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My life seems to be so mixed up but so much more exciting since my sister-in-law, Jue, allowed me to fuck her for the first time since she married my wife’s brother 5 years ago and has the honor of being the first woman I’ve fucked since marrying my wife 12 years ago. I know some of you will think the worst of me and my sister-in-law and I’m sorry if you do as we don’t want anyone to get hurt.


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This account is a little long but when you’re 40 and start fucking a younger woman of 31 you want to remember every last detail. Jue is 31, 5’9” with a typical hourglass figure that looks good in anything. She has lovely tits with superb nipples and is shaven with lovely long, long legs. Jue’s always been a shy girl and has had little confidence until recently. I must explain that I am happily married to my wonderful wife of 12 years and I’m a typical English bloke who’s starting to go bald!

I have always, always looked at Jue and fantasized about fucking her or at least getting her to give me a blow job but hadn’t dared to take things further than fantasizing in my own perv mind. Do all middle aged guys think like me? I am, after all, 40 years old. Over the years I have seen a few glimpses of her tits and on one famous occasion when we were camping in Wales, she bent down next to my camping chair to sort something out in a bag and I got to see her beautiful tits for quite a while until she realized what I was doing and playfully slapped me for “peeving” at them. Well, she should have worn a bra!

She is great fun when she’s had a glass or two of wine and really relaxes and can get very flirty when I start asking her to flash me again with her tits! Her husband Steve is more like a brother to me and we get along fine but he does get a little jealous if Jo and I go too far when we drink and start flirting. My wife gets pretty jealous too, it must be a family trait. So far we have never gone further as I’d hate to spoil things within our family but I have always had the thought that Jue is not directly related to me and in that case was a woman that I wanted to fuck. To complete my description of our situation I just want to add that Jue has a very innocent way about her and does not get all of my suggestive/pervy remarks straight awa

y. So, how did I end up fucking her? Well last year I bought a canal cruiser (cabin cruiser to any non UK readers) and had it transported to our local canal mooring. Jue was really into helping tidy the boat up and all of us enjoyed working on my boat. My wife and I are really into the canal scene and love traveling around on the UK canals. Jue, more than her husband Steve, took to our new found boating fun and suggested that whenever we go down to the boat that we should call them and see if they are free to come with us. Their idea was to gain enough experience to one day take a holiday in it without us.

One Saturday evening I called Steve to see if they wanted to come down to the boat for the day on the following Wednesday, which is my day off and they readily agreed as they were off work too. All was set up for a great day when my wife’s driving instructor arranged a mock driving test and called on the Monday to say that a slot was available on Wednesday of all days! This meant the she had to go and could not come with us but encouraged me to go anyway as we had a few jobs to complete on the boat.

Wednesday came around and I was genuinely looking forward to taking Steve and Jue down to the boat. I set out at just after 8am and called to collect them. Jue answered the door with an upset look on her face and said that they couldn’t come as Steve had pulled his back the day before and it was no better today. I went inside to find Steve lying flat on his back and looking pretty pissed off. I stayed for a cuppa (cup of tea to you non-UK rs) and started to console Steve who was not a happy camper. After a short while Steve hit on the idea that Jue should go with me by herself and enjoy the day instead of sitting there all day with him.

Jue reluctantly agreed and I have to admit that my dirty old mind clicked into gear as the prospect of a day with Jue by herself dawned on me. She finally agreed and went upstairs to get change into some old clothes. I cheekily suggested that she only needed her bikini as it’s been pretty hot over here in the UK this summer. Jue shouted down that if I was going to be an old perv all day that she wouldn’t come at all so I apologized and said that I was only joking. She came down wearing some old jeans and a baggy tee shirt, which I thought she looked pretty damn sexy in anyway.

We set out and as our mooring is only a few miles away we reached the boat at around 8:30 and started unpacking our stuff. I told Jue it was great to have her all to myself for the day and she just said that I’d have to behave myself or she’d be walking home. As I mentioned, we have had some great weather here in the UK this summer and this day was no exception. As the temperature stated to rise Jue shocked me by taking her tee shirt off to reveal her bikini top which showed her tits off really well. Of course, I teased her with the idea that she should get more comfy and remove her jeans but she was having none of that and insisted that this was all the excitement that I’d be having during our day

. I have just replaced the outboard motor and an idea struck me. I suggested that we go out for a short trip to test my new engine to which Jue readily agreed. We started out and went down the canal for about 2 hours, which was great fun. It was getting near lunchtime so I suggested we turn around and moor up for lunch. Jue had brought some sandwiches and drinks so all was set for lunch. Jue unpacked our lunch and we set out the table in the cockpit of the boat and started munching away.

