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  By: Transporter

As i came home and took a look at the state of our appartment , i thought to myself " god this place is messy .... again".

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The Naughty Meter

So i started cleaning up , knowing my girlfriend always like the surprise of comming home into a tidy appartment. But since whe are busy students we dont find much time to clean the place up.

Anyway knowing that sche like's it , i started cleaning hoping for a reward afterwards ;).As i worked my way through the place i came to the bed, and i started to change the cheets, doing so i remembered that there where 2 iron brackets on the back of the bed . ( my bed is a queen sized bed that can be folded up into a closet , but the closet was to big so i removed it and has no railing ) 

And i suddenly realized whot i was going to do whit it , so i took 2 wide silk ribbons from our fraternity club and tied them to the brackets and then hiding them between the wall and the bed ,then putting the pillows over them.

After doing so i took further attention to the room whit putting up candles and dimming the lights.

And putting a bottle of martini champagne in the freezer hoping it would be cold enuf by the time my little queen came home.

When evrything was in place i took a seat on the cough waiting ..... just waiting..... and thinking of whot i was going to do to her, letting my fantasy go wild i got aroused i coulnd wait to give her the time of her life.

when she finaly arived i had to restrain myself not to jump her and fuck her against the wall as she walked trough the front door.It realy puts her off if i do that i have to be verry gentle whit her but when she gets her stuff going ... whell i dont think i have to draw a picture ;)  

She was pleasantly suprized to find the place so nice and clean and the candlesi took her coat and her backpack and put it away . next i jump into the freezer tot take the bottle of champagne ,

and she says  " is there something to celebrate ? and i like whot uve done to the place " 

i replyed  " No, nothing in particulare i just wanted to surprise you "

she  " but i dont think im going to join u , i still have allot to do and im tired "

I had seen this comming , if she's a bit tired she's hard to convince , but i wasnt ready to give up yet.

So i say " common , not even one drink? "

she " ok, fine , ive urned it after such a long day of lectures "

At that moment i knew i had a window of oppertunity , luckely im verry good at improvising a good thing at that to cause she's verry stubborn , even though she's already mine she make's it so that i have to hunt her down olmost evry time , i dont know if she dus it on purpose and like's it that i do that or she's just like that.I like that about her but i can be frustrating at time's not being able to grab her and have raw sex like animals.

But i i already had a plan in my head that popped in there in after few second's.

As i poored her drink i made it so that it was filled to the brim of the glas , i poored mine and sat down next to her .

Knowing that she's right handed i sit down on her right side and give her the drink, as she puts the drink to her mouth i gently tap her right elbow whit my left upper arm , and my little trick is already working , she spills some of her drink into her cleavige.

Oops , she gasp's cause of the coldnes from the champagne, obviously not aware of my little scheme.

 me " your so clumsy , let me get that "

  I slowly get closer to her and start to drink the sweet liquid from between her breast , they feel so soft,warm and moist against my cheeks,i noticed that she was moaning verry verry quitly as i moved my toungue around her cleavidge.

there was a thought going trough my head " jackpot "

But i knew i was still far from a home run ;).

i knew if i keep this up just to long she's going to get a bit anoid, so i decided to stop, i look at her and she looks back at me whit those puppy eyes saying " i like u so much " that look triggerd that feeling going down my spine into my genitiles and started to feel a faint heartbeat in my penis.

Trying to ingore my animal instinct of just jumping her i already figured out my next move.

i moved back her hair from her face and gave her a small kiss in her neck again she moans verry quietly , further feuling the fire in my pant's , and giving me another shiver my penis getting halway wat its supposed to be, i tried to figure out whot she's thinking. So i gently kiss her lips, she kisses me back for a few seconds and then lays her head back and looks at me again, i think " its time to get a little frisky "

I put down my drink and put my hand on her belly , she gasps as she feels my cold hand sliding over her silky and warm skin . She liks her lips , there now glowing in the light from the candles. i move over to her belly button and play a little whit it. I slowly work my way up touching only her skin whit the tips of my fingers knowing she likes this , i get to her breasts and do the same trough her bra, meanwhile im wondering if i am doing my job good enuf or she's gone let her tiredness take the upperhand of her .

