She gets off wearing a strap-on   added 7 years ago    

  By: Rider

I think about my GF wearing a strap-on and using it on me. She asks me to lie on my back. I'm wondering what is going on. She keeps saying... relax, relax, trust me... So I lie back. She starts stroking around my asshole and then starts to rub my asshole with a lubricant.


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The she starts pushing against it.... pressure but not going in..... then suddenly, she is slipping her slippery finger into me.... I gasp. She tells me to just lie back and enjoy.... the she slowly moves her finger in and out. Feels strange but good. She then tells me to close my eyes. I do, but can tell the lights get dimmer.

I lie there waiting for several minutes. Sh returns and I can feel her close. I feel her stroking my asshole again... then the pressure. More pressure, then less, more then less. Each time the pressure is more than the last. I ask what she is doing... she is insistant. Lie back. just let it happen. Do this for her.

She moves my bent knees up against my chest. I protest. She insists. I give in.. The pressure is too much on my asshole and something starts to force its way in. I start to move. She freezes. Wait, she insists. Then I feel a long slide into my ass. Uncomfortable, but she wants this so I let it happen.

Then I feel her hips moving and I can feel this... this.... what? She says...... I'm fucking you. I'm fucking you... Her voice was very husky and full of arousal. I finally opened my eyes and could now see she was waering a strap-on and she really was fucking me.

She insisted... please, please do this.... I laid still. she fucke slowly against me. her... her cock? sliding in and out of me.... it did not hurt.... even felt good by this time. She put on more lube and then moved faster....

Then it happened... she touched my cock with her hot slick hand. My cock sent such intense pleasure through me that I lost all other sensation. As I came back to what was happening, I realized she was still stroking my cock, slowly, slowly, but I was moving my hips in sync with her... what? her thrusts.... she stroked me with the same timing....

Ohh My God... I could not believe it.... her face was slack... she moaned, she wa not really seeing anything... her nipples were as hard as rocks... her breasts were scarlet.... she went faster.... and faster.... I could not hold back... I exploded, shooting over her breasts and my stomach, my cumming was so intense, in my cock and all around my ass.

Then she pushed all the way into me, holding it hard against my ass... shaking and crying out.... trying to push more in me.... she seemed to cum on and on....

Slowly she pulled it out of me and took it off. She moved next to me and lay close. She said how much she wanted to do that, but she did not know that she would cum like that... or that I would cum so hard.

I love this fantasy. Let me know what you think. Love a comment or rating.....

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shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-15 23:27:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Great cunt is wet!
easypeasy    (2008-09-20 17:07:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, I love that fantasy, too. Super, super hot. My cunt is totally tingling from reading that.

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