Puppy slut / Daddy   added 7 years ago    

  By: lostinlust

The keycard slips into the hotel room door. The little green light blips on and I step aside to let you go in first. Those electric little moments popping through your head, as you know you're opening the door to an illicit night of exploration.

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The Naughty Meter

I follow you in, the room's big, there's this deliciously large four poster bed over against the wall, big fat quilt bubbling away on top of it. Further into the room there's a big comfy lookin sofa, and in front of that there's big sturdy oak coffee table, it's been covered with a luscious deep sheepskin rug that pours over the edges, almost touching the floor. Off to the side, a polite little dressing table and a chair, topped with goodies and treats.

Stood there in the room... Neither of us completely sure what to do next, things are still kinda new, it's our first real meeting... We both know we want each other... but where from here.

I turn to you... "Good puppies don't stand like that, little miss."

A quizzed look zips across your face.

"Come on... Puppies don't stand."

You get it. You drop to your knees... then fall forward... you're on all fours.

"No, no, no... That's not what I want to see..."

I can see your mind running loops, trying to get what I'm on about. This is how a dog stands, right? What does he want? I'm on all....

"Beg doggy, beg like the good little doggy you are."

It all starts to fall into place, you rise up onto your hind legs, arms close to your body and your paws out in front of you.

"Open your mouth baby, let me see that tongue hang out, I wanna see my good little puppy slut beg and pant for her daddy."

I see a wash of submission wipe across your face. I can see you starting to fall into the role, just letting yourself drift into this safe warm place where the decisions can be made for you. Your tongue lolls out, and I hear you quietly begin to pant.

I pat you on the head... "There's a good puppy..."

I slowly unzip my jeans, your panting quickens slightly, I push my hand in, grab ahold and pull out my semi-hard cock. I see your eyes transfixed to it, watching as I slowly harden, slowly filling with blood... I tap your cheek with my hand... "Look at me little doggy... Look into daddy's eyes...". You drag your gaze from my groin and and look up at me, gazing into my eyes with an almost hypnotic stare... Your mouth closes as you swallow.. Another tap to your cheek, slightly harder this time, but not yet a slap.. "Open up little doggy.. tongue out.."

Your jaw drops open again, your breathing deepens, and your panting begins to slow... I watch as your tongue slides fully out of your mouth, dangling there, waiting to taste its treat... I come closer to you, I lift my cock, laying it gently on the flat of your tongue... "Suck it little puppy slut... suck it for your daddy..."

You take me into your mouth, pulling me in closer, your breathing drops again, I can almost hear the deepening of your submission... and I can feel those baser animal instincts taking over your persona... "That's it, suck it good little puppy... Because after this, you're not gonna be allowed to suck daddy's cock.. not until I hear you beg for it, little puppy... You hear me? When this cock comes out of your mouth, you're not gonna get it back until I hear you BEG for your daddy's cock." You acknowledge my words by taking me deeper, then wrapping your tongue around the head of me... "Ahh yes, yes!... Now that's a good girl..."

You obediently continue to feast on my cock, sucking me in deep, swirling your spit around me in your mouth, I can already feel that distant edge of orgasm beginning to rise up somewhere in the back of my mind and start it's charge forward... I hold back, but your mouth is tight around me, so wet and sweet and I don't want to leave.

Your hands move up to hold my cock as you slide it in to your mouth, gripping me tightly and wanking me as you take me in... then..*CRACK!*.. the warm flesh of my palm across your face turns to a burning sting within a moment.. my cock pulls out of your mouth as you lurch forward, stunned and confused.

"Bad puppy!!.. Doggies don't use their hands... You gotta learn to do as you're told, little miss... No more cock for you now."

Still realing from the slap, your mind races and you fight for the correct response... To beg, that's what he wants, isn't that what he said?... "Puh puuhlease Daddy.. can I".. *SLAPP!!*..

"Little doggies don't talk, slut!.."

Your personality begins to fight with your submission... What do you do? What the fuck does he want from me? What do I... Oh...

You begin to make a pathetic little whimper... The whimper of an innocent pet, one that's just had it's bowl of food taken form under it's nose.

"There... that's better... now be a good little puppy."

