Oral at the Pool locker room   added 7 years ago    

  By: hercules

I\'ve never been with a guy before, but I think about it all the time. I love playing with toys and imagining some hot guy giving it to me hard, and eventually cumming all over my face. I\'ve tried meeting guys before, but the ways have been kinda creepy. The idea of meeting some stranger through a website doesn\'t appeal to me at all. I thought I would just have to give up on my fantasies, I don\'t know anyone who is gay that I trusted. It wasn\'t until I made a friend at work that I changed my mind.


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Colton was younger than me by a couple of years, and had a very good look about him. He had light brown short hair, and a smooth face. He was athletic and always dressed very stylish. I didn\'t think much more about it than that, until he started to flirt with me. I didn\'t really know if he was at first as he had a very subtle way of doing it. Then he started saying things about if I would date him, if I wanted to make out, etc. Always in a lighthearted joking way. I usually brushed them off not knowing whether he was really serious or not. I suppose I was just naïve.

We became good friends, and pretty soon we were doing things together regularly. I asked him to go for a hike with me, and during the hike he casually mentioned he had kissed a guy, I asked him a little about it, but eventually the subject changed. I haven\'t been able to get it out of my mind. I want to kiss him, and I want to do so many dirty things to him. I invite him to go with me to the public pool for a nice soak in the jacuzzi. While we are in the changing room I make it an effort to casually take my clothes off. Allowing him plenty of time to stare at my smooth cock if he wants. Of course he does, and makes some comment about me working out. He\'s shy about it but I catch him looking so I ask him if he likes what he sees? He shyly says yes.

There aren\'t many people in the lockerroom so I reach over and stroke his growing cock. He seems to like it, and my cock starts to become harder too. Some people start to come in from the pool so we are interrupted. We put our bathing suits on and go sit in the jacuzzi. We relax and talk, the anticipation is growing. We are both wondering what will happen next, both of us hoping. We are both still hiding our stiff cocks under the bubbles of the hot tub. When we get a chance we very sneakily graze our hands over one another under the water. Eventually we have had enough of the teasing, and we go back into the lockerroom. There aren\'t nearly as many people now so we decide to take a shower and get cleaned up. Under the hot water he kisses me, and my body gets all limp and I go weak in the knees. His lips are so soft, yet forceful. I want him so bad.

We rub our cocks together as we lather the soap all over each others bodies. His cock is about as big as mine, and I just want to suck it so bad. I want to taste cum for the first time, and let him fill up my hole. I tell him I want to suck his cock. He suggests going to a private shower stall that has a bench seat in it. We close the curtain as we enter making out like a couple teenagers. I push him down on the bench and get on my knees. The antipation and excitement in his eyes turns me on so much. I lick his balls taking each one in my mouth and sucking it hard. He moans deeply. I work my hands all over his body as I kiss his thighs, and tease him. He begs me to suck his hard fucking cock. I lick the orecum off the end of his cock, it tastes so good, better than I imagined.

I work my mouth up and down his cock doing what girlfriends have done for me in the past. It seems to work as I suck him so deep into my mouth. He is moaning so loud now I\'m worried about getting caught, but I stop caring. I start to hope there are other people watching me suck coltons hard cock. Everything is a new experience, and every twitch of his cock makes me want him to cum on me that much more. I press my fingers against his ass feeling it flex and tense as his body starts to spasm. I beg him to cum all over my face as I release his cock from my mouth and he starts to jerk it over me.

He starts to cum....moaning. The first spurt hits me in the nose and kind of surprises me. The heat of his sperm feels so good. Spurt after spurt covers my face, till he is spent. We sit there for a few minutes recovering while I clean off my face. I love the taste of his cum more than mine. Soon people are starting to come in the lockerroom again so we get dressed and leave. Hopefully this will be continued.

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smoothballs    (2012-08-25 17:30:28)    Flag as inappropiate
anticipation of bisexual encounters releases climaxes that ought to be shared
curious4cum    (2010-06-24 16:21:03)    Flag as inappropiate
I often think about the same things.
masterofvirgin_007    (2008-12-10 03:13:12)    Flag as inappropiate
Ouch.. no man..you look very bad in men sex education..to be really hercules learn more hard about best applicated sex virginity ..be more valiant and more virile..ok
easypeasy    (2008-12-07 13:48:34)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh, please do continue! That was really hot, and I'd love to to read more. :)

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