Paige’s First Lesson   added 7 years ago    

  By: naughtyscarlet



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It is killing me to stand in the corner and watch, but I know that I must if I am going to have my chance to be her teacher. I hear a small moan escape her lips; this is what I’ve been waiting for. I quietly walk toward her from my hiding place. She is engrossed in her pleasure and doesn’t see me until I’m almost to the couch. She quickly jumps up pulling her hand away from her hot pussy and switching off the set. Her cheeks are flushed but I can’t say for sure whether it’s from sexual desire or embarrassment. I reach down for the remote and turn the TV back on, telling her there is no reason to be embarrassed and that everything she is feeling and doing is perfectly natural. She seems ready to bolt, but I reach down and gently stroke her check, brushing her beautiful hair away from her face.

She looks up and me with such big innocent eyes. My cock is about to explode, but I know I have to take my time. I ask her if I can kiss her. Her eyes grow wide, and then she parts her lips slightly and runs her tongue quickly around them half closing her eyes. I knew this was my cue. I bent down and kissed her very gently, not wanting to frighten her with my need. She lets out a soft moan. I feel my jeans growing warm as the precum oozes from the head of my throbbing cock. I softly whisper, “Can I make you feel good Paige, I promise you will like it.” She just looks at me shyly and then places her hand in mine.




It feels like a bolt of electricity running threw me as I touch her for the very first time. I lead her to my bedroom located in the back corner of the first floor. I feel confident that we will be far enough away as to not disturb my sleeping nephew upstairs, and besides my sister has him on cold medicine; she says it makes him sleep like a log.



As we cross the threshold of my bedroom I feel Paige hesitate. I give her hand a gentle squeeze and tell her “I’ve laid in bed at night dreaming of this moment for longer then I can remember. I promise this will be a night you will never forget. Wouldn’t you rather learn the art of sex from an experienced teacher then by fumbling around with a stupid boy that doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and certainly doesn’t know how to make you feel good. Please Paige; please let me teach you how it should feel to get fucked.”



I can see how nervous she is but she takes a step forward. I reach to switch on the lamp; she touches my arm and says “No let’s do it in the dark.” “Oh sweet Paige, I’m not going to miss a single moment of this, and I don’t want you to either.” She blinks nervously as I switch on the soft light, but doesn’t say another word about it. I know she’s never reveled her body to anyone before so I certainly don’t expect her to seduce me tonight. That will come in time. Tonight I’ll take my time, savoring every new inch of her as it is uncovered.




I guide her over to the bed. I’m so hungry, but if I want her to be my pupil then I must remember to control myself. I lean down inhaling the sweet smell of her long beautiful hair then push it back from her neck to gain access to that tender flesh just below her ear. I begin to kiss her very gently at first and then building to small nibbles. I want her desire to build so that when the time is right she will be happy to take the pain of giving me her cherry in exchange for my cock filling her aching need. I move to her soft smooth lips. She is so inexperienced; I love it. As I softly kiss her lips I began to move my hands down, slowly working the buttons of her blouse open. I pull back from her long enough to look down at her face. Her checks are now flushed; I can see a red flush climbing up from her chest into her neck and beyond. Her blouse is now open and hanging from her shoulders. I can see her soft small mounds with their tiny nipples straining against the fabric of her plain white bra. I slip the blouse from her shoulders as she looks away, embarrassed that I’m looking at her half naked body.



God she’s so beautiful. She’s just beginning to develop her curves. Her breasts are small, which exactly what I like. I reach down for the button at her waistband. She jumps a little, but I smile at her and say to her “I won’t do anything to hurt you.” As I slide her pants down past her small rear I see her plain white cotton panties. Nothing special about them, nothing you will ever see on the cover of Victoria Secrets, but they certainly made my cock throb. As I squatted to remove the pants from her supple legs I leaned close to those enticing white panties and inhaled deeply. At my bold move she began to choke. I reached around and grabbed a two handfuls of her ass; kneading it as I pressed my face into her virgin mound. She had a few fine hairs poking threw the cotton weave of her pure white panties. I guess that is something else I’ll remove from her that will cause her choke.



She stands before me now in nothing but her simple white bra and white cotton panties, the soft lamp light shines behind her. I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight in all of my life. I look up at her face, crimson now from my adoration. I am still fully dressed and will remain so for a while longer. It is important that Paige be ready to give herself to me before I can let her see my thick throbbing cock. Plenty of women I have dated in the past were intimidated by my size, and I can only imagine how scared my little virgin would be if she knew now what she was in store for.



“I’m going to shave your pussy now,” I tell her firmly.

“What!!!! No you can’t!! Why would you want to do that!! I don’t understand.” She is beginning to panic a little now.

I look her in the face and say “Didn’t I tell you I wanted to make you feel good?”

“Yes,” she quietly replied, “but I don’t understand why you would want to do that, and besides you will cut me. I won’t let you.”

I just smile at her now. “Really Paige, I know how to use a razor, and I’m not going to cut you. I want you smooth and bare so that I can taste every drop of your sweetness. You are just going to have to trust me here.”

