Threesome with my cousins   added 7 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

Well, it's been a while since I've had time to do this! Hell, I haven't even had time to masturbate much. I've been so busy that I think about how good it would feel to get off, maybe even watch a little porn, but then I fall asleep at night before I can really get up the energy to rub my pussy, or when I do, I just want to come as quick as I can. I've definitely been feeling antsy, though. Wanting to spend a little more time with the pleasures of both my mind and my body.


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I was at my cousin's house for the holiday, and I did manage to get a little fantasizing in before I fell asleep one night, enough to get my pussy really wet when I fingered myself. And he has a fantastic shower head that I used to give myself an orgasm in the shower the next morning, letting myself groan a little louder than I normally might just to give myself the extra buzz from the exhibitionism.


His sister was there, too--they're twins, both a couple years younger than me. We smoked weed and drank a bunch of wine together one night after our parents had gone to bed. They're both single right now, as am I, and we got to talking about sex. We've all been close forever, but talking about sex is always a little awkward because we used to mess around when we were kids. My cousin Gina is the first girl I ever went down on, and I'm the first person my cousin Darren ever put his cock inside. We played the usual exploratory games when we were little kids, and as we got older it escalated, until we just sort of stopped, and we never talked about it again.

But every once in a while, Darren gets extra cuddly with me or his sister, hugging us a lot and letting his hand rest high up on our thighs if we're sitting together on the couch. Or Gina will tease me about my big breasts, reaching out to squeeze and fondle them and then putting my hand on her small ones "to compare." That night, as we drank and smoked and laughed together, I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet, and sometimes it looked like I could see Darren's dick hard in his sweatpants, and I could definitely see Gina's hard nipples pushing out against the cotton fabric of her sleep tank. Jesus, I really wanted to fuck them all of a sudden.


So, that night in bed, I fantasized about what it might be like to fuck them both at the same time. As kids, it was either two of us alone, or we all took turns with each other while the other one watched and offered suggestions. Suddenly, all I wanted was for all of us to be together, sucking and licking and fingering and fucking all together.


What if while we were sitting around the living room floor in front of the fireplace, I had mentioned my exhibitionist kink to them? We were talking about our sexual histories and experiences, and what if I told them that sometimes I like to masturbate in public places, places where I could get caught. I might say that it was making my pussy wet just then, even talking about it to them.


Yeah, I tell them my pussy is so hot and wet, and finally Gina finishes her glass of wine in one large gulp and tells me to go ahead, to do it, to let them watch me finger myself. She looks at Darren, and he's looking kind of apprehensive, eyes glancing back and forth between us, but when I glance down, his dick is definitely hard, tenting out his sweatpants so obviously. He blushes when he sees me looking, but finally nods his head at both of us, telling me to go ahead and do it, let them see how wet my pussy is, then.


I lean back against the couch and take off my robe, letting the straps of my nightgown slip down and expose one of my big, soft breasts when I lean back and pull the gown up to reach my panties. I pull off my panties and stay leaning back when I spread my legs, and I hear Darren laugh and scoot closer to look at my hairy wet pussy spread open for them. Gina scoots in, too, and I reach up to cup my breast in one hand, pinching the nipple hard enough to make me gasp and feeling hot throbs of sensation shoot down from my tit to my cunt. I twist and pinch it a little, letting myself moan quietly and squirm my hips to feel my pussy tingle and throb and clench. They're watching me with their mouths open, and I can see that they are already flushed and breathing heavily.


I cup my other breast in my left hand and fondle them both for a few moments, then I run my right hand down to my pussy, sliding my finger easily between my slick wet cunt lips and rubbing right over my clit. Gina gasps when I moan again, watching my finger rub and circle my clit until I start grinding my cunt up onto my hand.


"Let us see, spread yourself open," Darren says, and his voice is rough and quiet. Gina looks at him and nods, and I reach down with my other hand to spread my pussy lips open, letting them see my wet hole spasming when I rub my finger over my hard little clit. I'm so hot and ready to come, feeling their eyes on me when I slide my finger down into my hole, finger-fucking myself a little until Darren licks his lips and I see him almost reach out to touch my cunt.


