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  By: dannymike

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Amy and I have been together since college. She is a petite little thing, black hair, blue eyes, 36B boobs. When we first got together, she told me she always wanted bigger breasts and had considered surgery. I explained that breasts did not make the woman, and I was MORE than happy with what she had. Since then she has learned to be very happy with her body, and many times has worn clothing that showed off her beautiful body, at least to some extent.


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Her best fiend LInda lives in a town a couple of hours away. She was having a birthday party, and invited us. They hadn't seen each other in several months, so we were looking forward to the trip. Linda has always been a friend to both of us, so I was looking forward to the trip too. We knew we couldn't leave until late Saturday and made arrangements with Linda to meet at the party. Amy decided to wear a low-cut blouse, no bra, a short skirt, and a very sexy pair of boots. I love to see her dress that way, she is so sexy.

The party was held in some sort of hall. There were several conversation areas. These consisted of a large sofa, coffee table, several large chairs, and some end tables and lamps. There was a cash bar, a D.J., and a few waiters. Amy and I counted about 5-10 couples, some singles, about 20-30 people in total. Linda's dad is really loaded, so it wasn't hard to figure out how she managed to pay for the room.
We found Linda, surrounded be some of her guests, and decided to catch up later. Amy and I got a drink, found an empty sofa, and made ourselves comfortable. The D.J. was playing so we settled in to listen and enjoy our drinks. Soon, the large chairs around us started to fill, people found seats on the other end of the sofa. Everyone seemed really nice, conversation seemed very comfortable.

It wasn't long before we had a few drinks under our belt. The music was good, and soon we felt really relaxed. I had my arm around Amy, and she was nestled in beside me. I decided to tease my lady a little, and let one of my fingers caress the side of her breast. I knew that nobody could see what I was doing, I just wanted to see if I could get Amy hot in public, looking forward to what would happen when we were alone later. She laid her head back onto my arm, closed her eyes, and I heard a relaxed sigh.
She had managed to go through several drinks, and I knew she was getting very comfy. I decided to tease her a little, and let my finger caress the side of her breast. I new nobody could see us, just wanted to tease her in public a little. Suprisingly, she didn't try to stop me, just laid her head back.

I decided to get  braver, knowing she would stop me if I pushed too much. I moved my hand a little, and let me finger caress more of her boob, brushing the nipple slightly. I figured she would stop me, because if you were to look at us for more than a second or two, you could see what I was doing. I was a little surprised because Amy made no move to stop me, just kind of cuddled up to me a little closer. For a moment I thought she might have fallen asleep, or passed out. Instead, she turned her head to me, and told me how good my hand felt and not to stop.

I guess it was from normal reaction to her words, but without thinking I took my hand from the side of her breast, and slipped it into the opening of her blouse. When I realized what I had done, I froze. I knew she would stop me if I went too far, so I just let my hand caress the top of her breast. One of the guys sitting next to us saw what I was doing and smiled at me. A couple of other saw too, but didn't really show any reaction. Amy reached up and squeezed my hand. I decided to see how far she would let me go, and let my and squeeze her breast, and briefly play with her nipple. I heard a groan come from her, and felt her hand on mine, helping me squeeze her tit even harder.

I was even more surprised, and puzzled. Amy was enjoying what I was doing and I wondered how far she would let me go. I knew her limit, as far as drinking, and knew she was far from drunk. If she didn't want me to stop, it wasn't because she had too many. What she did next blew me away. She reached down and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse. It was still closed, but it allowed my hand access to her beautiful tits. A few of the people around us had began watching, but I found I really didn't care, and I guess Amy didn't either. I now had totally cupped her tit in my hand and Amy seemed to be getting more and more turned on.

