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  By: creamqueen

My man and I both had the same fantasy, we just couldn't quite decide on which way to go about it first. Finally we decided the fairest way was to play checkers. If I won I got my ultimate threesome: two hot sexy men ready to fuck me all night long any way I wanted it, but, if he won me and my bi-sexual friend would service him and play out his every fantasy.

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I was looking forward to having two hard throbbing cocks inside me, the idea of two pairs of hands roaming over my tight body, exploring and caressing every inch of me turned me on more than any other fantasy I'd had before. I'd gone over it in my mind so many times: two wet mouths sucking on my large firm titties while I fingered myself, then later lying on my back while one of them kneels over me holding his hard cock to my waiting lips, licking and sucking on his swollen head and shaft as his friend eats me out, thrusting his hot tongue deep inside my soaking wet cunt. But most of all I want to feel them both inside me, to take the entire length of both their hard dicks at the same time.

I would let them take control of me for this part and position me any way they wanted me but in my fantasies one guy would sit up and I would straddle him running my hands over his hard chiselled chest as I lowered myself onto his swollen erection, and as I began riding him the other guy would come up behind me, bend me forwards slightly so that I was leaning on towards the guy fucking my tight wet pussy, spread my cheeks and slowly enter my ass. The guy in my pussy would suck on my titties while the guy in my ass kissed my neck and back but pretty soon he’d cup my firm round 34dd tits and hold them out for the other guy to lick and suck. All the while both guys would be fucking the hell out of my tight holes until I explode.

It was very disappointing then, when I lost the checkers match and realised that my fantasy would have to be put on hold for now – I couldn’t think of anything more boring than fucking another woman but I was eager to please my man and fair’s fair after all, I had agreed to take part in this if I lost. His only condition was that we had to do exactly as he said throughout. He was to be in control of the entire evening. My friend Amber had eagerly agreed to partake in our party, she was bi-sexual with long blonde hair and fair pale skin but had never fucked an Asian woman before and was looking forward to working me over. She had also confessed to me during one drunken night a few months ago that she sometimes fantasised about having my mans big black cock inside her so she was the perfect candidate for the job.

We decided it was best to go to a hotel for the evening and as we entered the plush room with it’s massive queen sized bed my man quickly took control of the situation and told us to take each others clothes off. Well he wasn’t wasting any time and sat back on the bed to watch us undress each other. Amber moved towards me and started to unbutton my shirt. At the same time I unbuckled the belt of her skirt and slowly unzipped it, letting it fall to the floor. She moved my shirt back off my shoulders , as she stepped out of her skirt, exposing my black lace bra. Her eyes almost popped out of her head as she gazed at my 34dd’s up close for the first time, ‘mmmmmm’ she licked her lips as she surveyed them and I felt a slight twinge in my pussy. Perhaps I would enjoy this more than I thought after all?? I quickly pulled her top over her head throwing it into the corner of the room as she slid my skirt down over my hips and I kicked it in the same direction. ‘Why don’t you two get more comfortable on the floor and play with each others titties?’ I heard my mans deep smooth voice coming from the bed.

I knelt down on the floor and Amber slowly followed. She fondled my titties through my bra, feeling the size, shape and weight of them before working my nipples over with her thumbs. I leaned my head back and moaned softly. As she massaged each nipple I reached over to play with her titties which were large like mine, at least a 36c, I kneaded them roughly with my hands before lightly grazing her nipples with my finger tips. We both moaned as we teased each others nipples and finally I leaned over to kiss her. Her lips were soft and thin and we hungrily used our tongues to explore each others hot mouths. I was getting very wet already and feeling hornier with every moment so before too long I broke the kiss, freed Ambers straining tits from her bra and put my hot wet mouth to her nipple. I sucked her titties gently at first, then more roughly biting and nipping at her mounds, her moans were getting louder and her breathing more ragged.

When I had thoroughly feasted on her gorgeous breasts I leaned back to catch my breath. She wasted no time in reciprocating my actions, exploring my boobies with her tongue, licking in circles around my nipples again and again until I was panting like a dog in heat. I glanced up to see my man on the bed watching us, mesmerised with his cock in his hand stroking slowly up and down the shaft. My eyes caught his and I looked down at his hard black cock and licked my lips. He moved over to the edge of the bed and motioned for me to take it in my mouth.

