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I fantasize about sharing a girl that is in a relationship and watching her give in to the pleasure of serviced by two guys in every way possible. We would sit on the couch and as she was kissing and sucking on one of those tools about to fill her up the other would be licking and teasing her pussy. Tongue flicking back and forth on her hot, little clit and in and out of the hole soon she wouldn't be able to stand it anymore. She'd be moaning around the cock in her mouth, just aching for that extra cock to fill her. Then i'd move her to floor and while she is on her hands and knees we would pump her from both ends, me in her mouth and the other guy in her pussy. Bouncing her back on and forth on these two cocks, forcing her closer and closer to cumming.

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Just when she is about to cum we both stop. We are going to make her beg for her cock. We make her suck both our dicks at once and promise to be a good girl, otherwise she's not going to get anymore. She promises with a giggle, and for that she gets a reward. The girl straddles me on the couch and starts riding my cock, meanwhile sucking the other guy. She starts to bounce harder and faster, her moaning adding to the pleasure of the blowjob. Now pounding the entire length of my cock into her with each stroke, she starts to shiver and screams out as the orgasm pulses through her body.

I pass her over to the boyfriend while she is still recovering. She finds two fingers moving into her ass and moans in lust as they set off electric sparks in her still sensitive pussy. She moves over and sits on her guy's cock, working it into her ass, finally it's in and she sinks down with a contented sigh. Moving slowly she starts to enjoy being filled and opened up. Soon she is eyeing my cock and pulling it forward, she wants to be opened up completely. I slide into her pussy, now much tighter with her other hole filled by the boyfriend, and we both start to move. Sometimes pushing one cock into her all the way, alternating between the two, sometimes filling her completely so that she can feel both twitching inside her at the same time. We flip her over onto her hands and knees and continue working. Now she is lost in the haze and forgetting anything except the sensations of the two cocks inside her. Something snaps, and she goes crazy with lust the end =)

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masterofvirgin_007    (2008-12-10 02:39:00)    Flag as inappropiate
ooh man..make more hot..more valiant..more virile..more bold..kiss me and lets go to the sun like a yellow deer in paradise..
midnight80    (2008-12-07 23:24:47)    Flag as inappropiate
midnight80 I used to want to write longer ,The time was not sufficient =) thx
kupkakes    (2008-12-07 16:17:35)    Flag as inappropiate
kupkakes I agree very hot!! and needs to be longer ; P
easypeasy    (2008-12-07 13:45:45)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice! I love a good DP fantasy, and that was hot. :) I'd love to read longer pieces from you!

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Location: Other | Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: I will tell you later | Nature: I will tell you later