My Hot Little Amy ( turned slut) - part 2   added 7 years ago    

  By: dannymike

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Since the party I told you about in Part #1, Amy has really developed into a completely different woman. Her skirts have become shorter, and it is a wonder her tits manage to stay in some of the blouses she wears. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing Amy get in touch with her sexuality, and as I said before, I always enjoy seeing the reaction men have when they see my beautiful lady.


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A couple of weeks ago Amy told me she wanted to talk to me about something important. She knows she can talk to me about anything. Amy told me that she had discovered something about herself because of what had happened at the party. Amy said she had always appreciated my not wanting to control her, but she had realized that being under the control of someone else was exciting to her. Also, that having strangers use her to get pleasure was a freeing experience. She told me she wanted to change our relationship to Master/slave/slut, and turn herself over to me. I asked her if she wanted to set limitations on what would take place, and she said the only thing she felt uncomfortable about was pain. I told her that I would respect her limits, and had no intention of inflicting pain on her.

I asked Amy if she was sure that this was what she wanted. I told her that if I agreed, she would be turning her body over to me to do with as I pleased. I told her she would be expected to be a good slave, do as she was told, and I would even tell her what she was to wear. I explained that if she did not obey me, her Master, she would be punished. Her punishment, I told her, would be utter humiliation. Amy hugged my neck, grinned widely, and told me how happy I had made her.

 All the following week I would come home and inspect the house first. Amy kept it spotless. I told her how proud I was of her, and rewarded her by giving her a massage each night. I had told her that she was to be nude when I got home, and she was. On the following Wednesday, I had told her that I needed her to be sure and mop and wax the kitchen and bathroom floors. I got home and did my daily inspection. I saw she had not done them. I told her I was disappointed in her, and saw the tears start to gather in her eyes. She told me she had honestly forgotten, and would I give her a second chance. I explained that I would, they could be done tomorrow, but it didn't change the fact that she would be punished. I told her that I would tell her punishment later, and that she wasn't to bring it up again. I had decided to let her think about it until Saturday.

I talked to one of my friends, Allen. I told him that I wanted to have a poker party Sat. night, and I wanted him to invite some of his friends to join us around 8:00. He told me it wasn't a problem, and would see me then. About noon Sat., I told Amy I had decided her punishment. I said I had invited some people over for a poker party that evening, and she was to make sure none of them ever had to ask for a beer. When I told her Allen was coming, her face fell. Her and Allen did not get along. What made it even worse was that she hated gambling. Like a good slave, she said "Yes sir" and began to make sure our place looked presentable.

It was getting close to time, and I told her to dress in a low cut blouse, mini-skirt, with panties (no bra). She did as I said, and answered the door when our guests started to arrive. Allen was first, along with some guy from work. A few minutes later two guys came in, both with their girlfriends. A few more came later, one single girl from his office. All together, there were 6 or 7 guys, and 3 girls. Amy asked the girls if they wanted to watch movies while the guys played cards, and ran off to get some good DVDs. I took the guys into the dining room, broke out the cards, and Amy started serving the beer.

We had been playing cards for about an hour. Most of the guys had drank several beers. Just over to my left, I heard two of Allen's friends talking about Amy. Apparently, they didn't think I could hear them. They were discussing Amy. One of them told the other how hot he thought she was, and they commented on her sexy tits and ass. A few minutes later Amy came into the room and brought some more beer. She had just laid them on the table, when I told her that a couple of the guys had said how much they liked her tits. Amy turned red and looked at me. I told her that since the guys liked looking at her boobs, I wanted her to take her blouse off and give them a good look. She stared at me for a moment, and I told her to either take her blouse off, or I would do it for her.