I teased him first, licking the head and swirling my tongue over the tip, then darting down to the base to suck on his balls before working my way up his shaft and taking his swollen head in my hot mouth and sucking on it slowly. Amber had worked her way down my body while this was going on kissing and sucking all the way down past my stomach and hips and was now alternating between sucking my clit and licking my soaking wet slit. I deep throated my mans big dick which, although hard was still growing in my mouth. Amber was really working me good and my loud moans were being stifled only by the massive cock in my throat. My man fondled my tits as Amber gave me a good sucking and I felt my pussy twitch as my orgasm began to build. My man sensed this and started pinching and squeezing my nipples as Amber licked me into a frenzy, I was rocking my hips wildly and she was doing her best to hold them steady as her expert tongue drew circles and shapes on my sensitive clit. Almost simultaneously I came hard as my man shot his load down my throat, this first orgasm shook my body violently and I trembled as I sucked the last drops of cum from my mans massive dick.

He leaned back on the bed to recover and watched as Amber moved forward, took hold of her titties and rubbed her nipples against mine. As my body jumped back to attention I moved up so that we were kneeling, facing each other and cupped my boobs. We kissed each other deeply as we rubbed our titties together, letting our nipples brush up against each other again and again while we French kissed and explored each others tongues. I glanced over at my man a few times and could tell he was very excited at the sight of two women loving each other in this way, after a while I let my hands drop down to Ambers pussy, it was beyond wet and I quickly slid two fingers inside her and began pumping back and forth. We were closer together now and still rubbing our smooth titties together.

I took my mouth off hers and brought my lips down to suck on her nipples, paying attention to one first, then the other before alternating between the two. I was finger fucking her faster now and using three fingers. I looked up at my man again who was wide eyed and clearly excited to see his woman getting another girl off like this. Amber came quickly, squirting into my hand, her juices dribbling down my fingers. I licked them slowly one by one, making sure that my man saw every moment. ‘Well you ladies sure must be hungry’ he said after taking a moment to get himself together, ‘Why don’t you come on up here and feast on this’ he jerked his cock towards us as if it was a prize turkey.

Amber licked her lips hungrily with renewed energy, as if I had not made her cum like a house on fire just moments before. We both set to work on my man kissing, licking and exploring his body all at the same time. We each licked his nipples until we heard him stifle a moan then sucked and licked our way down to his groin. I thought he would explode on the spot as he felt two pairs of hands fondle his balls and shaft simultaneously and he moaned and thrust his hips forward. Amber got to work sucking on his balls and the base of his thick shaft while I teased his head with my tongue and mouth, taking only the first inch into my small mouth before releasing it and swirling my tongue over the top of his rock hard swollen head. By the sounds he was making we could tell the sensations rippling through his body was like nothing he’d ever felt before, ‘fuck!’ he cursed as I began to deep throat him for the second time that evening, ‘Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!’.

Amber took one of his balls all the way into her mouth and sucked on it contently as I took his shaft deeper into my throat and sucked hard creating a vacuum, ‘Oh shit!’ he hollered grabbing the bed sheets and screwing them up tightly, ‘Oh fuck!, you bitches are good!’. His body jerked forward violently a few times before he shot his hot load into my mouth. I leaned down to kiss Amber and passed my mans hot cum from my mouth to hers. She then moved up my mans body and spat his cum, mixed with her saliva onto his chest. The two of us then set about licking it off his hard chest while my man held the backs of our heads with each hand and stroked our hair.

Pretty soon Amber was kissing me again, we lay on top of my man letting him see us explore each others tongues but it wasn’t long before Amber slid off to the side and pulled me on top of her. I took my time exploring her body with my hands and mouth, I sucked on her neck hard making her pant and groan as my hands roamed over her chest and curves and as I moved down further to give her titties some attention with my tongue I cupped her hot ass and grabbed a handful. I could hear my mans breathing becoming more fervent as he watched the action close up. He was spent for now but content to watch me fuck my friend for his pleasure. I must admit I was enjoying the tastes and textures of fucking another woman much more than I expected to. Her tits were amazing and I could’ve happily spent hours licking, sucking and biting on her small hard pink nipples and I would have if it were not for the fact that she was in such a state of heat that I could smell her dripping wet cunt.

