My wife is a total slut (part 9)   added 7 years ago    

  By: wickedheart

Up until this event I had always suspected my wife of cheating on me, but I had never had definitive proof. Until the day I had arrived home a day early from my business trip, and I was eager to see my wife Leslie who seemed to be out. A few hours after getting home I heard the front door; i figured it must be Leslie and looked over the railing to see her. I could hear her talking to someone, it sounded like a man's voice. I peered over the edge wondering what I was walking in on.

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Leslie was standing next to the staircase. She was dressed in a red tube top that held snugly against her breasts and a silver mini-skirt, silver high heels and a silver coat. She was talking to her friend.

"Come on Billy, he's not going to be home for another day" she begged of him.

"I know, I just feel weird being here" he replied standing a few feet away leaning against the wall.

"You didn't seem to have a problem with it yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before..." she trailed off smiling as she began to lift her mini-skirt to show off her white lace panties to him. She stood there just grinning and touching herself. Billy seemed to assess the situation for a second and then walked right over to her pulling her skirt up and pressing her against the staircase wall as he kissed her. The two continued to fool around as they began to undress each other. I couldn't believe that they hadn't noticed me, I was going to have a great view of what was about to come.

Leslie threw her coat on the ground as Billy and her continued to fool around removing articles of clothing as they rolled against the staircase wall. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths as I became more enthralled with the situation. Leslie's top was down, her white lace bra showing and her skirt riding up her hips, her panties around her ankles. As she bent over to undo Billy's pants I had the perfect view of my wife's bare pussy. She shoved his pants down as she tugged his hard cock free. Her left hand wrapped around his stick as she moved in on it with her mouth. She played with him slowly as she pulled away, her hand still on his pole, a bit of saliva connected her mouth to the tip of his dick. I watched as she stroked him and swallowed him again and again. The whole time all I could see was her wedding ring riding his shaft. Leslie moved in for the kill and began working her mouth up and down his cock at alarming speeds and depths. Billy took it like a champ and eventually pulled Leslie to the staircase, and removed her panties as she ascended it.

Leslie's tits hung out as she straddled the railing, Billy knelt down and licked her snatch from behind. Leslie's face looked ecstatic as he licked her pussy. Leslie was wet, and wanted cock. She reached around, stroking him again as she grabbed it and aimed it at her cooze. Billy stood behind her aiming his way in slowly at my wife. Leslie continued to ride the railing as Billy rode her with his cock. Billy's hands held my wife's hips as they fucked. Leslie pushed him off and sat him on the stairs. Billy positioned his hard cock straight up at my wife's pussy as she descended reverse cowgirl onto his pole. He rode her deep, as I watched these two lovers in my home.

Leslie then popped off his cock, as Billy laid down completely. Leslie moved her mouth back onto his cock, as she positioned her pussy right above his head. I watched her suck him hard as the poor bugger just laid there accepting his fate. It wasn't long before he had too much and picked up my wife and carried her over to our leather sofa. He dropped her down, as she sprawled all over it. Billy pulled her legs apart and sunk himself again deep inside her. Leslie writhed all over his prick, as she played with her boobs, kneading them and pulling at her teats as he fucked her. Her wedding ring moving up and down with her hand as he thrust into her again and again. Leslie then grabbed him as the two ascended the staircase naked. I had to make a hasty retreat, otherwise my cover might be blown. I dashed into our bedroom and into the closet for a minute. The two giggled as they passed the bed and went straight for the bathroom. I heard Leslie turn on the shower, as Billy followed her in and grabbed the shower head as he pelted her clit with the pulsating water blasts. Leslie played with herself much to his and my enjoyment. I had by now snuck out of the closet and was peeking in on them from the mirror.

Billy handed my wife the shower head as she attempted to hang it back up. He grabbed her from behind. Lifting her left leg off the ground as he began to fuck her standing up. Leslie rode him like that for a while, but soon was bent over in front of him as he fucked her from behind. The sounds the two were making were too much, and I began to stroke my cock as I continued to watch. Billy picked her up and pressed her ass against the glass and his cock back into her pussy as Leslie hung onto him for dear life. She then managed to grab the top of the glass shower door and held herself there as Billy thrust into her from below. I was dying by now, my cock throbbing in my hand. That's when Leslie turned to look behind her, and our eyes locked, with another man's dick inside her. She didn't say a thing, her mouth just opened as Billy continued to fuck her.

Leslie let go of the glass and stood perched on the ledge inside the shower. She had turned completely around now, facing me and away from Billy. Billy got back inside her, Leslie opened her eyes looking directly at me as he pumped away again and Leslie closed her eyes. It wasn't long before he was blowing his load. As he pulled out he cupped his hand under my wife's pussy, catching the cum that dripped out of her. Leslie opened her eyes watching me watch another man's cum drip out of her. It was a very hot moment. Billy proved he hadn't had enough as he bent Leslie over again and slammed into her from behind. Leslie and I once again locked eyes as her stud fucked her to a wild orgasm, she was screaming as he pulled out and shot a second batch all over my sexy wife's ass. He tugged himself a few times before Leslie knelt down to lick the remnants clean, our eyes never leaving each other's. Cum dribbled out of him and onto her face. He then pulled her close as they kissed. I made a retreat, to leave them undisturbed.

Billy left shortly thereafter as I waited for my wife to appear. She greeted me in a towel, as she let it fall to the floor before kissing me hello. The temptation to take her right then and there was too much for me as we began to fuck without saying a word to each other, as another man's semen covered my dick the deeper I went inside her.

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LauraAngel    (2011-06-27 20:18:12)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel Great story. Really caught my attention.
partywife    (2010-03-02 13:10:37)    Flag as inappropiate
partywife Great story wicked xxx you're such a good husband ;)
hotbody2    (2009-07-17 02:35:38)    Flag as inappropiate
Awesome!!!!! Keep these coming.
glassbsd    (2008-11-10 16:29:05)    Flag as inappropiate
great- I love your work, I think this is one of your best bravo

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