I have to confess that my thoughts were on how I could get Jue to remove her jeans ever since she said no earlier and I must have had a vacant look on my face as my mind wandered as she asked what I was thinking about. I truthfully said that I was wondering if she had her bikini bottoms on and she cheekily grinned as she showed me the top of her bikini bottoms! I asked straight out if she would take her jeans off and to my delight she stated to remove them saying that she would get no peace from me until she did.

So, there she was at last, in her bikini and looking pretty fantastic. She then pulled a bottle of wine out of her rucksack, which surprised me slightly, and asked if I had any glasses on board and after I had produced them she poured it out for us to enjoy. I was wearing my shorts and tee-shirt and so took my tee-shirt off and said that it was only fair as she was only wearing a bikini.

I honestly couldn’t keep my eyes off her and she knew that and asked me not to keep peeving at her. I responded by saying that she looked lovely and that any man should look the same way at her. She would not agree that any man would look at her and so we started playing a game to see if passing boaters would look at her. I would win one pound for every man or woman that looked at her and she would win one pound for every one that didn’t. I was soon ahead as my fellow boating men (thank you guys) did not let me down as they took sneaky looks at Jue every time they went passed in their boats. She even got a wolf whistle from a group of younger lads who appreciated her ample charms. Jo was genuinely shocked at their reaction and started to enjoy the attention.

By now the wine was kicking in and I was starting to get ideas about seeing how far she would go and called her my ‘boating bitch’ to which she just laughed and giggled. Now, we have always loved playing card games and so I suggested we finish our lunch break with a quick game of cards. Jo was up for it and suggested we play rummy. I suggested strip poker but she tutted and said I was getting very predictable. We started and after a few hands I suggested that we play dare or forfeit for each hand.

To my delight she agreed but clearly said that I would not be seeing anything that she didn’t want me to see. This disappointed me but I do not give up easily. Jue lost the first hand and I had to think up something for her to do as a forfeit. I finally suggested that she flash her tits to a passing boater to which she thought about for a second but then refused! To my absolute amazement she turned around and flashed me instead saying that I have already seen them before and that it was a less dangerous thing to do. My dick started to twitch at the sight of her beautiful tits and I went all shy as I tried to hide my discomfort.

We played the next hand, which I also won and I asked for a repeat performance to which she duly obliged but flashed for a little bit longer. I, of course, complimented her on her fine assets! The next hand was won by Jo and she was very happy to have won because she was clapping her hands with glee which nicely pushed her tits together much to my appreciation. Jue thought for a while and asked as bold as you like for me to flash my dick. (I love what wine does to her) I hesitated for a moment feeling genuinely embarrassed. Is fantasy so different from reality?

But I pulled my shorts down anyway and out popped my dick in a semi hard state. Of course, I left it there longer than just a quick flash and noticed that Jue was looking pretty intently at it. I wiggled it about before putting it back in. Jue just smiled, shook her head, but had this lovely sexy smile across her face. I am just over 8 ½ inches long and have about a 3 inch girth if you must know! I could tell that Jue was slightly shocked as Steve is smaller than me. (Swimming at our local pool and showers etc confirmed this for me ages ago) Jue had to say that she didn’t know that I had such a lovely dick and that she’d like to see it again

. This totally shocked me and I never dream t that my sister-in-law would ever have said such a thing. We played on and I won the next hand and asked her to prove whether or not she was shaven or natural. Jo looked nervous and looked around to see a boat coming past but waited for it to go by and then stood up and just pulled her bikini bottoms down for a few seconds but long enough for me to see that she was as smooth as they come. ‘Very nice,’ I thought, as she quickly pulled them back up. Jue won the following hand and asked to see my dick again. Note that she did not ask for a quick flash so I pulled my shorts down and sat back down with my dick hanging out still semi hard.