“What do you mean “taste me” I thought we were going to have sex?”

I restrain a chuckle at just how innocent she really is, but I only smile at her. “Baby girl, there is so much more to sex then just having someone stick there dick into you, and I already told you I want to teach you how to feel good, you really are going to have to trust me here.”




I quickly gather everything I need to shave her smooth from the adjoining bathroom and hurry back to her. She is still standing exactly where I left her. I step toward her and lift her chin to look me in the face. Her lips are trembling. I softly caress her check and tell her “I want you to enjoy this. I know you are scared, but I promise you, this will be a night you will never forget.” She blinks nervously and quietly says “I’m ready.”




I kneel down in front of her and slowly start to pull her pure white panties down her thighs. She jumps as I touch her but I don’t let this stop me. I’m mesmerized by her and nothing is going to stop me now. Those white panties are around her ankles now as she stands before me in her plain white bra and her glorious untouched virgin slit hidden under a small bush. I tell her to lie back on the bed and relax. I know I will be the first man to ever lay eyes on her tight pink pussy and the thought of that alone is making my cock ache. “Bend your knees and let your legs fall open,” I tell her. Before my face lays the most beautiful tight little pussy I have ever seen. I can see a drop of moisture at the edge of those beautiful pink lips. I lean in close to her, deeply inhaling her scent now that there is no cloth between us. Paige gasps as I move closer to her; she almost jumps off the bed the first time I touch her. I gently part her lips to reveal her little clit…..never touched before I’m quite sure.



My mouth is watering to taste her. I quickly set to work shaving her smooth. I lather her hot mound, and began to reveal her bare flesh. She is very jumpy, but she never says a word. I am extra careful to not nick her; I don’t want to do anything to compromise her trust in me. It doesn’t take me much time at all to finish with her shave, and now I’m ready to dive in. Her pussy is glistening. She has silky juice seeping out of her tight little pussy.



Now that she’s shaved and ready to be devoured I tell her to move to the oversized chair in the corner of the bedroom. I take her by the hand and lead her to the chair, but before I allow her to sit down, I remove the last thing hiding her body from me. Her young breasts are small but firm. I lower my head to take first one and then the other sweet bud into my mouth. Paige moans as I tease her with my tongue. While she is still standing at the chair I reach down and began to rub her mound. I want to make sure that I take my time with her. I’m very careful to only touch the outsides of her lips. I can feel her getting wet already from my teasing and my tender touch. I sit her down on the chair, and tell her to move her ass to the edge of the seat. She does exactly as I tell her to. “Now bend those legs back and show me your beautiful little pussy baby.” Her pussy is still so tight. Her lips are pressed together hiding that sweet spot. I kneel in front of her and tell her to get ready.


I pull those lips apart to reveal that little bud. I run my tongue across her clit causing her to choke. As I move my tongue further down I taste a drop of the silky juice on the tip and I’m hungry for more. Quickly I began licking and sucking on this tight little pussy. Nibbling at her lips, pulling them back gently in order to see her little hole exposed. She is really starting to get into it now. I rub my fingers around her hot flesh and they are instantly coated with her sweet nectar. I can’t stop; I have to feel that tight pussy gripping me. I began to tease her opening with my fingers; slowly circling her hot hole as she gets wetter and wetter. “I’m not going to put it into you until you ask for it,” I tell her. I can see that her breathe is coming faster now, and I love watching her small breast rise and fall as she breathes. I continue to tease her, swirling around her pussy…..pulling her lips open…..flicking my tongue across her clit…and lapping up ever sweet drop that slides out of her.


“OK,” she says. “Ok what? I want to here you tell me what you want, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want Paige, there’s nothing I won’t give you.” She takes a deep breath and says “I want you to put your finger inside me.” “Say inside my pussy.” She shakes her head. I refuse to let up with my teasing until I hear those naughty words; I know how to make this girl give me exactly what I want. I keep tugging at her pink lips pulling her hole open just a little as to not hurt her, and lapping at her with my tongue. “PUT YOUR FINGER INSIDE MY PUSSY!!” she cried out.


She is so fucking wet. My finger slides into her waiting cunt with no problem. She’s so fucking tight; I tease her with my fingers, while still working her clit with my tongue. Her hips are starting to move rhythmically. I can feel her hot pussy pulsing around my finger. She’s panting now. I look up at her and ask “Do you want another?” She nods her head, but I tell her “Then ask for it. Tell me to fuck your pussy with two fingers.” “FUCK MY PUSSY” she cries “FUCK ME WITH TWO FINGERS!!”


I do as she asks. She is so tight it is hard to get a second finger in her.” No stop,” she says. I pause and look at her “What’s wrong?” “It hurts too much, that really burns I don’t want you to do that.” I rock back on my heels and look at her face. She’s flushed, and on the verge but I know that she is going to require some guidance. “Trust me Paige, it will only hurt of a minute, you do trust me don’t you?” She nods her head. “Good, then just relax.”



