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  By: AHug

I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone unless they were right in front of me. The first few days I couldn’t go anywhere without my breath getting caught in my throat when I imagined seeing her across the street, in the store or on the bus. Finally I had been able to push her out of my mind and function with a regular heartbeat. So when there was a blonde, slim girl at the gym I didn’t react in any other way but give Angie a nice thought that stirred a comfortable, lovely feeling inside me.


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When I began feeling a different kind of warmth take a firm hold inside me I credited it to my over active imagination. And then one moment I was giving my first shoulder-press set my hardest, and the next I raised my head and was staring straight into her green eyes a few meters away. My heart stopped for more than a moment, and I was thankful that I didn’t have any weights to hold on to. Her playful eyes slid over my body, feeling more and more exposed as her gaze became more intense. My chest heaved and I could feel my nipples stiffen beneath my sport top.

Angie’s skin was glistening, she’d been giving it her all as well. I wondered how long she’d been there, how long since she’d noticed me. After that it was hard to focus on my training and after failing I gave up and looked around for her. I couldn’t see her around the machines or in the stretching area, I couldn’t see anyone there actually.

With a stab in me I realized that she might be in the locker room. Taking her clothes off, maybe. Very tense I went down the stairs, opened the door to the showers and stepped in. I had to look around some lockers before I found her. She hadn’t taken anything of yet, but she was so sexy it was hard to find any words, I felt myself becoming hot – inside and out.

Standing there in front of her I was torn between being irresistibly drawn to her and nervous about what she might do. My hands fidgeted and I couldn’t find a safe direction to look. But suddenly I noticed that she was nervous too. I expected her to make a move like last time and she didn’t.

Her cheeks were flushed and she seemed to have difficulty meeting my eyes as well. I saw her shy glancing at my body and quickly looking away. I was so relieved! Without thinking I took a step closer to her and reached out and took her hand. She looked at me, her lips parting slightly. She was perfectly alluring. With a tingling in my fingers I grasped her hand more firmly and leant closer to her. My lips were right next to hers and yet she didn’t seem to dare to kiss me. Instead I felt her hand tighten around mine. Surprised at myself I lost my composure and slipped my other hand around her neck, pulling her lips to mine.

In a moment her body pressed against mine and her hands caressed my lower back. Angie’s breasts rubbed against mine through our clothes. Static formed between the synthetic fibers and she would sometimes manage to stimulate my stiffening nipples and making me moan softly into her mouth. It seemed to urge her on and her hands caressed my body, slightly tugging at times.

That in turn drove me on something fierce and my hips, as if by their own volition, pressed against her. My hands went to her hips, squeezing slightly before moving over her back. Excitement drove me to slide my hands down over her buttocks. It was Angie who moaned then. Something seemed to finally pull free inside her, after a long struggle. She grabbed my neck in one hand and pulled the other behind my back. Our kiss was passionate, growing hotter by the moment. My body became terribly sensitive, every touch through the fabric of my top and soft cotton pants. Every time I moved there was pleasure surging through me. My already warm body felt like it was steaming.

Losing myself in the feeling of her body once more so close to me I was startled when she pulled back from our embrace. It was hard for me to form word to question her action. But she looked shyly at me. Her cheeks were flushed, maybe not only from her exercise or our embrace.

“Would you…” she said, “I mean… do you want to…” She swallowed hard and I saw that she was embarrassed! In my mind I could imagine no other Angie than the gorgeous, confident girl who had seduced me. Perhaps she thought that I didn’t want her as much as she wanted me. I smiled slightly and all the while trying to hide my own uncertainty I pushed my pants down over my hips and had them fall to the floor. I couldn’t look at her when I pulled my top over my head and undid my bra. Naked but for my panties I stood before her.

The moment before she stepped closer was eternal. When she touched me it was to pull out the rubber band that held my hair. With a soft hand the ruffled my hair slightly and her fingers softly caressing made me moan. In spite of my best efforts my body lost composure and I shivered slightly. I swallowed.

“I don’t think anybody will come here, but do you want to…?” I didn’t have to wait long for her answer. Her hands moved from my hair, over my neck, chest, to finally stop above my breasts and more importantly my nipples. I had to try to take a deep breath and give her a steamed gaze before she let her fingers slide over them and there was a surge of pleasure travelling down my stomach and in between my thighs.