"Not yet," I pant at him. "I want to come for you. I want you guys to see me come first." And they look at each other again, but sit back slightly as I start fingering my pussy faster, rubbing and rubbing over and around my clit. My pussy is soaking wet, and I can't wait for Darren to fuck me, but right now I just want to come, want to feel my pussy spasming and flooding with hot come while they watch me writhe and moan and rub myself. I feel it start in the pit of my belly, and I start moaning loud, almost too loud since we're just in the living room, but I can't help it, it's too hot to start coming in front of them, my whole body shaking and bucking as I rub my clit so fast and grind my pussy up and up onto my fingers, my cunt getting even slicker and hotter as I come all over myself.


When I'm mostly finished coming, I lay back and rest my head on the couch cushions, feeling my pussy still throbbing and occasionally spasming a little. My whole hand is sticky, and I can smell my cunt and feel hot sticky wetness all over my pussy and my inner thighs. I'm still so turned on, and Gina keeps swallowing as she looks at my pussy. Darren has one hand resting on his cock through his sweatpants, not really rubbing it, just holding it and squeezing a little.


"Okay," I sigh. "Fuck, that was so hot. But now I want fuck you guys, right? Let's do this." They look startled, but not really surprised, and after looking at each other for a while, Gina nods slowly. Darren finally nods, too, and they both turn to me. I've started rubbing lightly at my cunt lips, just stroking them a little, and Gina laughs and shakes her head, and then pulls off her tank top, letting us see her small, firm breasts with her nipples pointing out hard. As she pushes off her sleep pants, Darren pulls off his t-shirt and pushes down his sweats. I look at their bodies, seeing them naked for the first time since we were kids. Gina shaves her pussy, leaving just a little dark patch of hair above her sweet little pussy lips, and I can see that she is wet, too. And Darren's cock is so big, so much bigger than the last time I saw it, so thick and hard, and his bush of dark hair is curly and thick around it. My cunt is just throbbing as I see them and think about what we're going to do.


"Come here," I say to Gina, and I reach out as she walks over to me on her knees. I immediately bend down and put my mouth around one of her nipples, starting to suck and lick at it right away, loving the feel of her hard nipple under my tongue and the way the flesh is pulled into my mouth when I suck hard. I rub my hand on her leg and slide it up between her thighs as I move to the other breast, sucking the nipple into my mouth as I slide my fingers into her cunt. She is so wet, and her shaved cunt lips feel so slippery and strange to me when I'm used to my own hairy pussy. I go right for her clit, and she moans and puts her hands on my head, holding my mouth on her breast as I suck hard at the nipple while I rub her clit. I just think to wonder what Darren is doing when I feel his hand between my legs, rubbing into my pussy and finding my clit. I moan around Gina's tit in my mouth as he rubs my pussy, and I pull away to say, "Wait!"


I don't want to come yet, and I want Gina to come on my mouth. So I pull back and tell them what I want. Gina seems okay with that, and Darren definitely looks like he wants to fuck me, so I tell Gina to get up on the couch and spread her pussy for me. I turn and get on my knees, spreading my legs so Darren can have my cunt. Gina's pussy is glistening wet in front of me, and I think about how she smells saltier than me as I lean in and lick right over her cunt lips, pushing my tongue between them to rub over her clit. She whines and grabs my head again, and I start licking her clit fast and light, lapping my tongue over and over it as she holds my head and grinds her cunt up at me.


I'm really getting into it, eating her out as enthusiastically as I can, when I feel Darren's fingers pulling my pussy lips open, and his tongue licks over my clit then up to tongue-fuck my hole. I moan into Gina's pussy, and she grinds her cunt up at me. I go down and push my tongue into her hole, using my fingers to hold her open, and when I start tongue-fucking her hole, she moans loud and fucks her pussy up onto my face. Darren slides his fingers into my hole and fucks me a few times, but I really want his cock, so I actually pull my mouth off Gina's cunt to say, "Darren, fucking do it, fuck me, I want your dick in me, okay?"