The aroma of it made me hungry like an animal and I wanted to race down there and tear that pussy up with my tongue and fingers, but I knew I should tease her and pace myself so I worked my way down her body slowly, taking my time to savour her smooth white skin which was almost translucent. I liked the way all our skin tones contrasted, Amber’s was almost as pale as moonlight, while my brown Asian skin was a nice golden due to all the nude sun bathing I’d done over the summer. My man was the darkest of the three of us but I loved his dark chocolate tone and was really looking forward to seeing his solid black cock moving in and out of Amber’s pink pussy hard and fast. I had almost reached her pussy now and she was panting again in anticipation. I spread her lips expectantly and slowly licked from her slit up to her swollen clit. The taste was like nothing I’d ever experienced before and I quickly got lost in her folds and began sucking and licking as if I’d been pleasuring women all my life. She wasted no time in wrapping her legs around my hips and rocked her hips up and down to my rhythm. I looked up every now and then to see my man sucking on her titties as he stroked his own cock. Amber was close to cuming again when my man stopped us both.

We both looked up at him with slight irritation. I was enjoying eating my friend out, teasing her clit again and again and listening for her moans and cries of pleasure and Amber obviously wanted to finish. ‘I’ve got you both a present and I want to watch you play with it’ he said again in that smooth deep voice that I loved. He walked over to the other end of the room and rummaged in his bag while Amber and I waited impatiently on the bed. We amused ourselves by kissing and rubbing each others clits until he returned. ‘I want to watch you fuck each other with this’ he held up a double ended vibrator as out eyes grew wide with excitement.

Amber wasted no time and lay on the floor, quickly pushing one end of the vibe into her aching wet cunt. I positioned myself on top of her and eased the head of the other end into my soaking pussy. We kissed each others mouths hungrily for a time and toyed with each others breasts, cupping, squeezing and pinching them as we fucked each other. Every now and then I looked back at my man and could see he was standing by the bed stroking his dick. He had something else in his other hand but I couldn’t see what it was so I turned my head and carried on fucking Amber harder.

A short time later I felt my man grab hold of my hips and push his erection into the small of my back. I twisted my head around and kissed him as hungrily as I had kissed Amber a short time before. His hands moved up to my tits and he began to massage them, kneading and rubbing the firm flesh and manipulating my rock hard nipples with his fingertips. ‘You look so hot fucking your little friend’ he whispered in my ear. I moaned to show my appreciation, I was so horny that actual words escaped me. His hands moved down my body again and he rubbed his cock against my round firm ass. For the first time I noticed his cock was thoroughly lubed up. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and started to lube the hole in between with his fingers. I almost came right there with the excitement of what he was going to do to me next but steadied myself and started sucking Ambers nipples instead. Her titties gave me something to focus on, and, as I had to lean forward to reach them, it gave my man more leverage.

I groaned loudly as he eased the head of his large hard dick into my ass and steadied my hips to brace myself. Amber pushed harder against me forcing me to buck back further down onto my mans cock. The sensations were incredible. I heard my man moan out in ecstasy as he thrust further into my ass, making me take it all. Soon he was fucking my ass hard and fast as Amber sucked and licked my titties and fucked my pussy just as hard, my body was out of control and I had long lost all awareness of where I was and what I was doing. I screamed like an animal as my orgasm shook me all over, I’d never thought that I could cum like that and was still shaking long after the sensations had washed over me. Amber followed seconds later, bucking wildly and thrusting her hips towards me several times in quick succession. I collapsed on top of her and my man took it into overdrive thrusting deep into my ass harder than he’d ever fucked me before. Amber somehow crawled out from under me and licked and sucked on his balls as he pounded my tight hole as if he was fucking for his life. He came hard collapsing down on top of me and moaning and grunting like nothing I’d ever heard from him before..........

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CanadianCasanova    (2010-12-21 13:14:46)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova WOW! Incredible story!!
smoothballs    (2010-01-17 14:07:40)    Flag as inappropiate
When it's time for you to fuck two cocks, let me be one.
Soohard08    (2008-10-04 17:34:52)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 This must be one off the best story i have read, Thank you soo much and hope you got more off this way off fucking. It should be everyonse right to have treesome one time in life.
Kisses to you//

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