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  By: david09

There was a knock at the door. David walked to the front door and
greeted the young man standing there. He was hand picked out of dozens
who applied by his wife. He motioned for the man to come inside and
closed the door before following him down the hall. They came to the
living room which was set up to resemble a Hollywood set. Lights were
situated in the two near corners, a couch the object of their attention.


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The Naughty Meter

David showed the man to the nearby bathroom so that he could prepare for
the coming scene. David walked to the bedroom and opened the door. On
the bed sat his wife, Mia, a petite Asian woman with firm full breasts,
breasts he had bought her the year before. He smiled and walked over to
her, bending to hug her. He wispered in her ear, "He's here".

He felt her nod as the hair brushed his face, he pulled back a little
look into her eyes, tears were welling up in the corners as she
nervously looked back. A look of apprehension, a final desperate plea
for it all to be cancelled so that they could get back to their lives.
They both knew this was impossible, after all, they had decided on this
together and both wanted to go through with it at a deeper level. He
smiled reassuringly as she smiled back, laughing nervously and choking
back tears. They embraced again before standing, David allowing Mia to
confidently walk through the door as he followed. As they neared the
living room, Mia's stride became more confident, like a person walking
confidently to their fate.

She stepped into the room and sat down on the couch, her short skirt
giving a glimpse of the prize underneath, whilst her skimpy blouse
barely contained her ample breasts. She smiled again sexily at her
husband as they both lent strength to the other. He lined up the camera
and looked at her, she nodded before he switched it to record.

"Hello, and what is your name?", David asked from behind the camera.
"Mia", his wife replied looking deep into the lens.
"How old are you Mia?"
"19", She lied, although she looked very young for her 26 years.
"Why are you here today Mia"
"Umm," she hesitated coyly, "A big dick", she stated confidently to the
electronic audience.
"Well, you're in luck Mia, we happen to have some very big dick for you,
although it wont be here for a little while"
"Oh.." she pouted
"First, let us see those gorgeous tits of yours", David encouraged.
"Okay", Mia replied as she slowly undid her blowse to reveal her tight
black bra. Slipping her hands behind her back, she unhitched her bra and
slid it down her arms, her two full breasts revealing themselves to the
camera, her small pert nipples erect with anticipation.
"Wow!" David replied in authentic astonishment, as if seeing his wife
again for the first time. His pants felt more constricted as he drank in
the sight of her. "Can I feel those?" he asked
"Sure" she replied as David's hand reached out from behind the camera
and cupped his wife's breasts.
"Oh, man, they feel as nice as they look"
"Thankyou" she responded
"Can you stand up for us and do a little twirl?" David instructed as Mia
smiled at their little in-joke.
"Okay", Mia answered as she stood slowly and turned around to reveal her
lovely small bottom to the camera. She bent over at this point to reveal
more of her panties, looking back seductively to the camera.
"Ughh...." David moaned as his pants cut into his member, he was sure he
was going to blow that second. He composed himself and reached out and
slapped his wife gently on the rump.
"Ah!" She squeeled as his hand bounced off her flesh and giggled like a
"Are you wet right now?" David enquired
"Mmm, mmm" Mia nodded.
"Take off your panties for us and show us" David instructed.

Mia obligingly slid her black panties down as she revealed her full,
plump, shaved pussy to the camera, it's folds clearly glistening in the

"Wow, you sure are wet!" David exclaimed with some surprise, he had no
idea how horny his wife was until this point. He reached out and touched
her moistened lips as his cock begged to be let out of its cage. His
finger slid effortlessly in and out of Mia's pussy as she moaned lightly
with each movement, her clit hard to the touch and protruding from its
protective sheath.

"Are you ready for some dick?" David asked
"yes" Mia said urgently, her legs trembling slightly with anticipation.

David got up and went to the bathroom to retrieve the man. He was naked
and ready for action as they had discussed the day before. David
motioned him into the room as Mia's eyes lit up with excitement at the
sight of the naked man and his huge erect cock. She had never been with
anyone except David and this cock was almost twice as long and twice as
wide as his. She could feel her pre-cum dripping down into her anus as
her pussy readied itself for the extra workload.

The man walked over to Mia and stood before her as she sat on the couch,
his manhood level with her head.

"What do you think of that?" David enquired
"I like it!" Mia enthused as her body jumped a little. Instinctively,
her hand went to the base of his cock as she leant in towards it,
opening her mouth wide, taking in the tip of his penis as her eyes
looked up at his cute face staring down at her. Every inch of her body
felt drawn to this man, her pussy ached to be filled and stretched by
his ample cock. These thoughts and feelings danced around her body as
she eagerly sucked, thrusting her head up and down on his long shaft,
barely taking half of it in. She heard him moan soflty as her tongue
flicked his cock and this spurred her on to find more ways of eliciting
that noise, making it louder and more urgent. She could tell that he was
eager to have her and this turned her on even more.

His hand came down onto the back of her head and urged her to take him
deeper. She tried her best to relax her throat and oblige him but the
excitement made it a little difficult. She managed to accept more of
him, but was still a little way from the base. Her hands grabbed his
firm ass as she impaled her mouth on his organ. She could feel her mouth
starting to cramp so she withdrew and began to wank him furiously with
her hand as she leant down and sucked his balls. This produced another
one of the coveted noises from the man and it made Mia suck harder and
move her hands more vigorously on his member.