She undid the buttons of her blouse and took it off. The guys sat and just stared. None of them could believe what had just happened. Allen looked at me and grinned. I told Amy to walk around the table and stand in front of each of the guys so they could get a real good look. She relunctantly did as she was told. She stopped if front of each one. All of the guys stared at her tits, resisting the urge to reach up and touch. When she got to Allen, you could see her jaw clench. I knew she really hated the idea of him being able to see her bare breasts. After she had finished she started to grab her blouse. I told her that she was to serve topless for the rest of the night. She silently went back into the kitchen to get more beer.

When she came back out I told her that the guys really thought she had a tight ass, and that I wanted them to see just how tight it was. I looked at Amy and told her to lose the rest of her clothes. I watched as Amy slid her skirt and panties off. I heard muffled gasps as the guys sat there staring at my girlfrend naked. I told her that she was to continue to serve naked. I told her to walk around the table again, and let each guy get a close look at her naked body. She did as she was told, tensing again when she stopped at Allen. I noticed several of the guys adjusting their cocks when they thought nobody was watching. One of them got up to go to the bathroom, and you could see the outline of his hardon as he walked across the room.

I told Amy to go over to the other guy who had adjusted his dick and stand in front of him. She did as I told her, uncertain at what else was going to happen. When she stood before him, I told her to let him touch her in any way he pleased. He looked at me, and I nodded yes. I watched as his hands explored her body. He cupped her breasts, paying close attention to her nipples. I watched as his fingers played with her pussy, finally slipping inside. Amy's face started to redden and I saw her push against his hand. I knew she was getting hot. I told her to reach down and see if he was hard. She placed her hand on the front of his pants, looked at me and told me yes. I told her to get on her knees, take his cock out, and suck him. She sank to her knees, unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his cock out.

I saw a huge, very hard dick. Amy stared at it for a moment, lowered her head, and took it into her mouth. All of the guys watched her head bob up and down, taking almost all of it into her mouth. The guy laid his head back and enjoyed the blow job he was getting. Amy sucked for several minutes and pulled away from him. I saw him spurt cum all over Amy's face. She stood up and looked at me. I told her to go to the next guy and do him. She did as I told her, and began to suck another cock. Most of the guys had their cocks out, getting them ready for Amy. I grabbed my beer, stood up, and told them that Amy was all theirs, and to have a good time.

I saw a couple of the guys lead Amy away from the table. They laid her on the floor. All of the guys started stripping, and soon all of them were naked. The guy Amy had been sucking stuck his cock back into her mouth. I saw someone between her legs eating her pussy for all he was worth. I looked closer and saw it was Allen. Amy hadn' t noticed yet. Her hips were moving, and I saw her start to shake with her first orgasm. When he got to his knees I saw a huge hard on. Amy looked up and saw the size of his cock. I saw her smile and then look up at his face. She started to say something, but before she had the chance, I saw Allen thrust his cock into her. When he was in, her arms went around him and she started to move with him. It wasn't very long before she came again. Two of the guys were standing over her and I saw them stroking their cocks. It didn't take very long before they came all over her body.

I was sitting on a bar stool wathing Amy with a cock in her mouth and one up her pussy. One of the girls from the living room walked in. I had forgotten completely about the 3 girls in the living room. She stopped dead in her tracks and stood looking at the gang bang going on. She looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. I told her that I had no choice since Amy had been bad that week. She smiled and came over to me. She reached down and unzipped me. Soon my cock was in her mouth and she began sucking for all she was worth. About 5 min. later the other two girls walked in and began to watch the show. I saw one of them strip, and walk over to Amy. She shoved the guy fucking Amy away. She stuck her tongue deep inside of Amy, driving my beauty crazy. By this time the other girl was naked and had lowered her snatch over Amy's mouth. I saw her stick her tongue deep into the girls beautiful naked pussy..

Before everyone left I told them I was grateful for helping me teach Amy a lesson. After they were gone I bathed Amy, cleaning her up. I told her I was proud of my slut, and she had done well. When we went to bed that night, she laid in my arms and told me she had a very kind Master.      

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