Jue started to get flustered as she realized that I was not giving her a quick flash and so I chipped in very quickly that I hoped she didn’t mind if I let it get some air. She started to go very red and said that she didn’t mind at all but cautioned me not to let any passing boater see it. Jue started to get used to seeing my semi hard dick hanging out and we started to play the next hand. I caught her sneaking a look at my dick now and then and casually asked her if she was enjoying the view. She just laughed and said she was but I put it away just in case anyone walked pass on the towpath. (A towpath to non-UK’ rs is a footpath that runs alongside the canal) Jue won the next hand and I asked her what she wanted me to do

. She thought for a moment and seemed reluctant to ask and it was funny to see her so hesitant. Jue finally took a deep breath and asked me to take my dick out and pull my foreskin back for her, which I duly did as I’m uncut, and out popped the slightly purple and bulbous head. She just looked at it and said “nice” before looking away all embarrassed. The next hand was won by her again and this time and without hesitating, she asked me to get my dick out for her to feel. I was more than happy to and duly obliged and then she just reached out and grabbed it and started rubbing it gently up and down.

She remarked on how soft my skin felt and grinned as my dick started to harden. She had this ‘new kid with a toy’ look on her face as she watched my dick grow to full length. The feeling of your sister-in-law rubbing your dick up and down is fantastic…..very erotic! My dick usually starts to gentle throb when it gets fully hard and Jue commented that she could feel it starting to throb. I loved every minute she was rubbing and holding my dick which lasted for what seemed ages but in reality was only about 3-4mins. She eventually stopped much to my dismay and said that’s enough for now which didn’t go unnoticed in my pervy brain.

At last, I won the next hand and had to think what I wanted her to do…mm mm…decisions, decisions. I eventually asked her to remove her bikini bottoms and leave them off during the next hand. She hesitated but complied as she’s really a good sport and was sitting with her legs under our table anyway. She looked around again to see if the coast was clear and took them off but quickly sat down again with a worried look on her face. I of course was staring at her pussy from where I was sitting in a vain attempt to see more. As we started to play the next hand I noticed that she was becoming more comfortable with her state of undress and was beginning to relax. I guess to anyone passing we must have looked a pretty normal couple playing a game of cards.

As the hand went on Jue re-adjusted herself and opened her legs a little. I couldn’t help myself and asked her to part her legs a little more so that I could get a better view. Jue, to my delight, opened her legs further so that I could see more of her cunt. What a view, it was hard to concentrate on the game and my dick was rock hard and sticking out of the bottom of my shorts. I re-adjusted myself and then took my shorts off and said that two can play at that game. Jue protested that no hand had been won so what was I up to. I said that if she played her cards right we’d see what I was up to later.

As I looked down at Jue’s cunt I could have sworn that it was getting wetter by the minute as it was glistening and so I asked if she needed and help with it. “No,” came the slightly cross reply and then she apparently lost her nerve and pulled her bikini bottoms back up saying that the game was over. She went inside the cabin as I started putting my shorts back on and feeling more than a little disappointed. I said that it was time to start back and heard her agree from inside the cabin, so I started the engine, cast off, and started back for our moorings.

I was a little pissed off but continued down the canal. Jue came back out still wearing her bikini top but had put some shorts on and held a can of beer for me saying that she was sorry that she had lost her nerve and hoped that I understood. Now, we have a two seater bench chair to sit on when we cruise along and Jue came up and sat next to me. She opened my beer and handed it to me and then turned to refill her wine glass. Once that was done she snuggled up to me and started apologizing again. I said that if she wanted to apologies she could do it properly and start rubbing my dick again

. She burst out laughing and said, “You don’t give up easily do you?” and reached down and slipped her hand into my shorts. I became very hard very quickly and she rubbed it until it started throbbing. We sat like that for a while and then I reached down and slid my hand into the front of her shorts and into her bikini bottoms thinking that she would resist my attempt to return the favor. Happily she didn’t but instead allowed me to start rubbing her cunt, which felt very wet. After a while she started squirming in her seat and looked hot and flustered. I asked if she wanted me to stop and she said that she’d kill me if I did.

