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  By: FullySickPuppy

I stand up slowly and start to remove my shirt.

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"Be careful," he warns, "we don't want your 'make-up' smudged, now do we" he says, and laughs. "Such a pretty little whore".


I pull my shirt up, stretching the neck hole around my head. I can already feel his cum starting to dry in spots on my face, tightening the skin.

I slide my pants and boxers down, stepping out of them. I am now standing fully naked, my cock hard with anticipation of what is to occur.

"Oh my GOD! You dirty little whore, you really DID like that, didn't you?", he asks, looking at my now rock hard cock.

"uhhh, I guess..."

"WHAT?!?", he yells, slapping my face hard. "Get on your knees and answer me properly"

I do so, lowering myself at his feet.

"Now lets try that again, you really did like that didn't you, you cock hungry bitch?"

"Uhh...yes sir" i replied.

"How much did you like it, slut? I want to hear you tell me how much you enjoy being used as a cum dump. and LOOK at me while you say it."

I look up into his face, my own red from both the humiliation I was recieving and the sharp blow to my face. "Sir, I really anjoyed being your cum dump. I loved the feeling of your cock stretching out my throat. Thankyou sir"

"No problem " he replied, and laughed " Any time, any time at all".


He directs me onto my hands and knees facing away from the couch, with my head down on the floor and my ass in the air. First, he puts both his feet on my back, using me like a footstool, as he sits back, relaxed and continues to watch the movie.

"Damn those bitches are hot!", he exclaims, "and fucking dirty too. Are you that dirty, princess?, i bet you are!"

He removes one of his feet from my back, and using his big toe, starts to dig into my ass hole. "Go grab some lube, slut" he says as he removes his feet from my back and ass. "Oh and another drink too"

I stand and go and get the lube and his drink. When i get back he takes his beer and tells me to lay on my back on the coffe table.

"Now, how about you prove to me how much you enjoy being a whore and put on a bit of a show for me. Pull your legs up and give me a view"

I lay my head back on the table and reach between my legs, first gently grabbing my balls and massage them.


I see stars as he he brings his hand down full force on my balls. I instinctively curl into a ball, tears springing to my eyes.

"If i wanted you to play with COCK, I would have given you mine again. You are a little bitch slut, i wanna see you play with your 'cunt'!". He roughly grabs my legs and stretches them out again. "Now reach down and lets see some action"

My balls are still aching as I reach down and start probing at my ass with my fingers.

"MUCH better!!"

I start slowly running my fingers around my asshole, trying to be as "sensual" as possible. I reach over and grab the lube, squezzing a small blob onto my finger. I reach down again, this time gently sliding my finger into my ass.

"MORE", he demands. I slide my finger in further, until it is fully buried in my pulsating anus. He laughs, "No you silly bitch, more fingers"

I slide a second finger in, and then a third, feeling my ring stretch to accomodate. I start sliding my fingers in and out, my ass taking in more and more with each thrust. My cock feels like it will burst.

"Nice", he says,"Now get your legs in the air, i wanna see you stretch your ass-cunt, see if it will accomodate me."

I lift my legs up and reach down with both hands. I slide two fingers from each hand into ass. I have to really concentrate to relax enough to allow the penetration. I then pull to the sides, stretching my hole out.

"Pull harder" I try, but my ass restricts every time i try and stretch it out.


Again I curl into a ball as the pain of the brutal hit to my balls fills my body.

He gets up and grabs me forcefully, rolling me over and pulling me to my knees on the table. He grabs the lube and inserts the tip of the tube into my ass and squeezes. I can feel the cool liquid sliding into me.

He puts the lube down and begins probing my ass with his fingers. Then without warning he rams two fingers from each hand into my ass and pulls out hard. I can feel my ass stretching beyond its limits and it begins to hurt. I whimper.

"Oh PLEASE!! You love it, you fucking whore! I can tell you love it, cause your slut whore cock is all hard" He stops stretching my ass out, and instead, begins brutally thrusting his fingers in and out of me. He pulls his fingers out, and then with one hand, he grabs me by the balls, and bunches all four fingers from his other hand together and holds them at the opening of my hole. He roughly pulls back on my balls, and I immediately move my body back in that direction, to relieve the pressure on my already aching nuts. Of course, that action causes me to slide back onto his outstretched fingers, again stretching my ass. I try to resist, but he simply pulls harder on my balls, and i have no choice. I move myself back onto his fingers.


"Now fuck yourself with my fingers", he demands. And I do. Rocking my body backwards and forwards as his fingers penetrate deeper and deeper into my body. My ass starts to relax with each thrust and before long I am consumed by the action and the feeling of being fingered. I begin to moan with pleasure.

"Yep, I knew you'd love this. WOW my own dirty little hoe bag!!!"

He pulls his fingers free of my ass and lets go of my balls. He stands up behind me, his pants falling to the floor. I look back and can see that his cock is once again at attention, in obvious need of another release.

"OK bitch, you should know what to do here", he says.

Without a word, I reach back and grab his throbbing cock and line it up with my gaping asshole. I slide myself backwards, my ass easily engulfing him. He doesn't wait. He grabs me by my hips and pulls me back into him, while at the same time thrusting forward quickly. I can feel the head of his cock penetrating deep into my body and I moan again. Over and over he slams his body into mine, his cock, hot and throbbing driving deep into my ass. Before long, he starts to grunt. He pulls out of my ass and orders me to turn around. I turn around and he grabs me by the hair, directing his dick into my mouth.

I taste the mixture of lube and my own ass on his dick, my ass feeling somewhat empty after the pounding it just recieved. He starts to pulsate. "Now, i don't want you to swallow this one, just hold it there" he says, as his cock bursts, spewing stream after stream of hot cum into my waiting mouth. I do as i was told, I don't swallow. I can feel the cum sloshing around inside my mouth as he lets the last of his cum ooze onto my face.

"Gargle it. Show me how much you love my cum" I try, but immediately gag on the thick strands of cum. He laughs. "Yeah, Yeah. OK you can swallow it now." I do, feeling the cum ooze down my throat. 

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easypeasy    (2008-12-14 17:01:08)    Flag as inappropiate
Ass-to-mouth never really works for me, but the rest of this was really, really HOT. Thanks! :)

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