Still ceressing her breast trough her bra she puts her hand on my leg , a deffinit sign for meto keep  going  ,we know each other's body language verry well . i decide to take it a bit further ,

 i slide my hand between her bra and her breast and start to play a little whit her nipple, it starts to harden

and stand up right ,i move over in front of her whit my legs open over hers sitting on my knee's giving me a great view of her cleavidge  i move my other hand in the same position , i feel how her other nipple starts to react to my movment , she liks her lips again and starts to breath harder , she put's her hands on both my upper leg's and caresses them i pull back my hand's and take a hold of her sweater and pull it over her head , as she let's me do this she raises her arms  squeezing her beatiful soft breasts together.

i throw her sweater on the floor, we start to kiss passionatly grabing her breast , likking her ears , her hands sliding down the back of my pant's grabbing my ass and squeezing it , my penis rock hard pushing agains my pants like in the movie aliens ready to burst trough my pants and underwear allthougether , she notices and starts to rub it trough my pants still grabbing my ass and squeezing it.

I now take hold of her bra strings and start to slide them down her soft shoulder she looks at her bra how it comes loose from her breast like peeling a ripe orange , the silhouet from her nipple protruding through the cloth slowly dissapears as the string slides further down her shoulder, i repeat it whit her other shoulder .

I am letting my eyes feast uppon this magnificent sight , i pull down her bra so i have full vieuw of her freshly pealed orange's , the bra still connected whit the back piece the bra lifting her breast making them perky and full. 

I move over whit my head and gently lik her nipple her body shivvers as i take her nipple in my mouth and start to massage her other breast , she moans loudly i can feel her heart beat as i try to kake her breast into my mouth i can feel it in my lips .

meanwhile she already made her way down my pants and she's grabbing my balls and is massaging them ruf ... but gently... i reach behind her and whit a smooth move i untie her bra and i trow it away, her breast drop slithly to take on an even sexier pose whit her nipples stikking out in the air .

I stand up , grab her hand , we are now both standing , i gaze at her naked upper body and crave for the sight of her nice full vagina. I slide down her pants whit my hand , only to find out whot i suspected she's as wet as she can get , her undies are stained whit moist, i cup my hand around her warm throbbing pussy letting her sweet juices run through my hand , she's fully enjoying the small movements  im making whit my hand her chest is starting to red up from extacy her face glows whit a fiery warmth comming from pure desire , i love the way that feels against my face. i reach down again and untie her pants she dus the same.


She pulls my pants down  i am pulling off my sweater , she's now nibling my hard pulsating dick trough my boxer's , she moves up, slowly to the tip of my .....  " oohh my gooood that feels good " i shout 

she giggles and pulls down my boxers , she's stroking my balls and slowly verry slowly takes my dick in her warm moust mouth , but she's barly touching it whit her mout its just hanging there in side her mouth, making me want it.

She's not touching it whit her mout but i can already feel the warmth and moist of her beattiful vagina like lips and then, when i least expect it, she pulls away and liks her finger , her hand now slides over my ass and her finger finds her way to the forbidden place and put's it in gently my breath chokes as i am enjoying the feel of her finger sliding in me i close my eye's .

and then i feel a warm feeling at the head of my dick she's sucking me , softly, slowly , I WANT HER .

I WANT TO GRAB HER , but i do nothing ,  i am going to let her do to me whot she want's.

Her warm mouth and twirling tounge make light work of my penis , i pull my penis out of her mout and say " your good, to good " she smiles and starts licking my balls and sucking them. she looks up to me whit her puppy eyes and is enjoying the look upon my face.

 I have enuf of this i think, i pick her up and throw her on the bed , rip of her panty's , grab a glass of chilled champagne and poor it over her chest , brests , and pussy . i start licking my way down  grabbing her pussy and breast . sucking her nipple she moans and moans .

she thells me that she wants me inside of her , i ignore it .

i keep licking untill i get to her pussy , i insert a few fingers and start to push up onto her g-spot her body jumps up from pleasure . i can feel the juices running out of my dick its whet and sticky against her legs.