I took this as an obvious sign to be bolder and gently pushed a finger inside her. She nearly jumped off our seat, which made me laugh. “That tickles,” she said and so in went two fingers much to her delight. Meanwhile, Jue, bless her, kept up a steady pumping action on my dick and I felt that familiar sensation just before I cum starting to arrive. I told her that if she kept that up I would cum there and then. Jue looked at me and boldly told me to wait while she got some tissues. She reached over and broke one piece of tissue off a roll and said, “OK then cum for me.” I was honestly taken aback at her new found boldness and was for the first time speechless. Could my lovely but shy sister-in-law be going to make me cum?

She pulled my shorts to one side just as another boat appeared and pulled my dick out of its hiding place. She held the tissue in front of my dick and started rubbing faster and faster. I told her that the boat was coming and she just replied that it was not the only thing that was going to cum. That familiar sensation was rising in my balls and Jue was transfixed looking at the end of my dick. As the other boat passed us I waved with my spare hand a Jue stopped momentarily but squeezed my dick slightly harder which was enough to force me to cum! I started spewing blob after blob of cum into her tissue lined hand and she just kept looking intently at it pumping out my hot sticky cum again and again.

The other boaters had no idea what we were up to! Now, I have always produced a good quantity of cum; I guess it’s the size of my balls or just how I’m designed. Jue couldn’t believe how much cum I had produced and kept remarking on the amount. Once I had finished she carefully wrapped the tissue up but split a little on her hands and when I saw that I asked if she had ever tasted another man’s cum. She went really bright red but licked some off her finger and said that it tasted the same as Steve’s. She then got another piece of tissue and wiped my dick off. I did ask her to clean it with her mouth but Jo just tutted and went to throw the tissues away

. I was now feeling a little bolder and asked if I could make her cum too. She smiled broadly and said that that was her general idea. I shoved my hand down her shorts only to find no bikini bottoms! She had removed them when she went to throw the tissues away. My fingers went swiftly to work on her cunt and I soon had her moaning and squirming. She was very wet and started rubbing my dick as I rubbed her. She started to completely relax and leaned back in our chair. My dick started to harden again and she said, “How’s that possible?” to which I replied that as a repeater it was normal for me.

Jue didn’t know what a repeater was, bless her, so I explained that I can cum and within a few minutes cum again but not with the same amount of cum as when I first cum. (Does that sound right?) She said that I was joking and her voice then trailed off as she started to cum herself. Jue went very quiet and started humping my hand and moving up and down my fingers. Within seconds she was cumming and just saying ho, ho, ho, mm mm. As you can imagine my dick was now hard as hell and as Jue was quietly coming down from her orgasm I suggested that she make me cum again just to prove that I was telling the truth about being a repeater. Jue said she was up for it and started to rub my dick again.

At this point I thought I’d take a chance and said that I would like her to stop and make me cum in a different way than before. Jue asked me what I had in mind, and probably thought I was going to ask her to give me a blow job. I said that we would have to moor up again which slightly puzzled her. UK canals sometimes have what they call branches, nothing to do with trees but these are a short stretch of canal that usually goes to a factory or a boatyard. I knew that there was one coming up as we had passed it earlier.

Can you guess what I had in mind? Jue started to ask what I had in mind but I said that she’d have to wait until we moored up. After about 10-15 minutes we turned off into the branch canal and started to go along it. Jue looked a little nervous and I suggested she have more wine. She asked if I was trying to get her drunk and I replied, “Of course.” We both were laughing as I rounded a bend, which meant that we were out of sight from the main canal and other boaters. I moored my boat and came back on board to switch the engine off. Peace and quite ensued as we were in the middle of the English countryside.

Now was the time to be bold. Jue asked me to tell her what I had in mind and I asked her to guess. Her first guess was a blow job and I said no. Her second was a foot job and I said no. Her third guess was for me to cum between her tits which I hadn’t thought about and would have been lovely to do. Then the penny began to drop. (Again for you non-UK-rs, the ‘penny dropping’ means that you are starting to get the idea) Jue started to go red and nervously asked if I meant that I wanted to fuck her to which I replied with a big smile, “Yes!” Jue looked horrified and backed away from me. I asked her outright why she felt uncomfortable as we had both masturbated each other.