My hand smooths along the side of your cheek, then a gentle pat on the head... I bend down to you, smoothing your face and watching as you return fully to your new found position. On your knees, arms tight to your chest, paws and tongue out... "There there... Daddy's got a present for a his little pet.." I reach in to my pocket and take out a sleek black leather collar, It's simple enough looking, about a thumbswidth wide... No studs or bells, just three shiny D-rings rivetted to it, one either side, and one at the front... I kneel down, breathing in the hot air as you continue to pant, now only inches from my face... I reach the collar around your neck and you feel me buckle it at the back... it's snug, not too tight, but you couldn't forget it's there... the soft inside of the leather close against your skin, warm and constant... I reach back in to my pocket and slowly start to pull out a thick chain... On the end, a big fat triggerhook that I clip to the ring at the front of your collar... the weight of the hook and the chain instantly dropping your head... I lean around you and slip off your shoes, returning to your face, I tap your chin, and your eyes raise level with mine again.

"Now.. Does my little slut like her new leash?"

Your mouth closes and opens in a second, I see your lips go to form your first word... There's a pause as your inner voice quickly shouts an order at you... *RUFF*...

A huge grin bursts across my face... This girl's gonna be fun... "That's a good girl... Now, back down on all fours, we're gonna walk you about, see how you feel on your new lead."... The other end of the chain finishes in a plain black, leather loop... I hold this tight and begin to walk you around the room.... Like the good little puppy slut you are, you get the idea and trott happily along beside me... I ask you to sit, and you do... I ask you to beg... You return instantly to your begging position, tongue out and panting.

"Okay little doggy, we're gonna give you a little examination now, make sure you're in good health and properly trained".. I see a flicker of doubt, or is it surprise, blink through your mind... But you go with it, you feel safe... I walk you over to the oak coffee table, I take you up along side it, without realising what you're doing your head bows and you brush yourself against the soft sheepskin rug hanging over the edges of the table... I hear a low moan of pleasure and I can see you're just enjoying the release, being somewhere else, being someone else, becoming a new creature. I move around and sit on the edge of the big sofa, leaning forwards, I pat the table... "Up doggy... Up.."... You tentatively put your first paw on the table... "That's a good girl, up you come..." You scoot up onto the table, no more than a foot off the floor now, but feeling like you're on a pedestal, on show for all to see.

"Now don't look at me little doggy... Not until I tell you to, just look ahead whilst daddy examines you..." You stare blankly towards the wall as I just sit back and admire you... My little girl... My little pet... My little slut... Putting herself up there, on show, just for me.

I lean forward again, this time lifting your skirt, hiking it up over your ass to show off your panties... "Let's see then"... you feel my hand rub across the cheeks of your ass, sliding down to the ridge to meet the edge of your pussy mound, the cotton pulled tight... "Part your legs a little more baby..".. I hear another deep moan, you shuffle and move your legs a little further apart, giving me easy access to slide my hand down, down between your legs, smoothing along your panties, until you feel me touching your belly beneath you. I pull my hand back up, cupping your pussy and clasping it close... I can feel the warmth spreading out from your hot little cunt... your not wet yet, not enough to soak through, not enough for me to feel... But we've got time.

As one hand smooths along your ass cheeks, occasionally sliding down around your thighs and tracing along the fabric of your tightly covered pussy, causing little sparks as the nerves in your skin all beg for more... My other hand comes up from underneath you... I start to unbutton the shirt, two buttons undone and my hand slides in, you can feel the warm flesh of my hand pressing against the skin of your abdomen... I move it up towards your chest, feeling your breasts caught together in your bra... I remove my hand and continue to unbutton your shirt...

Once fully undone I tell you to sit up, so I can release those pert little breasts of yours... You kneel up, instantly to attention, eyes almost glazed yet fixed to mine.. I pull your shirt open, reach behind you and unfasten the bra... You wiggle about, and I help you move your paws in and out of your shirt to detangle yourself from all these constraints... Once we're free it's thrown to the side... "Now beg for me, girl.."... Your hands raise to position, tongue plops out, your shirt now open and your chest on show for me, nipples already hard and begging for attention... "mmm... good girl...".

My hand goes to your cheek, cupping your face, gently leading it down lower... As your paws hit the sheepskin again, my hand moves to the top of your head and gently pushes you down further... further... you begin to resist, unsure of what to do, but then remember... It's not for you to choose... You just follow and obey... You go with the pressure until your shoulder blades are almost touching the tabletop, the chain around your neck pooling beneath you.. your arms tangle awkwardly at your sides. Finally, your cheek pressed firm against the soft fur of the sheepskin rug... "Goood girl..."... I stroke along the back of your head, running down to your neck, further, until you feel me press down a little at the top of your spine, forcing you to arch your back a little... pushing your ass higher into the air.

