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I get asked about my past a lot, and here's the story of how I came to like what I do. It started my very last year of high school. For years I had a crush on a guy, I'll call him J for now. He was popular, athletic, and smart, and I think everyone had a crush on him. As the year wound down, I found myself wondering about him more often and my thoughts often drifted to what his cock must be like. I envisioned it being smooth, long, and filling me up completely. The thought of his cock was in my mind so often, I could almost feel it in my hand or between my breasts as I drifted off to sleep at night. I was thinking about him spurting inside of me all the time.

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My chance came one night at a party. I knew he would be there so I wore a white tank top and stylish jeans, and pulled my hair back into two girlish pigtails. As the night wore on, people started to drift out. I found myself in a back room with him and his girlfriend, Jennifer, while they were smoking some weed. Jennifer invited me to have some, which I did. We hung out together for a few minutes before she passed out. J was really wrecked, I could tell, and for some reason I decided that now was my chance to get what I wanted from him. I sat in his lap, my ass facing towards him and started to rub myself up against his crotch. I could barely believe what I was doing! It didn't seem like me, but J didn't mind at all. He took it in stride and grabbed ahold of my waist. I could feel him starting to stiffen against me as his hands moved up and under my shirt.

I turned around and unbuttoned my pants. "I can't," he said. "I can't have sex with you?"

"Why?" I whispered, shocked and humiliated.

"Because I can't let Jennifer smell pussy on me," he said. "Get on your knees and suck me instead."

Excited at my chance to prove myself to him, I didn't even button my pants up as I got down on my knees. "I want him to remember this. I want him to think about tonight when he jerks off," I remember thinking as I crawled over to him, my eyes locked on his. I leaned my head down and took his zipper in between my teeth and pulled it town. My face brushing against his boxers, I nudged his pants open with my chin and cheeks. Still looking into his face, admiring the confidence and poise with which he accepted this gift of my body, my submission, and my sexuality, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them and his pants down until his gorgeous cock sprung out. It was already hard and it was everything I'd imagined.

The first glistening drops of precum started to leak out of the tip. I wrapped my hand around the head of J's cock and rubbed his precum into my hand. I then started to work my way down, getting it wet and slippery. More drops started to leak out and slide down into my hand, making it slippery with his excitement. With my other hand I gently cupped his balls and rubbed them with my palm. As his cock fully stiffened in my hands I leaned forward and started to lick it from bottom to top and back down to his balls. I couldn't see him because his balls were rubbing against my face as I licked them all over, but I could hear him sigh and feel him relax. Looking up at him again, I licked his cock all over and tried to show him how turned on I was. I could feel the hair around his crotch tickling my nose and some of it got stuck in my mouth, but it was worth it just to have J spend this intimate time with me. Right then, I knew that the more I stayed focused on his cock, the more time he would let me be with him.

"I've really wanted to suck your cock," I whispered to him. "I think about it all the time and I'll suck you whenever you want it." I licked his cock all over again before whispering, "you can have me whenever or wherever you want. I'll suck you in your car, in the bathroom, at the movies, and I'll let you use my mouth, my breasts, or my whole body. Anytime your cock needs a release my body can be there however you want."

Saying that turned him on, and he looked down at me, put his hand on the back of my head, and pushed it down onto his cock. I got really turned on as I felt the long, hard shaft that I had fantasized about filling my mouth. My tongue pressed against the underside of the head of his cock and licked it all over as I sucked on him. Looking up at J, I could see him leaning back with his eyes closed. I reached down and pulled my shirt up and over my breasts, letting them spill out, naked and vulnerable. Slowly, my head bobbed up and down in between his legs. It was very exciting for J to let me get on my knees for him. I really wanted him to think about tonight so I took my time and paid a lot of attention to every part of his cock.

I tried taking more and more of J into my mouth with each carefully measured stroke. My lips and tongue explored every inch of him and my eyes studied his face to see how he reacted to the smallest changes in my technique. I could feel the tension growing between my legs as I got more and more turned on. What I wanted was to serve him, to worship him, to make his cock my master. My thighs ached with the need to satisfy J and I felt myself blowing him faster. The musky scent of his crotch filled my nose the same as his cock filled my mouth and my thoughts. I wanted to be his pet, kept around to satisfy his every sexual desire no matter how degrading, how perverse, or how humiliating.

I could feel a growing wetness between my legs as I knelt on the floor, loving the dick I was sucking. My pace grew more frantic when I heard him getting closer. Truth be told, I didn't know what I was doing any more because my mind was so hazy with the scent and feel of a cock approaching orgasm. J's breathing grew more frantic as my sucking did. My mouth and hand worked in tandem and I remember feeling the pigtails in my hair bouncing against my cheeks as he let out the first grunt.

He started to cum. The first spurt swirled down the back of my throat and I sucked him harder. Again he spurt and again I swallowed it and I could hear myself let out a little whimper as his cum forced its way into me.. A third and then a final jet of cum hit the back of my throat and I greedily took every drop I could, keeping it all for myself. I let him sit back for a moment and then I took his still wet, still twitching cock between my palms and rubbed it gently and slowly. He sighed with pleasure and little drops of cum leaked out of the tip of his cock, and I licked them off of him, unwilling to waste even a drop of the cum I had wanted for so long. I could feel the tension leaving his crotch as I massaged every inch of his cock, balls, and thighs. The tangy, salty taste in my mouth nearly sent me to orgasm and I wiped my mouth and face clean and then took him back into my mouth, lightly licking him while my hands rubbed his thighs and balls.

Under my ministrations, J's breathing returned to normal and his cock pulsed in my mouth with every beat of his heart. I could feel his heart rate slowing down and returning to normal and I could see him relaxing as I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth. I tried to keep it hard as long as I could, but it eventually started to recede. Even then I put it between my breasts. He opened his eyes for that and a wave of satisfaction passed through my body as he did. J had a look of lusty greed in his eyes as he looked down at me using whatever part of my body I could to make him feel like a man and me like a woman. I was so wet I could almost smell myself over the smell of cum that I had on my breath.
J nearly fell asleep and I got up, straighted myself up, and went home. The next week I went to school and found a note in my locker. It had the phone number of about 15 of the guys in my school and just said "We heard you're the best cocksucker in school." I knew right then that I was going to forever have a love of giving my sexual services away. I had gotten almost everything I wanted just by getting on my knees and sucking cock, and I knew that I was going to be doing a lot more of this. My mind was set then and there with this love of sucking cock. I loved the way it made me feel when I was on my knees. I loved the way it made me smell when I spent time with a cock in my mouth. I loved the way it made me look when I pictured myself in his eyes. You could almost tell at that point that my career was going to involve sex and that I was going to be good at it.

The last few months of high school were a whirlwind. I was invited to every party, went out with every guy I wanted to, and got to know every detail of the most amazing cocks in my school. I spent a lot of time on my knees, on my back, or bent over something, but it was totally worth it. My body was going to take me whereever I wanted to go.

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doncupido    (2009-06-20 03:03:40)    Flag as inappropiate
doncupido Great!
Slowdive    (2008-10-06 19:14:46)    Flag as inappropiate
This is amazing :) you are a v good writer ! :)
sombra    (2008-09-22 18:14:55)    Flag as inappropiate
sombra seoul_girl, you are incredible!
Nathalie    (2008-09-22 08:55:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Nathalie Girl, this is great! Very hot writing, and oh so totally felt.

wickedheart    (2008-09-21 14:26:30)    Flag as inappropiate
wickedheart Another great story!
Ashley    (2008-09-21 14:17:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Ashley I really enjoy your writing--keep up the great work!

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