I figured I would see exactly how far she would let me go. I knew if I stepped over the line, the worse that could happen is we would get up and leave, and she would get  me back later. I took my free hand, pushed one side of her blouse over, and began to really caress her breast and nipple. Now, one of her beautiful tits was fully exposed to anyone who wanted to look. I closed my eyes, preparing for her to jump up and tell me she wanted to go. Instead she smiled, sighed, and squeezed my hand.
I looked up, and we had gotten the attention of pretty much everyone sitting around us. They were watching us intently, I guess waiting to see what I would do next. I  kind of tugged on one side of Amy's blouse, not sure what response I would get. Wow, did I get a surprise. She sat up and slipped it off. She briefly looked around at the people watching us, grinned, and settled back against me.

I figured what the hell, and lowered my head to suck one of her tits. As I did, she put her hand on my head, and I felt her body start to move, she was really getting turned on. I wasn't sure if it was because of what I was doing, or knowing that we were putting on a show, but I really didn't care at that point. After a few minutes, her hips started to grind, and I knew she was really getting hot. I reached down and let my hand start playing with her thigh. I saw her smile, and she place her hand in my lap. She then started to play with my very hard cock, and I knew she wanted to let everything go.

I found the button on the side of her skirt, and undid it. By this time we had the attention of everyone around us, and several others had come over to watch. Amy raised her hips, and I slid the skirt off. She was now sitting there in only a pair of very sexy panties. She looked around us, grinned, and unzipped me. I was in awe when she took out my cock, and took it all in her mouth. I sat with my eyes closed while Amy began sucking me.
When I opened my eyes, there were a couple of women who had began to stroke the front of their husband's, or dates, pants. There were about a half-dozen single guys standing around us, several of them were rubbing their cocks through their pants, really getting hot watching Amy. I saw my beautiful lady pull up from my cock, stand up, and slide her panties off. She was standing there totally naked. She straddled my legs, and lowered herself onto my cock. Amy started to move up and down on me, fucking me with a very wet pussy.

I had my eyes closed when I sensed some different movement from Amy. I looked up at her and saw that Amy had began to suck one of the guys. She was enjoying the cock in her mouth, as well as mine in her pussy. One of the women from the group had come over to where we were, sat beside me, and was sucking on one of Amy's tits. The guy in Amy's mouth came, and I saw him pull out, and watched his cum splatter all over her face. I could not hold back any longer. I felt my balls start to swell, and I came deep inside her. I watched as she got off of me, and laid down on the other end of the sofa.

I sat there watching Amy fuck, and suck. I saw her have orgasm after orgasm I even saw several women lower their naked pussies to her mouth, and watched Amy's tongue go deep into their pussies. I watched very intently as Linda walked naked over to Amy. It was beautiful to see my girl eat the pussy of her best friend. After one of the women got off her, she looked up at me and smiled.
The guy inside her pulled out, and I saw him jack off all over her stomach. By now Amy was covered with cum. She looked up at me and told me she wanted me to lick the cum off her. I froze, never having done anything like that before. I realized then how very much I loved her, move over next to her, got onto my knees, and began to lick all of the men's cum off her. It tasted strange, but I saw Amy begin to build to another orgasm, and I didn't mind any longer. A couple of men had cum inside of her, and she told me she wanted me to eat the cum from her pussy. For some strange reason, probably love again, I did as she asked. I could taste the cum, felt it drip down my chin. I didn't care though, my lady was getting off again.

After I had sucked all of the cum from inside of her, I went over and sat down on the sofa. Amy was resting, still naked, a very content look on her face. My head tuned forward, and I was staring at a huge hard cock, standing just inches from my face. I looked at Amy, she smiled and nodded her head yes. I looked up at the guy, took his cock in my hand, and slid my mouth over it. I began to suck him for all I was worth. Once, I took a break for a second, looked at Amy, and saw her fingering herself while intently watching me. It didn't take long before the guy came. He pulled out, and came on my face. After Amy came again, she sat up, move over beside me, and licked the cum off my face.

We stayed there that night, slept on the cum soaked sofa. In the morning, we finally saw Linda, the birthday girl. She said she couldn't believe how Amy had gotten so hot, and wanted to get together more often. She introduced her boyfriend to us. I couldn't believe it, he was the guy I sucked.                         

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Very nice.

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