He pulls his fingers out of my cunt, and I hear him scoot up close and rub his dick in my pussy right away. Gina still has her fingers in my hair, and she waits until I grunt as Darren slides his cock up my tight hole before she pulls my face back down into her cunt and holds it there, grinding her clit on my nose, until I start licking. I feel Darren start fucking me, sliding his thick hard cock slowly in and out of my wet pussy, but my face is buried in Gina's cunt, and her pussy juice is all I can smell or taste. I want to feel her come on my tongue, feel her come hot on my face as I get fucked, and I start licking her clit again, rubbing it with my tongue, lapping over it, circling my tongue around it.


Darren keeps pumping his dick in my pussy steadily, but I'm ready to get fucked hard, so I start shoving my pussy back at him, trying to force his cock deeper in my cunt or make him take me harder. He seems to get it because he starts shoving his dick up my pussy faster, really giving it to me hard and deep, and I start moaning as I eat Gina's pussy, letting them both hear it, letting Gina feel the vibrations in her pussy as I groan and lick her cunt. It feels so good to have Darren's prick pounding up my cunt, but I need a little more, and I'm almost going to pull my face out of Gina's pussy and ask for it when I feel Darren's hand fumbling over my belly and down into my cunt. Yeah, that's what I need, so I keep fucking my pussy back onto his cock while he hammers it into me, and I let him rub all over my pussy while I keep sucking and licking at Gina's clit. She's really moaning, too, now, and I let two of my fingers rub over into her cunt while I lick her, rubbing up and down between her slick cunt lips and teasing at her hole while I keep tonguing her clit.


I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter around Darren's cock, and I want to come on him so bad. I push two fingers up Gina's cunt hole suddenly, and suck hard on her clit while I lap my tongue over it as quick as I can, and I hear her whine high and loud, her fingers pulling hard on my hair as she bucks her pussy up onto my mouth. Darren stabs his cock into me hard as he sees what's happening, and I can't help moaning as I start finger-fucking Gina fast and smooth, rubbing my fingers deep as I finger her and eat her cunt as hard and fast I can. She keeps bucking and grinding up onto me, and finally she starts to come, her cunt squeezing hard around my fingers in spasm after spasm as I keep licking and licking and sucking her clit.


Darren just keeps fucking me hard through it, slamming his cock up my cunt hard and fast as he fingers my clit, and I come suddenly with my face still buried in Gina's pussy, my whole body spasming as my pussy explodes with hot come around his cock, clenching and throbbing around his dick as he fucks me through it, Gina petting my hair as I whine and lick randomly at her cunt while I'm coming, my mouth and tongue rubbing all over her pussy, smelling her cunt juice all over my face as I come on Darren's cock.


"Yeah," Gina murmurs as I stop coming. "Fuck, yeah, that was hot." I pull my face away from her cunt and look up blearily, feeling Darren's cock pounding hard and steady up my cunt. Gina is looking at Darren. "Yeah," she says again. "Darren, give it to her, come on, that was so hot, fucking come in her. I want to see your come dripping out of her pussy."


And Darren gives a strangled grunt and suddenly shoves his dick up my cunt hard and fast, three times, and I feel hot pulses of thick jizz shooting inside me, his dick fucking his come up my cunt hard and fast until he stops and holds it deep in my pussy while it gets soft. When he pulls out, my cunt feels hot and raw and fucked, and I start to get up to get something to clean myself with when Gina puts her hand on my head again. "Wait, turn around again," she tells me.


