An Unusal Night   added 7 years ago    

  By: Darktrain

Its Friday night, and I’m as bored as hell. There nothing on the TV. I think about going down to the local shop to buy some beer when the phone rings. Its Lucy and Carol, a gay couple whom I got to know through work. I’ve known them for about 3 years, and were all now good friends. Don’t get me wrong, I know they‘re gay, its just that they make me laugh, and I don’t have to get all macho with them. After all they aren’t into men. In fact - if I had to put to fine a point on it, they make me relaxed for that specific reason. No bullshit, just good friends.

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They say they’re bored too, would I fancy coming round ? Lucy mumbles something about buying out a movie from the satellite. I say sure, be round shortly - I was going to go out and pick up some beer anyway. Good idea says Lucy.

I stop off at the off-licence, and pick up a 12 pack, when I arrive at the door Carol and Lucy kiss me on the cheek.

Lucy looks stunning as she always does. She’s wearing a nice black skirt, a matching black top with straps, which makes her stand out against her pale skin and dark hair. She has royal blue eyes, which I always think makes her really stunning. She’s only in her early thirties and I always joke to her that she could have any man she wanted, and I truly mean that, but as she always says, she’s not into that anymore.

Carol reaches for the bag of beer. Carol is a red head, slightly tanned skin and just a little older than Lucy. With her blue vest top and dark trousers she’s got a real womanly look about her. The beer is already cold, so we open a few and sit down .

We channel hop for a little and then look at the satellite channels and what’s on. Lucy wants a girly film (I almost groan in a feeble protest) Carol wants a horror. They playfully flight over the controller. Finally they settle on a comedy. Within half an hour we’re all laughing out loud. The end gets sentimental and Carol and Lucy snuggle up on either side me.

After the film we talk. We’re all a bit drunk now. At first things go normally then they start taking a very strange turn. On the third round of drinks we start talking about sex and going down on women. We’ve talked like this before but the air is slightly different this time. The specifics have gotten very intimate. What Carol does to Lucy and vice versa. They giggle about their dildos and strap-ons. Carol evens brings out a strap-on to show me with their favourite lube. I feel a bit embarrassed. They ask me to describe how I go down on a woman wanting to score me out of ten. I blush a bit, with some persuasion I start to describe it.

“Wait a minute - why don’t u do it to Lucy, she can be quite hard to bring off sometimes,” says Carol

“Yes!” says Lucy “Then we can really mark you out of ten!”

I look at them both in disbelief, unsure of what is happening. My heart is pounding. Carol stands up and sits on the single seat opposite the sofa looking at me and Lucy. Lucy puts my had to my face and pulls me to her and begins kissing me. I’m unsure of what to do - but her gentle kisses become more urgent, I start to respond and begin to kiss her more and more strongly.

My hand moves to her thigh and begins to slowly move up while her hand moves down to my ass and gives it a gentle feel. I become a bit more adventurous sliding my hand up her thigh up to her breasts and round to her arse, feeling its smooth softness. I move the skirt up and put my hand on her naked arse and gently squeeze it. I pull her panties to the side and probe her slowly almost cautiously sliding my fingers over her outer lips. She feels very wet.

I move my other hand to her top and slowly slide the strap of her top to reveal a black bra. I motion my fingers around the outline of her nipples, which brings them to attention. I slide her panties down past her knees and to the floor. She moves her feet to step out of them. Becoming more and more confident I slide the strap of her bra down over her shoulder exposing her breast while my thumb and index finger slowly stroke her clit up and down. Her kisses are becoming more urgent so I move my mouth down to her breasts and lick slowly around them flicking my tongue across them occasionally. Lucy sits up and glides out of her clothes then pulls me close and lifts my top over her head. She unbuckles my belt and I step out of my jeans.

I return to her breasts, kissing each one in turn and begin to move down to her abdomen. My body moves between her thighs, and I squeeze her naked breasts tweaking her nipples. My head moves down to her pussy and I lick her just below her clit then at her outer lips, tasting her excitement. Lucy parts her thighs, allowing me into her. I move my mouth slowly to her clit, breathing on it heavily, and clamp my mouth around it. I slowly begin to suck on it, not heavy, just gently. She arches her back like a cat and I reach up and again tweak her nipples.

My sucking on her clit increases then breaks away to lick her clit then back to sucking it. I continue to do this for a few more minutes, alternating it to tease her. She begins to moan. She’s tasting almost orgasmic as my clit sucking becomes more intense. Her hand has moved to my hair and she runs them through them at first slowly then faster. I start to heavily suck her clit. Her thighs part even more. She’s pulling my face into her. She moans out, arching her back. She pushes my face away then pulls me in again. I taste her as she comes. Lucy moans wildly as her orgasm hits her. More back arching. More pushing me away. More pulling me into her. Lucy lets out a sudden pent up moan. She bucks and writhes. I hear her moans subside and I gently lick her down to earth.

I move back up to the sofa and kiss her hungrily with her pussy juice on my lips. I run my hands all over her body and notice that Carol is naked on the seat opposite us fingering herself.