She felt him lean over and soon a large finger was exploring her wet
pussy, probing its lips lightly in just the way she liked. She moaned as
he probed further, momentarily losing her pace on his manhood as small
waves of extasy began to slowly eminate from her love nest, letting her
know that her orgasm was slowly building.

"Do you like that!" The guy demanded
"Mmm, hmm" Mia moaned
"Are you my little slut?" he asked
"Yes, I am your little slut" Mia replied
"You want this cock inside you now?"
"Yes please" Mia responded
"Show me how wet you are" he commanded

Mia leant back and spread her legs, her lips were drenched and there
were juices flowing down her inner thighs.

"Taste it" he commanded

Mia obliged and pushed her finger into her wet pussy, withdrew it and
placed it in her mouth.

"Taste good?" he asked
"Yummy" Mia replied

Mia felt his strong hands lift her up, away from his penis and place her
gently onto the couch, he bent over and spread her legs wide, giving
himself and the audience a better view of her pussy. He leant in as she
felt his warm breath, then his tongue probing the crevices of her cunt
and licking the tip of her pink, erect clit. She moaned and writhed as
his tongue expertly found all of her secret spots, her orgasm building
now so that her legs began to tremble. Her hands grasped for his hair as
she thrust him deeper into her love nest, begging him to keep going. He
kept his rhythm up and soon she was moaning louder, her orgasm moments
away. Still the tongue found the right spot at the right time, and
within seconds her orgasm flooded through her body, making her loose
control of her limbs and scream out in delight, a primal sound that only
those that have truly lost control can make. She revelled in the
pleasure, feeling it rise and fall like a wave crashing over her body.
Her pussy spewed white cum into his mouth and down her thighs. She soon
became aware of the camera near her face as she looked over into it, a
little guilt washing over her as she stared down it and into her
husband's eyes.

"You ready for it now?" David asked
"Mmm, hmmm" Mia breathed heavily as the still primal sounds eminated
from her.
"Beg me bitch" he ordered
"Please put your huge cock in my tight pussy" Mia begged
"More" he ordered
"Please, I need it, I want it so bad!" Mia urged
"Are you my slut?" he asked
"Yes, I am your little Asian slut" Mia replied obediantly
"Is my cock the best one you've ever had" he asked
"Without doubt" She replied and secretly she meant it too.

 Her body was tingling and felt weak as she was lifted by
capable arms and placed down onto his lap, facing away from him and into
the camera, so the whole of her body was in view. A surprised gasp
escaped from her as she felt him slowly sliding into her, even though
she was lubed, loose and ready, the size was still a shock as it
stretched her tight Asian pussy to accommodate him. Gently he glided her
up and down on his cock as those animalistic noises rose from within her
body and escaped into the surrounding air effortlessly. It was as if she
were just a passenger on this journey, uncontrollably orgasming as he
thrust his cock into her. She came harder this time, more cum streaming
down his cock as he continued to pick up his pace. Tears formed at the
edge of her eyes, from pure estatic pleasure.

She became aware of the camera again and looked over to her husband, a
look of apology on her face. She felt guilt for having this much
pleasure without him and started to cry. He looked out from behind the
camera and gave a beautiful, loving smile, reassuring her that he was
okay and that he was immensly happy for her new experience. At that
moment, she loved him more than she could have possibly imagined,
knowing how it must have burnt him not eliciting the same pleasure from
her as easily, he always worked so hard to bring her to this level, but
she loved every moment of it and this experience wouldn't change a thing
for her, she loved him immensely and always would. She looked at his
pants and could see how excited he was and this brought her to the edge
again as her third orgasm coarsed its way through her, this time more
violently than the others. She was unsure how long it lasted or what
happened in the meantime but she regained her senses to reveal she was
now bent over the couch, accepting his huge love muscle from behind. She
unconsciously moaned and squeeled with every thrust, he picked up speed
and pounded her as violently as she had ever been pounded. Again another
orgasm flooded through her as she sobbed with pleasure, her body nothing
more than a lifeless ragdoll for this man's amusement. She loved it!

At this point she was aware of another, more familiar cock in front of
her face. She looked up as the man pumped her from behind to see David
standing there presenting his cock for her to take. She lunged for it
and drank it into her mouth, her moans muffled by his member as she
tried her best to suck while the beast fucked her from behind.

She could feel his cock begin to shudder, the tell tale signs of a
coming ejacucation. She felt him withdraw hurriedly and spin her around
to face him and the camera. Instinctively she opened her mouth and
closed her eyes as she kneeled before him. Hot cum splashed onto her
face and oozed down into her throat as the man unloaded onto her. Her
pussy tingled again as she drank the warm salty liquid and smiled for
the camera. Opening her eyes she looked into the lens and smiled as she
opened her mouth to reveal the cum had gone.

"Did you like that?" David asked her
"Fuck yeah!" she enthused and giggled as she looked up at them both.

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EyelinerAndLace    (2007-11-27 23:55:39)    Flag as inappropiate
EyelinerAndLace So when will that video be available for sale? ;D
Harriho    (2007-10-05 15:18:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Super Story ! Toll geschrieben - man sieht die Szene direkt vor sich ;)

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