I get up and walk around you, my hand drops down to your ass again, slipping between your legs and cupping your pussy... I can feel you're getting wetter now... Soon my little slut'll be dripping.

"Now we're going to start working on this position, little miss..."

I run my hand from the top of your head, down across your cricked neck, and up, up, up across your shirt tracing along your slender spine, up over the hem of your skirt, peaked with that eager round little butt of yours. Panties pulled tight across, running down to those gorgeous milky thighs... I lean down and take your arm, bring it up and tuck it behind your back, I move around the other side, pulling the other arm up... You wobble a little, then gather your balance by inching your legs slightly further apart... "Fold your arms little girl"... Your arms interlink behind you, hands grasping your wrists... "So listen now.. when I tell you to present me your ass.. this is how I want you, little slut... Ass high, back arched, face to the floor, arms linked behind your back."... "Do you understand that, miss?"...

Your mind panics... What reaction? Bark or agree? What does he want?... You decide to stay in character, you figure your collar still has a chain leashed to it... you've not been told otherwise... best play safe... You make a tentative.. "Ruff.."

"That's right... that's a good girl.."

Phew... The right decision.

My hands begin to run all over you, one slides in under the back of your shirt, smoothing the base of your spine... The other goes in under you, spreading it's warmth across your belly, heading farther down toward your lowered head, grazing the edge of your breasts... Then taking one in hand, letting it's warmth spread into you, squeezing you and feeling all the flesh of you melt into it... I hear a deep moan... Your breathing's so deep now, the hand above you, runs back to your ass, this time with a single finger leading the way... You feel the finger, followed by the pressure of my palm move down over your cheeks, sliding down the crease of your ass as the cotton gets pushed in against you... You feel the hot pressure creep up over your mound, the finger forcing the panties to slip between your lips... Something brushes your clit and you gasp... The hand on your boob squeezes tight again as the hand around your pussy begins to push the fabric up inside you... Your wet now... I can feel you squishing beneath my finger... And you're beginning to squirm... Can I feel you pushing back against me?

My hands leave your body... I walk to the other side of you... With your cheek still pressed flat against the tabletop, I'm completely out of your view... I walk over to my bag, you hear me rustle around for something... then wander back towards you...

I walk back to you, around to the side your that head's facing, you see my legs come in to view, then catch a glimpse of the sleek riding crop, that's dangling from my hand... I continue around you... admiring my little pet, her body positioned just as I requested... Not a sound from her... "Good girl..."... I pat your head... "Now I want you to stay in this position. No moving, no wriggling, no nothing... Not until I say so..."

I'm out of your site, around the other side of the table... But you feel it... You feel the *tap*tap*tap* of the crop flapping against your panties... Nothing more than a tap, almost a tickle through the cotton... Then you feel the cold of the leather as the tapping starts on the inside of your thighs... "Wider, girl... Wider"... your legs move the tiniest inch further apart... That's not good enough for me, but rather than tell you, I'll let you learn the hard way... You hear the small "zzzip!" before the crop stings in to the side of your thigh, like a scolding burn... You flinch, rock a little, your legs instinctively begin to close and you start to lose balance.... Your hands unclasp from behind your back, and return to your sides to steady yourself.... "BAD Girl!!" ...zzzip! *THWAAAP".. a biting sting right across the back of your legs, a little lower than the dampening mound of your pussy... A cry of pain escapes your lips, but you're quick enough to stop it forming a word, playing neither the girl nor the puppy, just an exhelation of momentary agony... "BAAD Girl... I told you not to move"

"Okay, I see this isn't going to work..."


You push yourself up, leaning back on the burning mark across the back of your legs, feeling it touch the soft cool flesh of your calf... I come around in front of you and begin to take the shirt from your shoulders, and slide it off your arms. You're sitting there now, knelt before me... Just a skirt, knickers and socks... Your collar and chain dangling between your fleshy little tits, with their hard little nipples poking out, wanting to be touched and twisted... I walk off behind you, your head turns but I catch the movement.. "Look forward pet! Not at me! Not now.".. You hear me go back into my bag, then walk back towards you... Still on your knees, facing forwards, you feel me sit behind you on the table... My jeans brushing against the bare flesh above the top of your socks... Your hands are already linked behind you, I pull them towards me, slipping a rope in between your arms and your back... You feel it loop around you, tucked in and out...