“Well!” says Carol winking at me, “that looked at least an eight or a nine.”

Short of breath Lucy giggles and looks down to my boxers and my obvious erection. She stands me up facing her and pulls them down. Wrapping her feet around my arse she pulls me to her. My cock presses against her pussy and she grinds against my cock. I feel my pre-come leaking out as she rubs her pussy up and down my the underside of my shaft. I hear some noises behind me, but don’t really pay any attention to them because Lucy is now holding my shaft and rubbing the head of my cock on her outer lips wetting the tip of my dick. She pushes me in with her legs wrapped round my arse, very slowly. I feel her pussy swallowing my cock until I’m into the hilt. She’s lying back on the sofa with me squatting at the edge of the seat. She pulls me to kiss her.

I feel Carol behind me, then wet fingers rotating round my arsehole. Lubed up fingers. Sweat breaks on my brow, my heart starts thumping. I feel her gently push the tip of a finger in me. My arse refuses Lucy holds my face with her hands and tells me everything’s going to be ok. I’m scared to look round and when I do - it fills me with pure fear. Carol is wearing her strap-on. Its all lubed up and glistening. Lucy pulls my face around and kisses me. I’m shaking. Shaking with fear and apprehension. We kiss while Carol persuades my arse to relent and I feel her slip a finger in. Lucy kisses me hungrily. She’s pulling my hips to her I start to fuck her slowly. My mouth feels dry. My tongue doesn’t seem to work. Carol with draws her finger. Then I suddenly stop kissing Lucy. I grind my fucking to a halt.

Carol’s strap-on is at the entrance of my arsehole. I feel it pushing against me. I’m trembling. Lucy hold’s me close and tries to comfort me with a kiss. She pulls my head down to her breasts. Inviting me to lick and suck them. I do my best to suck and nibble on her breasts. I feel the tip push in. It hurts at first then feels strangely ok. After a few minutes Carol has pushed in the strap-on halfway and then stops, to let me try to accommodate it. Lucy pulls my face up from her breasts. She kisses me again and tells me to start fucking her. My cock is still deep in her. I prepare to withdraw, knowing all too well - that Carol’s strap-on will fuck me as I withdraw to push into Lucy. Carol slides her hands over my back. Its glistening with sweat and fear.

I back up slowly, almost cautiously. The strap-on fucks me. I push into Lucy. The strap-on withdraws.
I feel dizzy. My mouth is still dry. I’m moaning with every movement I make. My heart feels like its going to burst out of my chest. My cock is throbbing urging me on. Again, I back up to push into Lucy, this time deeper. Again the strap-on fucks me. My head is reeling. The sensations make me feel guilty at what is happening. Lucy’s face is flushed. She is moaning loudly too and reaches for her clit, toying with it. I try and build a steady pace, but my rhythm becomes irregular. The sensations are overwhelming. I continue to fuck her, but Carols strap-on fucks me too. For every thrust I give to Lucy - Carol fucks me back. It’s punishment. Its ecstasy.

Lucy Moans in my ear, breathing heavily. She’s saying she’s coming. Her finger on her clit builds to a frenzy. I fuck her harder - harder and deeper. In return Carol’s strap-on fucks me mercilessly in return. I try to hold back but I cant. I fuck Lucy with wanton abandonment., my arse being pounded in punishment for my lust.

Then suddenly Lucy’s pussy is milking my cock as she cries out. She’s orgasming. It seems to beg for my come. It tries to coax it out of me. Lucy moans out loud. I’m not far of coming myself. I try to hold back. Honestly - I do try, but it’s too much. My own orgasm is building and I can no longer fight it. My balls feel as if they’re going to burst. The unrelenting strap-on fucks me duly in return.

As Lucy’s orgasm subsides I begin to fuck her. Hard. Hard and fast, and return I get fucked hard and fast. For a moment I think I’m going to pass out, but my cock is pulsating so hard in preparation for my orgasm. My cock urges me on. Fuck her hard. Fuck her deep. I cant hold back any more. Waves. Waves of pleasure from my balls pulsate through me and out of my cock. I cry out like an animal.

I’m howling. Howling at the ecstasy. Howling at the shame. I’m fucking Lucy with all my might, and being fucked duly in return. I feel my come pumping through my shaft and out of the tip of my cock. My fucking becomes frenzied, intense. My whole body is trembling. It’s shaking. It’s spasming. I seem to have lost control. My body is on auto pilot.

My body finishes off the last waves of orgasm. I try to fuck Lucy with the last ounce of my strength., but I cant. I collapse on top of her. I am utterly spent.

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wildbill_on    (2009-05-01 16:01:28)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow! Unbelievable!
christina09    (2009-02-14 07:35:58)    Flag as inappropiate
christina09 great story loved it. very wet here :)
CanadianCasanova    (2009-01-04 20:51:51)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova I enjoyed that more than I expected!
shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-03 16:20:15)    Flag as inappropiate
This was amazing...
easypeasy    (2009-01-03 12:57:39)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoah, wow, that was really hot. Thanks. :)

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