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  By: Rider

I met her several years ago.... a friend of a friend, so we came across each other at parties and

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such. This was one of these occasions, but this party was a boring affair so we decided to leave
early and grab a drink.

We sat and talked for two hours, flirting and laughing. Of course, the drinks loosened our tongues
and I mentioned that I had some restraints and a flogger and a few other toys. She fell silent.
Whoa, I thought. I put my foot in it. We started up on a different topic, ordered another drink,
then tentatively she brought the topic back up. "Did I really know who to use the flogger? Did
my partners actually enjoy it? Did it excite them? Did it excite me? Did they like being tied
up?" and so forth. I answered each question as simply as possible believing if she wanted to
know more, she would ask. She admitted she had read a couple of stories about it, but most of it
didn't make sense.... how this and why that....

After an hour or so of questions, answers and laughing, she asked to see this stuff. So we
adjourned to my house. She was nervous but I could he she was excited too. I brought out a black
flogger. She was amazed. "That would Hurt!" I said, "Yes, it does, but if done right it brings
on an endorphin high. And to those who enjoy it, there is a freedom in the loss of control."

"What about you? Why do you like it? I explained that the submissive will slip into subspace. They
retreat into a state where nothing exists but them and the dominant and her trust in him. Nothing
from the outside intrudes. For most, this is sexually arousing, not for all. Watching this
transformation is very arousing for me. The flogging and restraints make me work to make it all
right. Too much too fast and it's no good, being careful to say and do the right thing at the
right time to give her the excitement and the release of submission is all exciting. You can see
that discovering her fantasy is important. She might not even know what it is."

She took the flogger and played with it. "Could you, you know, let me feel it? You know just a
couple strokes?" I said, "well, sure but you will have to take off that blouse, but those tight
jeans would be OK just to taste it."

She thought on this, but I knew she would take off the blouse. She did. "Now what do I do?" I
took her the living room. I took the center cushion from the couch and put it atop one by the arm.
"Lean across the arm and onto the cushions." "Like this," she asked. "Slide over a little bit

I choked up on the big, heavy, black flogger. "Now I'm going to use just the tips on your back and
ass". She looked great bent over with her tight jeans pulled even tighter and her ass in the air.

"Are you ready?" she hesitated, but finally said in a low soft voice, "Yes".

I started flicking very fast over skin. Just the tips, I knew is was just a small sting. Then I
hit her ass a little harder through the jeans, faster, and moving quickly all over. I kept this up
for almost 5 minutes. She would occasionally make a little gasp, or take in a breath and hold it,
but she never moved. By this time the skin on her back was pink and I suspected her ass was too.

"That is stage one. Would you like to know what happens next." Without any hestitation, she
whispered, "yes".

I stood behind her and took a long stroke against her long smooth back. She gasped. I paused.
"More?" again the same whisper. "yes" I took six long strokes on her back and especally her ass,
no two in the same place. She jerked one hand back to cover her ass. "If you want taste more,
this won't work!" "Why" she cried, "why?" I said sternly. "You can't put your hands back like
that." "I won't, I promise" she protested. "You will" I said.

"Do you want more?"

"Yes, just a little." she said.

"Let's do downstairs where I have what I need."

"Do we have to? This looks fine."

"Downstairs. Go downstairs" and I walked to the door. She followed with the blouse over her bra
and naked belly. "Now, take off your bra and jeans at least. It gets in the way."

She took it all off.

"See that 'horse'? get on it."

She stammered. "On that? get on that?"

"Yes. stop stalling. do it!" She did. She straddled it in a hands and knees position.

I restrained her wrists and ankles, she did not protest. "You'll stop if I ask?"

"I'll stop if you say 'red light'. That way you can yell out anything you want. You can say
'stop, please, stop' or anything you like. I'll stop if you say 'red light'." She nodded.

Again, I started slowly, teasing her skin up again. Waking it up. Pulling the endorphins into her
veins. She turned pink under my flogger.

"Do you still want to go on? I will start to make the whip sing a little." Her next response
would tell me a everything.

