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Julies Ordeal: Night 1

P.E.Harker ©


“Good night” shouted Julie as she left her office, she walked down the corridor and waited for the elevator. An uneasy feeling began to build in the back of her throat, almost as if she was nervous, as if someone was watching her.

“Floor 16”  announced the elevator as it arrived, Julie entered and selected floor BG3, she wouldn’t normally park on the basement floor garage but today she was late and had no choice.  Julie was a short timid woman, her shoulder length dark brown hair often covered her beautifully pale face, she would usually flick it away with a tantalizing flick of her head.


“Garage Level 3” announced the elevator, Julie stepped out and peered into the dimly lit garage. Julie gulped and set out to her car amongst the now almost empty garage, as she walked she began to hear noises, scuffling and shifting…. as she neared her car a feeling of panic overcame her and she spun round…… darkness….she peered into the dark and laughed a little

“stupid woman its probably a rat or something” Julie shrugged and turned to face her car as she pressed the key into the door she felt a sharp thud on the back of her head, before she could react a handkerchief blocked her mouth and nose, she began to feel…..tired….sleepy as she fell she felt herself be caught.



“uh” she sputtered Julie tried to pick herself up but her arms wouldn’t respond, she was tied down her arms outstretched above her head, she began kicking out but to no avail as her legs were spread apart at a 45 degree angle.

“WHATS GOING ON!!!” she screamed as she did she heard a loud bang, as a solid steel door swung closed.

“Such a noisy flower I have picked” said a calm almost sensual voice, Julie contorted her self trying to see the figure near the door but the chains were holding her down too tight she couldn’t contort her head enough to see.

“Who….who are you, what do you want?” Julie managed to splutter……Silence she heard nothing but the calm unaltered breathing.

“Well….what do you want” she stammered again

“What do I want” said the voice, “that’s a good question, I want money and power, like all men I suppose”. Julie was confused money and power was he mad or playing with her.

“I…don’t understand” she said, vainly trying to see who she was speaking to.  She heard the footsteps approach her as the figure entered her eye line, she looked at her captor, a young man no older than 23 stood before her, he stood at her side and stroked her wrists and flowed his hand up to her shoulder and onto her cheek as he bent down near her he whispered

“what’s your name” he stared at her with his deep blue eyes his black hair slightly covering his left eye “you may call me victor”, Julie stared at the man,

“ju….Julie” she muttered after a few minutes of staring at each other. The man smiled

“well Julie, I am going to be fair and clear with you, in approximately 20minutes a man will enter this room, he will strip you to your bare flesh, and he will assault you” he paused to gauge Julies reaction, Julie stared at the man her face now paler than before

“ I am her to prepare your body for him” a small evil smile appeared on his face as he stood tall and walked towards a small table in the corner of the room.

“please…..you cant just….i mean my god” Julie couldn’t find the words she wanted to say she attempted again

“ you cant do this, please victor let me go god I cant do this” she began to feel her eyes get warm and felt a small solitary tear fall to the side of her face. Victor turned and faced her now holding a pair of scissors and a bottle of light brown tan colored liquid. He approached Julie, “I am sorry Julie, but I do” the same grin on his face as before as he reached around her neck and unfastened her necklace, he stood up and placed it around his neck, “ I shall return this, it will be the only item not burned” victor knelt by her side and readied to cut off her clothes.

“burned, my god” Julie’s eyes now streaming with warm fluid, her tears not deterring victor as he made the first cut.



-----Yet To be finished-----


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unknown    (2009-06-11 18:24:48)    Flag as inappropiate
My god this makes me ..... er better refrain myself or I will be quite embarrased! I look forward to Julies sequal !

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