked hard and deep and take it make me take it hard in my holes, and grinding my pussy onto the vibrator over and over utnil I hit an angle where it slid over my clit, and I bucked hard and fucked myself so wild for a second, not knowing how to get it, how to come, how to fuck myself just hard and right until finally everything exploded, and I came so hard. 

My whole body was arching and bucking, and I could feel my asshole squeeze hard around the thick cock buried deep up my ass, and my cunt flooded with hot come all over my hand and the cock still shoving and grinding up my pussy hole, and come was running down to my ass, and I just held that cock deep in my pussy and ground my ass down hard that other cock until my cunt stopped spasming and clenching, and I could relax back onto the bed. 

When I pulled the dildo out of my ass, I was *really* sore, and my whole body wouldn't stop shaking and shivering after.  I lay back and just let myself recover for a while, and occasionally I let my hand brush over my cunt, which always made it throb a little.  It was pretty intense, and I would say it was an excellent reward for finally writing and posting another story.  :)

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Comments for Sort of short masturbation piece, by request

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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 21:52:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Nah, no amateurs, but the fantasy of being watched is really hot for me. God, imagining my brother watching me finger my pussy and come on my hand, mmm!
buster    (2010-10-06 22:51:03)    Flag as inappropiate
buster I once walked into my sister moaning and seating... She didn't take much convincing for letting me watch and quickly join the show..... Mmmmm
Actually I LOVE being watched myself... Any amateurs?
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 13:37:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, gibb0, I'm glad it worked for you. And (un)fortunately, my brother did not come for a peek! I like to think maybe he heard me, though, and got hard listening to me come. ;-)
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 13:36:32)    Flag as inappropiate
Mm, CanadianCasanova, that was just the right thing to say to get my pussy wet, thanks. I love thinking of him hearing me and jerking his cock while he listens. :)
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 13:35:38)    Flag as inappropiate
Well, thanks for asking at just the right moment to coincide with my inspiration, hotforit! I'd say it worked out well for all of us. ;-) Mm, cunt is tingling right now thinking of you seeing me.
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 13:34:44)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks as always, Soohard--I hope it was really good when you got off. :)
CanadianCasanova    (2009-05-06 14:29:29)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova I love reading about you masturbating easypeasy! I wish I was your brother. I'd be masturbating listening to you.
gibb0    (2009-05-05 18:15:26)    Flag as inappropiate
wow amazing story, did u brother hear or come for a peek :P
hotforit    (2009-05-04 16:02:26)    Flag as inappropiate
WOW! Thanks for dedicating that one to me. It was hot and I loved it. I would have loved to open your door while you were in the act and watch you come all over that big purple thang!
Soohard08    (2009-05-04 15:12:50)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 My god you are so great storywriter, I realy getting rockhard and my precum is dripping wild making my top off my cock soo sensitive but i forse myself not to grab it and hardmasterbate my self. No i have to tease me a fev houers before i let me come

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