"yes." Her voice was barely a whisper. She was sliding back into submission. I could tell she
needed this release. This loss of control. It excited me to watch her and it excied me to know
she did not even understand what was happening.

I walked behind her. I laid the flogger on her back with a soft stroke. I pulled slowly and let
it slide softly over her back and between her ass cheeks and flick over her pussy lips. She
jumped, then gasped as the leather touched her soft lips.

I flipped the flogger over my shoulder and in one swift stroke reached out and it landed on her
back with a quick sting. She jumped but did not make a sound. then I started the rhythmic
flogging. Left side of her back, then the right, then left cheek of her ass, then the right. Then
I started over. Each cycle of four was a little harder. She was making a contunious stream of
small, soft whimpers. I am sure she was not even aware of them. I built it up until I reached the
point that I thought was good for her..... 1,2,3,4... and again.... then again, over and over...
then a sudden stop. She made a small cry when I stopped. She was prepared for the next one, but
it did not come.

I build in intensity, then keep going to release the endorphins.... then stop. If I had hit her at
this intensity when we started, she would have been in agony. It's all in the way it's done. Too
long without human touch leaves her isolated.

Now I lay the whip over her shoulder so she can smell the leather. I stroke her back softly
letting her connect with me... then I slip to her ass, soft strokes. Some just the fingertips,
ever so light. Then I pull her head up and kiss her..... "More?" I barely breathe.

"yes", so softly.... "yes, please....."

Again I move behind her and I start again, this time with a new flogger. Softer, thinner tails.
These can't cause damage as easily, but will move faster and sting more... I start the rhythm...
1,2,3,4... and over.... She is whimpering again. I slowly increase the intensity again. I let the
ones on her ass land harder. There is more flesh there and more nerve endings too.. She starts to
sweat... her breathing is very deep and short... her skin is pink on her back and red on her ass.

On these lashes she cries out softly. I can smell her arousal. I keep the rhythm. I watch her
carefully... Her pussy is contracting with each sting of the whip. Each contraction pushes a like
wetness from her pussy.

I think she has taken all she can... I ease off.... slow down... stop.

Again, I put the flogger over her shoulder so she can smell the leather. I stroke her back and her
ass.... she is whimpering. It's not the pain, it's the arousal. She is high now from the
endorphins. I slide my hand over her ass and between her legs and made one soft touch to her
dripping pussy.

I lean over to her. "Your pussy is dripping. Do you know that?"
"Ohh.. yes... please..." is all she whispered. I could tease her more, but not the first time.
"Do you want to cum?"

Between sobs, she whimpers, "please...please...."

I gently stroke her clit... softly, softly. I show her the handle of the flogger with its large
Turks head and slightly smaller handle. "I'm going to fuck you with this."
She cried, "No, please, no... yes... ohh God"
"Are you a slut? Would you beg for it?
"Yes! Yes! I want it."
I moved behind her and rolling an unlubricated condom onto the handle, to protect her and the
Flogger. I played with her and prepared her for the invasion. She would never know about the condom,
it would be more exciting if she did not know it was there. Then I placed the Turks head against
her wet pussy. I pushed, not hard but insistently. She cried out again... not wanting it but
still craving it. Pushed a little more and it slipped in. She screamed. I slid it in far enough
to stay there by itself. She screamed again.

I squeeze her clit hard between my thumb and index finger. She cries out. I hold it squeezing
hard. Then just as suddenly as I started, I release it and rub softly. She cums instantly, crying
out and jerking and straining against the restraints. I fuck her slowly with the handle once, twice,
again …. and she cums again.... screaming... “Ohh God, Ohh Fuck....” and unintelligible sounds gurgling
in her throat.

I stroke her all over softly. Slowly, I release her and help her to a soft bed. I quickly strip
and cuddle against her holding her tightly. I cover us and she falls asleep quickly... relaxed
and released from her demons for a little while.

Tomorrow she will wake and be surprised and confused. She will leave quickly, embarrassed. But
she will call in a week... maybe two.


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