At first the gentle warmth as it covers along your wrists... Then a tug, as it all starts to pull together... A moment later and it pulls in again, not painful, but snug... I tie off the knot, happy that I've done a good job... "Try it, babygirl.."... You pull against the rope, but your arms are as good as glued together, the rope doesn't give, but just holds there tight, no slack, no surrender... A mild panic seems to take over with the attempt to free yourself, until... "Shhhhhh... there, there miss"... a hand strokes down the back of your head, across the top of your naked spine and down to rest in one of your hands... I hold it for a moment... Then release it..

I move around in front of you, then kneel down to your level, I take your face in my hand again... "Now I'm gonna undo the lead, babygirl... But don't you move anywhere, we've still got to work on this position".. You gaze into me, unsure but content... I unclip the leash from your collar, then as before, lead your face down to the rug... This time your head follows me all the way down, no need to press on your shoulders... "Now, let's make sure you can keep nice and steady"... Another rope flickers into view, then loops into the D-ring on the side of your collar... something happens beneath you, under the table, then you feel me tug the other loop on the opposite side of your neck... As I slowly pull in the slack on the rope, you feel your face tighten to the table, mashing into the soft fur... I tie off the rope, your head now jammed to the table, unable to lift without causing pain... But you relax into it, you don't fight it, and then you find the slumber inside the submission... You melt your face to the rug, breathing in the control I now have over you.

I move around behind you again... Then the light tapping of the crop works across your back... Working further down... until again, it's tapping the inside of your thighs, tapping from side to side... "Wider girl..".. You take no chances this time, and your legs move a good two inches in either direction, spreading yourself open and steadying yourself at the same time... I start to swipe you with the crop, concentrating on those soft and tender inner thighs... Ten mild snaps and I can see the skin turning a gorgeous crimson... And you still barely making a noise...

My hand comes down on you, smoothing your ass, slipping under it, wiping across your now sodden and soaked panties... "Delicious, that's my good little girl... Nice and wet for Daddy..." I hear a pleasing moan of contentment, at the praise I've given... or is it due to the feel of my hand squishing against your pussy... She's been a pretty good girl so far... And I do *want* her fucking badly.. I fight with my decisions, but my will caves in... I kneel down behind you, pulling your panties to the side, slicking my tongue up into the lips of your cunt... Sliding it inside your tight warm little hole, covering my face with your juice... You taste divine... I lap at you wanting more, but fighting with my head knowing I shouldn't be giving you all this.. I should be making you work for it... But your cunt is mine all the same, and I want to taste it... I hear a gasp followed by a moan, pour out of your mouth... it brings me back to my senses and I recover... I pull away and stand back to watch you... Your chest now heaving, your breathing getting faster...

You're lost in the moment, but remember something far off about having to beg... Without any thought, your mouth opens... "Uhh... Puhleaaassee fuck me!!"

Wow, that brings me back into a clear focus... The Dom has returned after losing himself in your wet flesh... I step back, steady myself, then *CRACK!*.. *CRACK!*.. *CRACK!*... followed by two more stinging swipes, each one landing within a fraction of the other, covering the back of your legs... You WAAAILL out... That was too much, the burning eating up your skin, it feels like I've cut you... Your mind racing at the thought of blood running down your thighs, your legs begin to give but you catch yourself, steady yourself, rather than dropping flat to the rug.. and although stretched wide, you hold your position... A tear boils over onto your cheek... But that felt like too much... Wasn't this just a game?... Either way you're in no position to argue... again, play safe, stiffle the cries and try and see it through... Then one more *THW!A!P!P!* tans right across the cotton clad, fleshy cheeks of your ass... Feeling sharp enough to slice right through the fabric, right through the skin... "BAD GIRL!!!.. You'll learn... Don't fret, you'll fucking learn.."

I stomp off, this time to the bathroom, you wait there, heart pounding... No fucking clue what's about to happen... A minute passes... You hear me storm back into the room, your panties are pulled high and tight, almost cutting into your pussy and drawing another shocked gasp from you... Three snips and you feel them pull free, the breeze of the room suddenly hitting your soaking pussy... You can't sense where I am, it's all too sudden and the shock is still banging around your head... The pain in your legs and ass no longer even a memory... The panic is the NOW... Where is he? What's he doing?

A hand wraps roughly around your face from behind you... grabbing your cheeks and squeezing hard until your mouth pops open... With no thought to your comfort, your pussy soaked panties are forced into your mouth.. My fingers cramming them in there until you feel you're about to choke... Blood swirling and screaming around the inside of your head, you jerk your head back... or try to... but the collar bound to the table beneath you bites in... then just as your brain manages to scream at you to breath through your nose, you hear the rasp of the tape being pulled from the reel, as it's torn away, then forced tight across your mouth, keeping the drenched remnants of your underwear locked behind your teeth.