I turn around, stay on all fours and when Darren moves around to sit by Gina on the couch, I let my legs spread wider for them, let them see how dirty and wet and used my cunt is. I hear someone lean forward and look back to see Gina reaching for my pussy. She spreads my cunt open, and I feel something thick and warm start to run slowly out of my hole and down my cunt lips. They both lean in and touch my pussy, rubbing at Darren's come as it drips out of my hole, making me jump when they rub my clit. Fuck, I could come again, and I think about asking, when Darren just asks me if I want to.


I'm kind of embarrassed, but I hang my head down and let them keep touching my pussy. They don't start any kind of rhythm at first, just rubbing over my clit or pushing inside my hole or stroking at my cunt lips kind of randomly. When my cunt really starts throbbing again, though, I can't help circling my hips a little, trying to get some kind of rhythm going with the stimulation. I hear Darren laugh, and he starts rubbing over and over my clit while Gina slides two fingers into my hole and starts finger-fucking me smooth and steady. It's so hot, and my cunt is so wet. I can hear slick, slippery sounds, and it's not long at all before I know I'm going to come, and I hang my head down and whine low and long as I start fucking my pussy back onto their fingers faster. Darren rubs my clit faster, and Gina really starts giving it to me with her fingers, fucking my cunt hard and fast with them until I grunt loud and come hard, my pussy getting impossibly wetter around their fingers as I shake and fuck my cunt onto their hands.


When I finally finish, they pull away, and I stand up, feeling sort of weird, but too exhausted to care. They sit naked on the couch and watch me pull my nightgown on. Finally, they get up, too, and they pull their sleep clothes back on. We all stand around awkwardly for a moment, and then I look at them kind of sheepishly and laugh, and we all start laughing really hard. We hug each other good night, and head off to bed. I'm so tired I decide against a shower until morning, so as I lie there, I can feel the stickiness of my come and Darren's come all over my cunt and my thighs. My hands and face are still covered in Gina's pussy juice, and her come is all I can smell. I think about all the things we didn't do, and I wonder if this will be the last time, and we'll go back to never talking about it again, or if the next family holiday might mean I get to eat Darren's ass while I sit on Gina's face, or lick Gina's pussy while Darren fucks her up the ass, or let Darren eat my pussy while Gina sucks his cock. Who knows?

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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 22:01:43)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you so much Jaccal! I love to know people are getting off to my fantasies, so thanks for telling me. :)
Jaccal    (2009-12-12 03:10:24)    Flag as inappropiate
Jaccal Ive wanked to this at least a dozen times! You have a gift girl!
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 14:21:07)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, bikerjohnny! I'm so glad you like this! I get the exhaustion--it's nice being a woman and capable of being multi-orgasmic! ;-)
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 14:19:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08, thanks for always showing your appreciation for my stuff! :)
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 14:18:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Geez, thanks so much for the comment, magictonic! I'm really glad you find my stuff so hot--that's the goal! :)
bikerjohnny    (2009-02-25 05:23:11)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Great story, felt exhausted by the end as if I had been there, and boy would I have liked to have been there. You really rock at this stuff, keep it up!!
Soohard08    (2009-02-22 14:43:29)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Wow you are so nasty, just the kind off women i like,nasty slutty masterbateloving,and on and on.....
magictonic    (2009-01-24 16:08:47)    Flag as inappropiate
magictonic Hey easypeasy, I really like your stories and this one is my personal favourite. I didn't think reading a sexual fantasy would be such a rush, but clearly it is. I hope you write more often because you kick ass!
easypeasy    (2008-12-21 12:35:29)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, Kraid! Glad you liked it. :)
creamqueen    (2008-12-20 10:20:07)    Flag as inappropiate
creamqueen Another great story! I think this is your best yet - so hot!!!
Kraid    (2008-12-19 00:54:49)    Flag as inappropiate
*cheers* was great!
easypeasy    (2008-12-02 22:59:24)    Flag as inappropiate
Hey, thanks so much, CanadianCasanova! It got me pretty wet to write it, so I'm glad it got you hard. :)
CanadianCasanova    (2008-12-02 14:56:09)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova I am so horny after reading that! Awesome story!

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