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  By: Nathalie

Around four forty-five pm, the alarm chime chirped on my pc. I raised my head to watch around me. The office, as usual, an open space of seven people, including me, with half-height partitions and high window bays. I had been dreading and anticipating this moment all day. Ever since my master had explained what I was to do today.

Today was no ordinary day. Today, Patrick, the senior member of our computer and network division,was retiring. Fifty-five and very happy to finally have somehting else to do with his days. And a good developper, I must say. Anyway, I had not known him very long, and he had always be very nice to me, charming and a little paternalistic, in a good way. Charming like older men know they can get away with. And my master, of course, had not missed that.

So, at that chime, I got to my feet. I had been dressed to please, in a strict, business fashion. Thigh-long skirt, stay-up stockings, ankle-high boots with two straps tigh on the foot, and a white silk blouse with large lapels. Nothing else, and I think it showed, as the two men from the cafeteria had had trouble looking me in the eye at lunch. My collar, as usual, was hidden by a scarf.

I crossed the open space to his office. Seniority has its privileges. I knocked, he invited me in. I closed the door carefully after me. His desk was pristine, his belongins already packed away or taken home. I looked around. There was no opening on the open space, just high windows to one side of his desk. He himself was sitting enjoying the view. He pivoted his chair around.

—Hi, Nathalie! What can I do for you ? As you see, not much, probably, but it’s probably my last time helping out here, so use it.

He winked at me. I went around the desk and smiled.

— Well, that’s what brings me here. You’re going away tonight, probably won’t come back.

— Nope, not a chance of that!

— So I thought if I wanted to, i twas now or never.

— To what?

— Taste your cock.

His eyes darted to the door. I didn’t turn around, just watch colour bloom on his cheeks.

— Uh, excuse me? I don’t understand. That’s the retirement joke?

— No, it’s the retirement present, from me. And we had better do it quick, because your party will soon be starting.

— Yeah, um, right, er, no, wait…

Knowing he probably would be at a loss for acts or words, I hadn’t waited for his approval. I knelt at his feet, and crawled under his desk. When I felt the wood against my feet – it was one of those blank surfaced desks, not one where the person accross you can see underneath – I untied my scarf, opened my blouse, and demurely looked him in the eye while pinching one of my nipples.

— Please, Patrick? I never found the nerve to do it, and now it’s my last chance. Please ? I’ll make it good, I swear… you know how hard I work.

My master had told me to improvise to convince Patric. It was my experience that a man hardly ever says « No you can’t suck my cock » to a half-naked woman kneeling in fromt of him and playing with her nipples. But since he seemed to hesitate a little more, I unzipped my skirt and slid it to my ankles. His eyes went down to my pussy, and back to my collar.

— What is this?

— This is the sign of my servitude. Look at the medal.

He came a little closer, squinted at the silver medal my master had had engraved and attached to the collar. « Nathalie », it said, and a phone number underneath. I turne dit around, so he could see the other side. « Property of… » and my master’s name.

— I belong to a man who has complete authority over my body. I asked him for permission to do this. I had to try really hard to convince him. Please don’t make it all for nothing.

He gulped. Since he had come closer, I ran my hand on his thigh and began unbuckling his belt. Brushing my hand against him, I felt he was already hard. Well, that would sure make things easier. I looked him in the eye once again and thanked him. Then I had his cock out and inside my lips in a flash.

I played it out, moaning with his cock inside my throat, just long enough to get inside it and suffocate me. I kept on pinching my nipples, and even slid a hand between my thighs. At one point, I stopped, pulled his cock out and rubbed it on my face, smiling and saying : « This is even better than I’d dreamed. » That one had been my master’s idea. And then, I resumed my sucking.

A knock on the door was suddenly followed by the sound of it opening. I knew whoever i twas couldn’t see me, so I kept going. That didn’t seem to deflate Patrick either, but his voice sure was tight.

— Hey Patrick, time to go, the party is going to start!

— Yeah, um, yeah. Just a minute.

— What, you’re having second thoughts ? Ha ha, finding it difficult to leave after all that time ?

— Yeah, you know, big deal place for me, I, uh, I… I’m trying to come to terms with it, harder than I expected.

— Well well, no problem, just don’t take too long or no more cake left !

— No problem, I’m coming right over…

I tightned my lips around his shaft whenI said he was coming, and started pumping even harder. I heard the door close betwenn the department director who had almost interrupted us, and cupped Patrick’s balls in my hand. And, as a final stroke, I looked up in his eyes, imploring.

That apparently did it. He came in my mouth with hard, spaced bursts, and I felt his seed litterally rebound on my palate. I waited for him to finish emptying himself, then let his cock slip out, my lips still tight around him to keep it all inside. He rolled his chair a little way back to let me out, watching me like he couldn’t believe it, panting. I got up, looked him in the eye, and made a big show of swallowing his juice.

— Thank you Patrick, thank you ! That was great. I was right not to pass up the opportunity. Well, thank you again, Patrick. See you at the party.

I fixed my outfit, tying my scarf last, and went out of his office.

He kept watching me covertly the whole hour of the party, but the best part was when my master came to pick me up, acting in everything like a regular boyfriend, and went to say a few words of congratulation to Patrick, with whom he had chatted a few times before. Patrick was completely lost. As for me, I hadn’t eatne or drank, and still could taste his cum on my breath. If anybody wondered what the smell was, nobody asked. But I know Patrick noticed when I went to kiss him on the cheek and thanked him « For all this very enjoyable moments with him. »

Then I grabbed a glass to wahs my mouth for my master on the way, and left.

My master made me tell him everything, and rewarded me with a good, strong orgasm that night.


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Slowdive    (2009-02-15 09:29:23)    Flag as inappropiate
as usual :) your fantasies get me off :)
unknown    (2009-01-11 10:30:46)    Flag as inappropiate
I love it. I love the idea of being under a desk like that.

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