For the first time tonight, you let yourself just go, you howl for all your worth... Screaming at the very top of your lungs... But all that comes out is a muffle... A dampened drone... I stand there, waiting and watching, letting you have your release... Then you feel the hand on the back of your head again.. and.. "Shhhh... good little puppy... Shhhh".. It melts you, I feel you collapse again under my hand, my submissive little slut is back... I rise back up, stroll around behind you, and admire that wet little cunt, almost gasping for a touch... My hand drops down and traces a finger inside your lips, slicking the wetness from your clit right up to the dark little hole of your ass... You're soaked now, practically dripping, I can feel the heat of your pussy from an inch away... You're radiating lust and I can smell your sex coating the air.

I step back again, watch as you chest heaves in and out, pulling the oxygen in through your nose, trying to get it pasts the chokes, the sobs and the gasps in its way... I look at your face, you're staring off into space somewhere, tears running down your cheek... Roughly with my thumb, i smear them from you, smudging your pretty mascara, causing a visual streak of misery to form across your face... I walk around behind you... "Don't move, or you'll regret it."... A small tap gives you the clue to where I'm starting, your brave, you don't tense, then a shaarper swish followed by that neon red zip across your skin... The back of your legs burning, you quiver but hold... I take to the other thigh, a tap first, then hard, leaving that small oblong of the tip of the crop virtually tattooed to your skin... I hear you cry out into your gag... But you don't move, no more than you must, just enough to keep your ballance.... Your hands are spasming open, closed, fists, palms... I wait... And you seem to cool down a little, sucking in the pain... Then I test you... I firm tap to your pussy, square across your tight, wet hole, a heartbeat from that little bud of nerves... Your legs pull in together, involuntarily, it wasn't painful... Not very... but your heads telling you that what comes next will be...

You're right.

You feel me grasp you by the hair, pulling your head upright where it locks with the collar attached to the table and yanks on you.. Your eyes sparkling wide open, sucking me in, panic and fear ripping across your face... I lean in to you, head alongside you, mouth to your ear... "I said Don't Fucking Move!... Open those legs, and take whatever I give you... If you close them on me one more time, we'll just forget about the position, and I am going to just brutally fuck that tender little asshole of yours... Do you understand me?"

You have no idea what's going on, you're struggling to grasp at reality, it seems lost over the edge of some terryfying drop.

"I said do you fucking understand me, slut?"


You choke some noise through your gag... "Mmmphhh..x"

"Louder, I can't hear fucking hear you..."

I hear a distant voice, one wrapped up in fear and confusion, pushing its way past the restraints, through your throat and just making it through the gag... It's a yes...

"Yes, waht?"

You muffle a "Yes.... Sir??!" through your gag.

Still with your hair in my hands, pulling your face back to look into mine, the other hand breaks across your face, a cold heartless slap that shakes you to your core.

"Yes.. WHAT?"

As you try to think your way around the answer, my hand goes to your cheek, this time to smooth it, to ease it, to bring a coolness to the stinging.... I hear what I wanted to hear... The broken stammer of a "Yes.. daddy.." works its way from your throat, through the panties, and past the tape.

"There... was that so hard?... That's a gooood girl"... I smooth my hand along your back, up over your ass and down over your pussy... I begin to toy with you, feeling you, cupping you, sliding my fingers either side of your clit and gently squeezing it... Then more fingers... Both hands prying at you pulling you open... A tongue, wet and eager, molesting your most private place... Whilst all you can do is hold your position... Arms tight behind your back, knees wide apart steadying yourself.... Face flush to the rug, breathing in deeply, every morsel of air you can capture, as your head swirls around the sensations of my fingers and my mouth exploring you.

I begin to lose myself... But bring myself back around, faster this time... You taste good, I'm gonna enjoy having you as my little fucktoy.

I sit for what seems like ten minutes, at the end of the table, just exploring your pussy with my fingers, making sure to slide them all around you, all up your thighs and over your ass... you can feel the cold air skating along the moistened flesh of your ass, highlighting the stings of earlier... making you remember how far we've already come tonight... and how long has it been?? Hours? Minutes?? It could be days... your mind has lost the concept of time, time doesn't matter any more... all that matters is Now.