I first lick her cunt getting it sopping wet and then my fingers…. I slide back into her. I use my free hand to rub her clit, and start to fuck her tight hole with two fingers. I can hear the pain in her voice, but I don’t stop. I know that it will pass, and she will cum. And once she does I know that she will be all mine. I can feel her cherry as my fingers move in and out of her. I am very careful not to push to hard; I want to thrust my cock through it. It would be ashamed if I go too carried away and the ruined my own fun. I carefully continue to work her tight pussy with my fingers “You like that don’t you.” She moans and pushes her hips toward me in response. I can feel her tight little slit beginning to pulse. I can’t wait to taste her cum and continue stroking her.

Her breaths is coming in short little gasps…she moans again….”Oh my god…..OH….mmmmmm……..please….stop……don’t stop……oh-oh-oh”

I’ve never been more pleased with myself, I keep pushing her, I know that she’s about to cum, and then it will be my turn. She lets out one final cry and then I feel her virgin pussy gripping my fingers with her first orgasm. I slide my fingers out of her and lap up her virgin cum.




“Did you like that?” Her eyes are wide and she nods her head. “Tell me,” I say to her. “’I’ve never felt like that before,” she replies. “Yes, but did you like it?” “That was the best thing I have ever felt.” “That is just the tip of the iceberg sweet one.” “Now that your pussy is nice and wet you can take my cock.” I began to unbutton my shirt and quickly remove it. I pick her up and carry her to the waiting bed. I hover over her breathing in every inch of her innocence. I kiss her, and she kisses me back this time. I nuzzle her neck just below her ear and ask her “Do you want more?” “Yes, can you make me feel like that again?” No,” I replied to her, “I’m gonna make you feel even better.”



I keep her distracted by kissing and licking her body as I remove my pants. I don’t want her to see my bulging cock until after I have taken her. She can feel my hardness pressing against her thigh. She instinctively arches her back presenting her hot pussy to me. This is it, the moment I have played in my head night after night. I want to make it last as long as I can. I look down to see the head of my cock glistening with my own juice. I began to rub the head of my thick cock against her lips……teasing her budding clit…..

I’ve never wanted to cum as badly as I do right now. I can feel her lips part around my cock….I reach the entrance of her tight slit, I know I have to take my time. I watch her face as I began to press into her tight hole; moving ever so slowly…..Her eyes grow wide as I feed the head of my cock into her. She is nice and wet from that good finger fucking I just gave her, but she is so fucking tight. I move as slowly as I can. I feel her beginning to tense up. I pull back slightly and lean down to kiss her. “You have to try and relax Paige, it will hurt a little until you get use to my cock, but I promise to be careful.” She nods again.




This is it, my cock is throbbing, demanding to be satisfied. Again I began working my cock into her. Her eyes are closed tight and she is biting her bottom lip. I can feel the head of my cock pressing against her cherry. I take a few more short stokes always stopping short of busting through. I can feel my control slipping. My body is straining to be satisfied. I hate to hurt her, but that can’t be helped. I reach down and grab hold of her hips, pulling her ass closer to me. With one quick breath I withdrawal and give Paige a full stroke. I feel my thick cock tearing through her cherry, she screams out in pain, but I can’t stop. My cock is searing into her tight pussy. She is whimpering and panting, a tear runs down her check. I continue to force her pussy to take all of the eight inches. She is past the initial shock and she is starting to get wet again.

I watch as I withdrawal my cock from her with each stroke. It is now tinged red with her cherry juice. I’ve never been so hot in my life. I feel my eruption building. I won’t be able to hold back much longer, but I do want her to cum on my cock. Her eyes are open now and she is beginning to moan. Her mind has shut down and her body has taken over. She is moving her hips to meet my cock. I have never felt anything so tight around my cock before in my life. It is amazing. Her tight little cunt is spasaming around my thick shaft. I want to release so badly…..but not until I’ve brought her to orgasm again. She is breathing in short gasps…her back is arched and her pussy is gripping me as I have never felt before. She thrusts her hips toward me as her pussy floods with her second release.



I can not take another second of this sweet torture. I began thrusting into her hard, forcing her to take the full length of my cock. I can’t stop until I explode. I feelsmy balls began to contract, every muscle in my body is engaged in my release.

She is crying out again “OH…..OH MY GOD……OOOWWWWW…..MMMMMM……..UUUMMMMM”

This is what I needed to hear to push me over the edge. My hot cum begins to spew from the head of my throbbing cock; I shift to bury myself even deeper into her softness. I feel four or five burst before the intensity of my orgasm begins to recede. I gently withdrawal my demanding cock from her tight little pussy and collapse on the bed next to her.


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That was so hot!
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Oh, there it is. Great work! You didn't disapoint me. Sorry I didn't read farther before I wrote the first note.
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hungminhus send
easypeasy    (2008-11-22 16:44:44)    Flag as inappropiate
Holy shit, that was totally hot. Wow. My cunt is throbbing and so wet from reading that. Nice, nice work! Thank you!

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