How I turned my wife and sister-in-law into sex fiends.III   added 7 years ago    

  By: EroticSammy

... I could hear you two whispering but I couldn’t make out what you were saying. When I came out I was somewhat surprised but too much in a hurry to get in the pool to think too much about it but Katy didn’t jump for her top. Your as was glistening in the sun with the oil that you were using. The two of you both had beautiful golden tans with very little tan lines or at least up til now that’s what I pictured for you both. I knew yours were almost nonexistent and pictured Katy’s to be the same. My phone rang or so it sounded, I had set the alarm to go off so it seemed like a phone call. I climbed out of the pool and went inside to take the call.

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I went back up stairs and took a few pictures of the two of you sunbathing. I was lucky enough to get some shots of Katy as she rolled to her back before she put her top on. I was rock hard thinking about the two of you together. Picturing in my head you and her licking and fingering each other. Using different toys vibrators and dildos on each other before you strapped up and fucked her. (That did the trick Monica couldn’t hold out any longer the big one hit her. Her pussy quivering every muscle in her body tightens the she goes limp as she lies down on me.)(“Don’t stop tell me the rest, she says.) While I was watching you and her from the window I slid my suite down and began jerking off picturing the what I had just told you I wasn’t able to finish then because I didn’t want to be gone too long. I come back out and come over to where you are and ask if you and Katy wanted anything from inside. You both asked for drinks something with a kick, margaritas’ Katy said. It was hard not to add a little something right then but you had already been dosed and the alcohol made the effect last longer. We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool you both had your tops just covering your nipples at the time I didn’t realize it was to get me to say something.

I had gotten my hands on some Viagra and was dying to try it out. So the next couple of times were pretty rough on you. I was worried that I was going to ride you raw and it would be my last time. I used lots of lube and made sure that where you were wasn’t getting wet from it. In order to do that I moved you from the bed to the leather foot stool down stairs it was easier to wipe down and I wanted to see if you would wake up with the move. I had figured it out by now how much to use to get the desired time I wanted with you. The camera was posed and we were ready. I had dressed you in your lingerie the black one. The camisole with matching panties I put stockings on you and your black heels then carried you down stairs and laid you from the couch to the ottoman. I had several of our toys lying around you and the camera was rolling. I tied your hands and gagged you then drug you onto the ottoman. Rolling you to your belly I pulled your panties down and started rubbing my finger around your ass. My cock was rock hard from the Viagra and I was ready to ram it in you, but I played with some of the toys first. Lubing you up real good then sliding not one but two of our toys in your pussy and sliding a third one in your ass, I was surprised pleasantly but still surprised that they went in.

I decided to test the how relaxing they were this time as I pushed my throbbing cock in your ass along with the three dildos already in you. (Oh my god you got four dicks in me? What were you trying to do split me in half?) As you can imagine it was tight at first but I slowly pushed more and more until I was all in you. Gotta tell you it was an amazing feeling four cocks in you the thoughts that run through my head of three other guys fucking you with me. You slowly loosened up and I began to pound my cock in you I rolled you from your belly to your back and back again for the next three hours. Using the strap on and dildos I even slid a bullet vibe in your ass while I was pounding your dripping wet pussy. For a while I wasn’t sure if I was going to cum or not but that was quickly answered when what felt like a gallon blew from the head of my dick. My cock was still rock hard so I brought the camera over and took your gag out replacing it with my cock sliding it in and out going as deep as I thought was safe. (AS I continue to tell her what was done to her she slides down between my legs and begins to run her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock.)”You can’t cum til you finish telling me everything you did” Monica says.


She slowly starts rubbing her finger around on my ass as she takes my cock deep in her mouth. I can barely stand it. My cock is ready to unload its cum down her throat. “Keep talking” she says. I wrap my hand in her hair and continue to tell her about the final time it was her and I. Katy had just left I had overheard you and her talking about the last time she had a real orgasm during sex. It was before her and Randy was married. The guy she was dating at the time had taken her camping. They went with his brother out to a remote spot by the lake. They got there and set the tent up then started drinking and swimming the rest of the afternoon. To make a long story short that was the first time she was with two men at the same time. They raped her or that’s the way it started but quickly turned into consensual sex. She described as the best fucking she has had.

Katy left and I brought you a drink as soon as you were out I began stripping you down to your panties and bra. I slid your pants off but ripped your shirt off. I slid your panties to the side and rub my cock up and down you clit. Then I crammed my cock inside you. (With that Monica pushed her finger in my ass then another.) (My hand grabbed her hair tighter as I forced her head down on my cock thrusting to get deeper down her throat.) As I crammed my cock in you I reached down taking your shirt by the collar and tearing it off of you. Your panties were next I pulled my cock out and grab the crotch of your panties tearing them from you. Then with you laying there you clothes in pieces hanging off you I forced my cock in your ass. This was probably the quickest I had cum in all seven times I had done this. Your ass was just wet enough to allow me in and it was over in about fifteen minutes. Since I had rolled your legs up and took you from the front when I pulled out I shot my hot cum up your belly some of it hit your face you were covered in it. I couldn’t take it any more I grabbed her head with both hands and forced my cock down her throat and let her have the full load. She worked her fingers in and out of my ass to make sure it all came out.

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