 I slowly lick around her vagina , i can smell her , it smells like flowers , it smells like heaven i cant hold it much longer i nee to taste her sweet nectar.

her little flower is glissening from her juices and champgane i insert my tongue in her vagina her body shivers i slowly slide my tungue trough her lips towards her clit , the shiny pearl in her beautiful oyster ,it calls me like a pirate to the spoils of his hunt. i take it between my lips and start sucking it  she thrusts her pussy upward and pushes my head deep into her womanhood. im thinking " im having the time of my life , i love this woman " i stop. she looks at me wondering, i climb over her and grab the to silk ribons and ty her up, her eyes looking at my sparkling whit exitement ,i take a piece of cloth from the side of the bed and blindfold her she's breathing like an animal that has just escaped a predetor . i move down again and start liking her pussy tasting her juices swallowing it all. she groans and moans .

I insert three fingers in her pussy and start moving them against her g-spot she's close....but she wont get it that easily . i get her a few times right before she cums and stop , after the third time she's wild she puts her legs around my back and pinche's me down. im thinking " im gone make her come . Whit a big wet moan she explodes her juices into my mouth and i lick them all up and swallow them , " damn she tastes good " im thinking , " my turn now " i say i grab my throbbing hard dick leaking whit pre cum leaving a large stain on the sheets, i point it at her littile sweet heaven and thrust it into her deeply, hard but passionatly she moans . i start pumping in her , pulling my dickback right to the point it olmost leaves her pussy and i push again inward violently , but passionatly. she's letting me know she's liking it whit a big deep groan ,after a few minutes i can feel a deep intense warmth in my stomach its spreaing , to my spine into my balls trough the large vain on the under side of my penis into the head its comming its olmost there.

I thell her im going to come deep inside her , im going to fill her pussy , she say's no ... i look up  at her and she say's " i want to feel your dick in ... in ..."    "in whot "  i reply  "...in... in.. my.. ass "  she hasitated .

I had asked this of her before but she was never up for it , i asked her if she was sure that she realy didnt have to do it to do me a favor ....  "no" she said " i realy want it  " i said nothing i slowly pull out my dick i can feel the warm intense feeling ebbing away to be replaced whit curiosity and another form of exitment .. like when u where little and recieved a present... I move down again and lick her pussy and clit , i whet my finger from her pussy juices and start to carres her little hole ,she giggles " it tickles " she said i go down further and start to lick her forbidden place , i hear loud moans i can feel her extacy i start to finger her little tight asshole, she likes it allot. I insert a second finger to warm her up to make shure she dussent get hurt when i put it in .

I now insert a third finger she thells me she's hot as hell and to keep going , i start to lick her pussy again , i can thell she's going to have another orgasm , her juices explode again , i swallow them all , and at the same time i can feel her muscles tighten around my fingers , " are you ready " i asked  " go for it " she replys , i once again grab my dick and insert it slowly whit every thrust i go deeper ,and deeper ,and deeper ,until its in all the way .


Its time to fuck er properly , that thought going trough my head i realize i am doing whot i always wanted to do to her , my god she's so tight , her ass is squeezing my juices out of my dick , i can feel the intense warmth returning but diffrently  more intense , suddenly i can feel the cum running from my boddy trough my penis , WHOT A FEELING its reaching the head of my dick .


She noticed it to and said that she wanted me to cum inside her ass , now i can feel the warm soft and sweet seed spouting out of my dick, into her ass , she can feel it , the moans and groaning thell me allot ,shes moving violently around whit her ass , she wants all of it . And i am about to give it to her, i can still feel it cumming out , i never had such an orgasm in my life .

I pull out my dick and sart spraying whots left all over her belly she moans some more . my breathing stops , i cant move , im paralized , its still comming her belly is dripping whet from my juices , small drops run down the side of her belly . its over .... i can breathe ..... whot a feeling..... im tired ... . i thell her im going to unty her but she dussent want me to. she wants to lay there for some time , tied up , left to my merci .... she's so hot...... i love her....

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LauraAngel    (2011-07-13 03:58:10)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel I love getting tied up and loosing all control. Great writting. Thanks, it really satified me sexually, as I used my hubby,,,,,
Transporter    (2009-02-27 14:53:08)    Flag as inappropiate
Transporter :) Thx
shybutwannatry1    (2009-02-25 15:01:37)    Flag as inappropiate
I think you did a great job. The details were amazing, got me wet. sure wish I was your girlfriend!
Transporter    (2009-02-21 22:51:35)    Flag as inappropiate
Transporter This is the first time i have done something like this pls let me know whot u think , and sry for the bad english and left out spaces i realised it when i read it afterwards :s i got a bit to exited :)

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