Fingers roaming deep inside you, how many? Two, ten, who knows, the intensity starts to ramp up, you can feel a bright light starting to burn in the pit of your stomach... I'm having trouble holding back again, the feel of your wet cunt between my fingers... the look of your arched body atop the coffeetable, all mine to play with... I know what I need, and I need a taste of it now... I stand up, leaving your pussy and ass hunting for my fingers, straining back further, in hope of finding something to feed their hunger... I unzip my jeans... Stood behind you, your pussy lurching for me, I can see your eyes straining to catch a glimpse of what's going on... I draw out my cock, this time it's hard.

Just the sight of you, naked and bound like that would usually be enough to make me explode, but I know I've gotta stay in control, I can't lose it now... But I can have a taster all the same... You feel the tip of my cock nudge against your lips of your cunt... Then with one smooth push, I fuck deep into my little whore, almost pushing the air into your body like a syringe, forcing it out through the gag in your mouth... I start to pound into you... Almost losing where I am, but regaining in time, then grabbing hold of your bound wrists and pulling you back onto me with violent force... Fucking you like a toy made of living flesh, there for nothing other than my pleasure... With every stroke into you, I hear a gutteral groan push through your gag.... I lean in to you, you feel the weight of me begin to press from above... Then my voice at your ear... "Feel this, babygirl... Feel this cock up inside you.... Well when it comes out... That's gonna be the last you feel of it until I hear you *begging* me to fuck your tight little cunt.".. "Hear that slut?... No more cock, until you fucking BEG for it".

I can feel my brain starting to swirl... An orgasm on the approach... Hold! Focus!... I pull out of you, the sudden rush of emptiness is almost as shocking as the burn of the riding crop... I hear a cry, almost tortured, you want it back, you want a hard cock ramming up inside of your little slut cunt... I clear my head, pull myself together and fasten up my jeans... Not yet.

I walk off again, leaving you tattered and torn atop the table.. quiverring and moaning... I delve back into my bag... When I return I move close to your face, I lift the vibrator up for you to see... "Now we're gonna see how long it takes to make you cum, little girl... Remember, no moving those legs in, or there'll be more pain... Do you want more pain?"... You do your best to shake your head... "Would you like to come instead, babygirl?"... a frantic nod, eyes pleading... I'm out of sight again, somewhere behind you... You hear the low buzz as the vibe gets switched on... Then all those little sparks start skidding infront of your eyeballs at the moment you feel the warm rubber of the toy humm up against your clit... I keep it there... I can see it's almost too much, it's all too soon, the senses in your mind are going apeshit and you start to cry out... It sounds like pain, but I know it's just a mixture of sensual overload and utter confusion...

You don't know whether or not to come... Will he hit me if I do? He's not said anything? But if I come now, surely that's a bad girl, I should wait to be told... The buzz is getting more intense... It's not letting up, I'm now pressing it snug up against your clit, if feels like your whole universe is in throws of an earthquake aftershock... but one that won't stop rumbling... You hold on to yourself, pulling yourself into your deepest place... As much as this holds you off from cumming, it just begins to build something bigger and more unrelenting deep down inside your belly... I can see your pussy actually dripping now, dripping onto the soft fur beneath it, running almost freely down your thighs... Your a minute past your normal breaking point now...

You don't know how you're doing it, but you'll hold on, the vibrations still constant, almost unmoving... Another 30 seconds pass, but these are the longest seconds you've ever lived... Seconds stretch to hours inside your mind... Time is gone... Now is gone... all you know is this feeling somewhere inside you... It's building, and it's not gonna stop... You grasp through your nostrils for one last vital lungful of breath, but as that final molecule of air fills your lungs, your mind explodes in a cascade of fireworks... You feel the building burn from within you light up and burst through every pore of your skin... An orgasm like no other before washes over you like a tsunami, hitting you with wave after wave, punching like a shockwave right through your body.. leaving nothing behind it... but space... and the ebb and flow of the tide, gushing into you, around you, almost drowning you in its bliss.

I watch as this orgasm sweeps across you, I see you lose your place in this world and dive deep into your head... I watch your legs buckle and your body spasm... There's no point in talking to you now... Shout or whisper, you'd never hear me... I watch you collapse to the rug.. Spent and used..

I'll give you five minutes before we pick things back up... I wander over to the chair across the room, sit down and just watch as you drift awat to some far off magical island.

The next bit's gonna be fun.

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virgochild74    (2008-09-28 12:00:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, I loved this. Thank you!

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