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  By: Jon

Forcing or raping a girl has to be my longest running fantasy. I could not ever even contemplate actually raping a girl, but it is my biggest fantasy turn on. I also fantasized about being raped either as a girl or guy. Here is one story/fantasy that I wrote.

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I first spot you on the dance floor. You are wearing a short skirt and a top with spaghetti straps and it is obvious that you are not wearing a bra. I watch you like a tiger watches a lamb. You finally leave the dance floor to join your girlfriend at the bar. After what seems forever, your friend turns away to talk to someone else. Without hesitation, I approach you and ask you to dance. You look me over and with a demur smile and take my hand.


Our bodies are covered in sweat and your top clings to your full breasts as we dance. I pull you next to me and we kiss. You grind your hips into my half hard cock and my hands find your tight ass. As the song ends, I grab your arm and pull you to the back of the club. I lead you into a back room and you hear the door close and the sound of a lock turning.



I push you to a couch and my hands are all over you. “I am going to teach a little slut like you to beg,” I say, and with that I reach under your skirt and pull your panties off. With my left hand I grab both of your wrist and pull your arms above your head. My right hand starts to explore your body. I slip my hand under your thin top and flick your erect nipples. I push your top up, exposing both of your tits and start to lick and nip at each one in turn. My hand slides down between your legs and like a rutting bitch you spread your legs for me.



I press two fingers into your pussy, finding it wet and ready. Curling my fingers slightly, I find your g-spot and start to work it. You gasp and your body contracts lifting your pussy into my fingers. After just a few minutes of finger fucking you, I can tell that you are about to cum. I start to withdraw my fingers and in a panic you lift your hips and beg me not to stop. “Oh, god!, please no, please don’t stop, please!” you whimper. I press my fingers back into your cunt and with a cry of pleasure you orgasm.



Panting you look up to see me removing my pants. “It’s my turn now, bitch. Are you ready?” I say. You stare at my cock and spread your legs in acquiescence. I pull you down off of the couch on to a carpeted floor. I don’t want anything softening the impact of my cock driving into your cunt. I come down on top of you and I guide my cock into your wet pussy. Looking into your eyes I say, “I want to see your face as my cock is buried in your pussy”. I start in slowly at first making sure that you are completely ready for me. As your cunt relaxes, I drive my dick deep into you and with more strength then you can imagine I start to fuck you. You can hear the music from the dance floor pounding through the floor of the club and my strokes start to match the beat of the music.



One of my hands curls around your head and my legs intertwine with yours to hold you still. My other hand finds one of your breasts and I start to kneed it and pinching its nipple. You embrace me and your long finger nails scratch my back. Your eyes are transfixed on mine as I fuck you. I can feel my balls tighten as I get ready to pump my first load into you. With long, deep strokes I pump my cum into your tight pussy. At the same time you scream, and with a long shudder you orgasm for the second time.



I lift you of the floor and gently place you back onto the couch. Kissing you lightly on the lips, I feel your shaking breath against my lips. As I look at your beautiful body lying in font of me, I become aroused again…….but that is another story.






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Jon    (2014-06-23 17:30:24)    Flag as inappropiate
thanks it has been awhile since i have been here. the other story is called punished.
christina09    (2009-04-23 17:28:47)    Flag as inappropiate
christina09 love this story very sexy.... cant find the other one your talking about, maybe i missed it, ill check again. but this really turned me on.x

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