Jue thought for a moment and as she did this you could see her mind working things out. I broke her thoughts and assured her that no one would ever know about what we get up to on my boat and that she already knew that she could trust me 100%. She broke into a smile again and asked what I had in mind. I asked if I could fuck her doggy style as it’s my favorite position. She just said, “Yes OK if you must.” I must have looked a sight as my sister-in-law had just agreed to allow me to fuck her.

Jue turned to walk into our cabin and I asked what she thought she was doing. Jue looked confused until another penny dropped and she realized that I wanted to fuck her outside in my cockpit. (A very apt name) Jue looked around and looked very, very nervous but I thought that if this was going to happen then I may as well get what I really wanted. I.E. to fuck my sister-in-law outdoors and in the traditional doggy style way. Jue knew what I wanted and knelt down on the deck; I slipped her shorts off and pulled her top off too,

what a sight! I knelt down behind her and asked if she was ready for a good fucking to which she replied, “Ok go on then, get it over with,” which put me off slightly as even old pervs like me like a little romance now and then! I started rubbing her cunt again and she started to get very wet again. I started rubbing my dick up and down along her cunt lips. She started moving back and forth in time with me and then slightly to my surprise shoved back at me and that was it, my dick slipped inside her all the way with one fast slippery movement! It felt absolutely great!

My dick started to throb more quickly than usual from the sheer excitement of what was happening and Jue had her head turned to look at me smiling away with a big grin on her face. Jue asked if I was happy now and I just winked with lust filled eyes and said, “Oh yes.” I don’t think there’s anything quite like the feeling of fucking a woman for the first time and Jo was no exception. Jue had the honor to be the first woman I had fucked during my 12 years of marriage and if I had to choose someone then it would have been her anyway. As I was fucking Jue, she reached under and started to rub my balls,

I love it when my wife does this and it usually makes me cum very quickly. That old feeling started to rise again and I mentioned that if she continued I’d be pumping cum inside her sooner than she had bargained for. Jue stopped moving for a second or two and then started again but with more movement. I guess she had calculated the risks of getting pregnant or some other thought but I honestly didn’t care anyway as I was enjoying the moment. I reached around and started rubbing Jue’s tits which she loved and when I tweaked her nipples she bucked even harder.

It wasn’t long before I started pumping load after load of hot cum into my sister-in-law and she came as well. She started loudly oohing and arrghing and called me her bad, bad brother-in-law…which made me chuckle. After we had both finished cumming I just waited and watched as she tried to move away to get cleaned up. I held her there and a superb thought crossed my mind. I reached out and grabbed my new Nokia N80 mobile phone (cell phone), which has a 3 mega-pixel camera in it and took a few shots of my softening dick coming out of Jue. I nearly had a heart attack as it suddenly rang

. We stayed motionless like dazzled rabbits as I answered the call. It was Steve of all people asking if our day was going OK. I handed the phone over to Jue and pulled her back down on all fours. She started to talk to Steve and my pervy brain told my dick to harden again as Jue was talking to her husband. Jue felt the change and looked back at me with a huge grin on her face. Steve had apparently asked if I was behaving myself and Jue said that I was the perfect gentleman.

I started shoving my re-hardened dick in and out of Jue as she spoke to Steve and it felt so wrong but so right at the same time. Jue just shook her head as I gathered pace but the call ended before I could cum again. Jue said I was so bad but didn’t move as I pounded away at her for a second time. I did cum inside her after Jue had squeezed my balls again to force me to cum; we both stood up to clean ourselves off. Jue cleaned herself off first and then surprised me by bending down and sucking my dick clean.

This felt great and when she had finished she said that she thought I would have been disappointed if she hadn’t at least sucked my dick at one time today. We untied the boat and started out back to my moorings. Jue asked nervously if we could keep this to ourselves to which I of course readily agreed to as I’d prefer my family not to know of our arrangement and assured her that no one would ever know what we had done. Since then we have fucked at my house whilst my wife was on her driving lesson and a couple of more times at Steve & Jue’s while Steve has been at work. Jue wants to keep things simple and just enjoy our new found fun, which I absolutely agree with. She also wants a repeat performance and go out again on our boat but choosing a suitable time when no one’s around is going to be difficult but not impossible.

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shybutwannatry1    (2009-04-14 20:20:07)    Flag as inappropiate
OMG I wish I was your sister-in-law! Great Story!

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