Beside the excitement of having her so close to me, a deep sense of horniness began to take hold of me. Flashes of last time went through my mind and all I could think about was how hot it made me feel, how sexy. How goddamn sexy she was. My hands reached out and pulled at her clothes.  She could barely take her hands of me long enough to help me get off her t-shirt. I loosened her training bra swiftly in the back and finally her breasts lay bare for me to admire. My breath caught in my throat when I could move my hands over her lovely white skin, feel her pink nipples stiffen under my touch. I knew what she felt when she closed her eyes and moaned.

A very certain spot in me began to pound and pulse and throb. As if she knew, she let her hand slide down over my stomach. A burning followed her touch as a finger found its way between my legs. I took an uneasy step and spread them for her. My body became weak and I had to steady myself with a hand on her shoulder.

When I opened my eyes she was smiling at my mischievously. “What do you say about getting you out of those wet clothes?” The smile was contagious even as the blush crawled up my neck. Whilst I was confounded she stepped back from me, turned around and pulled down her pants and panties. She reached into her locker and fetched a bottle of soap. “Feel like taking a shower with me?” I truly did and my panties soon joined hers on the floor.

Angie took my hand in hers and led my shyly, naked to the showers. The floor was cold under our feet but my body seemed to be burning again.

t first we stood somewhat apart, started a shower each and let the water caress out bodies. But the excitement didn’t fade but grew. I saw the water flow over her body, her slim hips and legs, her flat stomach and her firm breasts. In a mix of conscious asking and pure longing I was drawn closer to her.

When the first burst of water ended she took the bottle of soap, took some in her hand and beckoned me closer. You might grow tired of ready about my moans, but I’m afraid I do it alot. Feeling Angie’s slippery hands slipping around my neck, massaging slightly certainly made me moan. She patiently, teasingly washed my shoulders and arms and hands. She stroked down my back, coming seductively close to me, her chest almost touching mine. I moaned as much out of frustration as out of pleasure.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I put my hand behind her neck and pulled her to me. She kissed me back and I felt her breasts on mine. I pushed against her and she came up against the wall. Angie moaned under my lips and urged me on further. My hands roamed her body, finally coming down on her thighs. Excitement stabbed through me when I realized that I was about to touch her naked lips, feel her wetness. I looked in her eyes and on her parted mouth when my fingers moved in between her lips. A tiny gasp escaped her and she closed her eyes.

“Oh, god” I whispered when I felt how wet she was. My finger moved so easily over her and I relished exploring her. Her heavy breathing urged me on, as did her hands hugging my arms. Angie spread her legs ever so slightly. “Do you want me to…?” I began but was cut off by her kissing my passionately. My finger stroked her opening and she stifled a moan. I took it as a clear affirmative and began to push my finger inside her. She shivered and her hands gripped tighter. It was sexy, hot and adorable to see her feel such pleasure from my movements. I felt around inside her and was rewarded with a soft moan she couldn’t hold back. I slowly pulled out until only my fingertip was inside her and then pushed inward again.

Angie squirmed and pushed her body against mine. I felt her tense up more and more and I moved my finger faster, pressing against her spasm. I felt her orgasm approach as clear as if it’d been my own and her pleasure motivated me to driver her harder. She moaned louder and her breathing became fast and irregular. She was so sexy and there was a distinct pounding between my legs as well. My other fingers went to her breasts and gently pinched her nipples

. It was building fast inside her I could tell and I relished it. As it happened I heard a door open and my heart almost stopped but I couldn’t really care. I kissed Angie to stifle her sounds and that was when she came. She gripped my finger so tight and I had to support her to keep her standing. Necessity forced me back to reality and I pushed the showers on. I kissed Angie softly as she was coming around I couldn’t help smiling at her. She was smiling too, and looking a bit surprised maybe. 

She gained her balance and I moved away just as another woman came to the showers. We shared a knowing moment, not yet used to what had happened. I did know, however, that I very much enjoyed playing with Angie, and if it was up to me, I would many times more.


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easypeasy    (2009-05-02 16:17:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, very very hot. Great description of the fingering, and I like the nearly public sex aspect. Got me all wet! :)
hotforit    (2009-05-01 14:00:58)    Flag as inappropiate
I like this. Just about the same fantasy I have. You made me hot

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