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  By: sultrybitch

You had taken me to an adult bookstore the theater in the back to be exact. It was the Adult Dept. in Sports Arena. We went into the theater together and sat in the back. You made very sure that all eyes that fell on us knew I was there for your pleasure and you pleasure alone.


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We sat in silence for a moment or two then like you gave me a silent command I unbuttoned the top of your pants. I slid one hand down the front of your pants and the other hand stayed on the outside rubbing your quickly reacting cock. My mood quickly started to change from timid to confident as your cock got harder and harder. It only took a second of that before you had me on the floor in front of you. Your beautiful cock was fully erect now and almost taunting me to put it in my mouth, but I know better than that…. I know I have to be told when it is ok. I took him in my hands and rubbed him on my face gently kissing the shaft and working my way up to the head that was getting larger by the second. I had not really noticed (until you tapped me on the shoulder to look) but there was a small group of men starting to watch us rather than the movie.

My confidence grew even greater I felt empowered yet very protected by my Master. Than once more with almost a silent command I was to start worshiping your cock, as it deserved. I took him in my mouth than in my throat never hesitating out of fear or comfort. You belonged there you wanted to be there. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft without ever taking him out of my mouth. My hands are behind my back where they should be, and your hand is gently but firmly placed on the back of my head. I love the control you have over my every move my every breath. I fully give you control over my actions and comfort. I look up into your eyes from moment to moment to reassure myself that I am pleasing you.

At your will you pull your cock out of my mouth and give me air then push my face back down to give some much needed attention to your balls. I kiss and lick them and take them one at a time in my mouth. I feel the ever-comforting pressure on the back of my head to go lower. I know exactly what you want…

I position myself so that I may slide my tongue along your ass slightly going over the hole with a little bit more pressure. I find my perfect angle and like a kid with candy I completely lick and probe and kiss your most deserving hole. Now by this time we have a growing audience and I am more confident then ever in my task at hand.

I go back to where I started back to worshiping your cock…. when out of nowhere you pull the back of my hair firmly off of your cock and make me stand up in front of you…. You say to the group that has formed around us that you are board of my silly nonsense and ask if anyone would like me to service them instead. I stand in front of you in silence head down waiting to be given away to the man of your choice. I know better than to protest or even to question, I trust my Master and I am to please him.

I find myself being handed over to a gentleman and was told not to look at his face at all not to look up at all. He took me to the next set of seats from where we were at and I began to start my obligation all over again. You stayed close to me never letting me out of your sight. It seemed to be my driving power behind what I was doing cause the stranger finished rather quickly.

Inside I felt more than confident in my abilities, but never let it show…. You pulled me up off the floor and proceeded to talk quietly in my face and call me every horrible name there is to be called, slut, tramp, whore, bitch and cunt just to name a few. I was then lead out of the theater to your car in silence.

We got in and we drove away… not knowing where or what was next. I dare not ask… I trust so I don’t have to…. We arrive at your house where I am lead to the shower and told to wash the filth from the other man off of me. That I disgust you and you will not have anything to do with me until I am clean. I do what you say without hesitation and enjoy the feeling of cleaning the strangers smell and touch off my body.

I am not sure what is in store for me when I get done but my heart is racing with the fear of the unknown. I finish up and turn the water off and you meet me at the shower with a large fluffy towel. It is warm and comforting… I follow you into the next room, which is your bedroom. It is full of lit candles and their various smells. You pull the towel from my body and lay me down on the bed. You kiss me deeply and tell me I did well… You were proud of my trust and obedience. Than you made love to me….

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unknown    (2008-12-30 18:53:16)    Flag as inappropiate
I love it :)

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